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hi. i have been busy with school like always. i got GTA IV i am 36% or 37% done with it!! i got 6 or 7 stickers of gta Iv i put 1 on one of my laptops and 2 on my 360. i an now lvl 27 :D. if any one wants too add me on XBOX live my GAmer tag is: SMAS22 i also made a new banner its not tht good but it only took me 1 min to put it togeather. well my sister is goin to UC RIVERSIDE and i am soo happy cause i dont have to listen to her... 2 things happed at my school 2 day first is one of my teachers was crying! because we had a sub the day b4 and we weren't listening to the sub and the note she left said that my teacher should never call her to sub and it also said she was never gonna sub for middle school again there was also choclate on the floor and the room was really messy. the second thing is in my science CLA$$ my teacher found a baby squirrel its sooo cute! none of the eyes r open yet she can only keep the squirrel legally for 48 hrs so she has to get permission to keep it. SCHOOL is almost over! i might to ENGLAND or AFRICA OR CHINA with my friend i dont not yet. l8r 8)




my new banner

i made a new banner i stole it from GS :twisted: :twisted:

i got halo 3 yay!!! i have been playing it all day. its soo fun. ima get COD 4 2morrow i cant wait.

my new desktop ITS RAINING!!! AND ITS A CUBE !!! :P pm me if u wanna no bout linux or my desktop :D

made the switch

i switched from a vista to Linux. it works great it recognizes my psp and everything



also i am now lvl 26

now i have to get back to writing my paper :cry:


My Gamespot Anniversary

New Emblem

Live, from Vegas, It's Thursday Night!
These users tuned in to watch the 11th-annual

Interactive Achievement Awards broadcast live in 2008.

That Jay Mohr guy looks really familiar.

i have been on GS for 2 Years!!!

my first blog in 2008

happy new year.

things i got for xmas

4 gig memory stick


Best Buy gift card

i no i have not been on GS for 3 months i was busy doin school stuff and other stuff.

i will catch up with your blogs and change my theme


i am back

hey. i have had soo much HomeWork i barley have time to chill.

i missed on the TGS emblem.

rate my banner ?/10

[video=JHQ6kzL85b8Evz_Y] the code is here


i will catch up with you blogs.


Dont Get Acer . ACEr Su*ks

so today my A$$er laptop would scan and not get any wireless signals not even my own so i call acer and this is what they say YOu MUST PAY $$2.75 per min and they want a cridit card number and expiration date and sh*t and dont grantee i will get an answer no body else does it acer is broke. but now it works :) i gave my compq away to my sister since she is goin to a university FINNALY!! :P

my LAPTOpp


Wild Fire near mE!

so i just came out of school and there was smoke everywhere and the hills were on Fire!! and firetrucks where goin toward it and cops where near my school hopefully it wont come this way. and yesterday i saw a wild fire there was a huge wild fire smoke cloud and i saw it from the freeway


i have soo much homework : (


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