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PS3 is becoming the failure...

I must say after seeing the November sales numbers I (and MANY others) really think the PS3 may be in trouble. As we know, Sony's PS3 was only able to push 378,000 units which is down a whopping -19% over last years November figures. Unlike the other two competitors which had a much-much better performance with the Wii having 2,040,000 units sold, making it overall up +108% over last years, and 836,000 Xbox 360's sold which is up +9% (don't have to name them because I'm sure you know what consoles they are). Now sure some may say "the economy is all screwed up" but the fact of the matter is, the gaming industry is really in a league of it's own (meaning it doesn't suffer AS BAD from a bad economy as many other companies do)

Now as we all know this is the busiest time of the year and the most anticipated time for allot of these gaming companies. Now lets take a look at those figures again:




Now which one sticks out the most as being not so good?...Yes, the -19%. So basically Sony's PS3 managed to tank in the most anticipated and expected to do good time of the year. Things can only get worse for Sony from here, unless they manage to pull a rabit out of a hat. Lets look at some of the things that are contributing to this failure:

* The $400 and $500 price tag is just unbelievably high for a gaming machine that's been on the market for 2-Years.

* The games are very lackluster at the moment, non-existent and look to continue this trend for quite some time (even games like Resistance 2 failed to provide any type of boost, and in fact did a not-so-well performance itself in the sales department > In other words it's doing bad!) "Resistance 1 did much much better"

* As we all know Sony force fed Blu-Ray into every PS3, which is their proprietary media that they wanted to push so badly, even taking the risk of ignoring the main purpose of the Playstation 3, which is being a "GAMING CONSOLE." This ultimately pushes the PS3's price up and keeps it there until cost go down to manufacture these units. What a way to alienate your main base, which is gamers!

* Sony did not release dev-kits to the developers until a few months before the PS3's launch, and on top of that the kits were not very developer friendly.

* Sony keeps doing this offer more for the same price stuff (sure that may be good for some, but most just want a lower price and worry about the additions later).

* Using the "Cell" technology may not have been such a smart move, especially when you have to take into consideration the wide range of developers out there who may struggle with such a new un-adapted to technology.

* Advertising for the PS3 and it's games are pretty much non-existent, sure you see SOME but it's not at a Wii and 360 "ad" level. They need to push advertising more!

* The PS3 just doesn't have any must-have titles EXCLUSIVE to the console. "LittleBigPlanet" has generated decent buzz but isn't a game-changer, and neither is HOME.

I didn't come up with this just to bash the PS3, but instead to bring into view the current situation with Sony & the Playstation 3, and the expectancy us gamers have for a gaming console. There's really only one option left for Sony to remain in the game: And that's deep price cuts with more games that show why the PS3 is different from it's competition. So tell yourself the PS3 has superior graphics if it makes you feel better, but a $400 console with a mediocre game library simply cannot compete against an Xbox 360 in an industry where people look for fun at low prices. Hopefully Sony will get back on the waggon and stop screwing over the people that made them possible. They'll have to take the hit in the pocket and prove that they mean business or get trounced on by Super Mario (Nintendo Wii) and Marcus Fenix (Xbox 360)!!

Thanks For The Suspension!!!

I would just like to take this time to thank the many-many people that reported me, and the moderators that purposefully took points from my account and constantly moderated me for nothing, which ultimately got me suspended for nothing. As I've said before, I will continue to give my honest opinions and if they're to much for the fanboys and power abusing moderators to handle then so be it. It's such a shame that the GAMESPOT forums have turned into an over-aggressive moderator war with nothing for these mods to do other than abuse the power that they've been given.

Anyways, if I do get a permaban then I'm sure that'll pretty much wrap up my time spent here on GAMESPOT. And I won't create another account becuzz I'm not really interested in starting my stats etc. all over. So if this is my last moments here on GAMESPOT, I'd like to once again thank those that shared and disagreed with my views. Fingers crossed in hoping for GAMESPOT.COM to return to the way it used to be!! :|

Mi PS3 PuRcHasE

Well I finally got me a PS3....AGAIN! I previously sold my 60GiG PS3 on Ebay along with Motorstorm, VF 5, and Ninja Gaiden: Sigma quite a few months ago. I went to Walmart on (6-6-2008 and bought the 40GB version PS3 which came with a free $100 gift card (limited time promotion), then I used the gift card to buy Uncharted and a HDMI cable.

I'm actually really excited to get back into the PS3 gaming scene especially after grabbing MGS4 which is amazing at this point, so I can't wait to see what's next! My main reasons for talking about my second time PS3 purchase is due to the people in the PS3 forums hating on me saying "I don't have a PS3 ETC. ETC. and have no right to comment on the games and the system." I also recently created a thread that became hated titled "MGS4 (crappy ai)," which I created a week or so before the MGS4 launch. You can imagine all the fanboys that really got pi$$sed off over that. It later was closed after receiving over 170 replies due to the insanity and out of control people replying with disturbing angry nasty comments. Well, I finally got a PS3 again and will give honest opinions on what's up and what's down in the world of the PS3.

Even though I only got a PS3 for MGS4, I really am excited for the other games that will be incoming on the PS3 SOMEDAY =D. But there really isn't any other stellar PS3 games on the horizon so my true excitement may be somewhat delayed like most PS3 games are =D . You may say "that's a lil silly to buy a PS3 just for one game!" But I do really plan on getting all the other exclusives like Killzone 2, LBP, GOW 3 and many other FUTURE =D Sony exclusive titles IF they hold up to the hype and EVER get released =D

So if you read all that, hopefully you have a better understanding of my position with the PlayStation 3