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One of the Industry's best Producers (Hip-Hop related)


This thread is dedicated to one of the most innovative, creative, fresh, and flat-out better producers of this day and age, Nujabes.
I've not noticed a lot of attention on NBS for Nujabes, as maybe 3-4 people have heard of him, some are sleeping on him and the rest don't even have a clue who he is. Nujabes is currently one of my favorite producers simply because of the originality he brings to the table. He mainly samples jazz and disco songs, but his range of producing is huge...all of his beats sound completely different and literally paint a picture for the song. He's a powerhouse behind the boards and I think it's time he got just a little exposure.

Taken from Wikipedia:

Jun Seba is a Japanese hip-hop music producer who records under the name Nujabes. He is also an owner of "Tribe Records" and "Guinness Records", record stores in Shibuya, Tokyo, and runs Hyde-Out Productions, an indie record label. He has released two CD albums in Japan, Metaphorical Music in 2002 and Modal Soul in 2005. He has also contributed music to the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo, an anime which blends a setting in feudal Japan with modern anachronisms, especially hip-hop music. In addition to Japanese artists like Uyama Hiroto, Shing02 and Minmi, he has collaborated with underground American hip-hop acts Cyne, Apani B-Fly, Five Deez, Substantial, and with British rapper Funky DL. His music is known for a strong cool jazz influence, frequently using samples from artists like Miles Davis and Yusef Lateef. He is also a member of the production duo "Urbanforest", an experimental collaboration with Nao Tokui (appearing on the Lady Brown 12").


(All tracks on all of Nujabes' solo albums are Nujabes-produced)

2003: Metaphorical Music
1. Blessing It (Featuring Substantial)
2. Horn in the Middle
3. Lady Brown (Featuring Cise Starr)
4. Kunomi
5. Highs 2 Lows (Featuring Cise Starr)
6. Beat Laments the World
7. Letter From Yokosuka
8. Think Different (Featuring Substantial)
9. A Day by Atmosphere Supreme
10. Latitude (Remix) (Featuring Five Deez)
11. F.I.L.O. (Featuring Shing02)
12. Summer Gypsy
13. The Final View
14. Peaceland

2005: Modal Soul

1. Feather feat. Cise Starr & Akin (Cyne)
2. Ordinary Joe feat. Terry Callier
3. Reflection Eternal
4. Luv(sic.) pt.3 feat. Shing02
5. Music is Mine
6. Eclipse feat. Substantial
7. The Sign feat. Pase Rock
8. Thank You feat. Apani B
9. World's End Rhapsody
10. Modal Soul feat. Uyama Hiroto
11. Flowers
12. Sea of Cloud
13. Light on the Land
14. Horizon

2004: Impression (Samurai Champloo OST) [The ones with "Force of Nature" and "Fat Jon" beside them mean they were produced by those two...the ones with "Nujabes" beside them obviously mean Nujabes produced them]
1 Force Of Nature Just Forget (3:55)
2 Force Of Nature Nightshift (4:44)
3 Force Of Nature Hi Izuru ****feat. S-Word , Suiken (3:43)
4 Force Of Nature The Stroll (2:56)
5 Force Of Nature Set It Off (2:54)
6 Force Of Nature Death Wish (2:44)
7 Force Of Nature The Million Way Of Drum (2:48)
8 Nujabes A Space In Air In Space In Air (Interlude) (1:13)
9 Nujabes Sanctuary Ship (4:17)
10 Nujabes Haiku (Interlude) (1:15)
11 Nujabes Tsurugi No Mai (3:26)
12 Nujabes Dead Season (1:27)
13 Nujabes Decade (Interlude) (1:50)
14 Nujabes World Without Words (6:14)
15 Nujabes Kodama (Interlude) (1:07)
16 Nujabes Silver Morning (3:37)

17 Fat Jon Bracelet (3:43)
18 Fat Jon In Position (3:53)
19 Fat Jon Night Out (2:14)
20 Fat Jon Not Quite Seleah (2:02)
21 Fat Jon Labyrinth Statistic (2:05)
22 Fat Jon Here And There (3:17)
23 Minmi Who's Theme (4:57)

2004: Departure (Samurai Champloo OST) [Nujabes/Fat Jon]
1 Nujabes Battlecry ft. Shing02 (3:22)
2 Nujabes The Space Between Two Worlds (4:41)
3 Nujabes Aruarian Dance (4:10)
4 Nujabes Kujaku (7:01)
5 Nujabes Mystline (4:50)
6 Nujabes 1st Samurai (3:13)

7 Fat Jon Ole (3:27)
8 Fat Jon 624 Part 2 (3:45)
9 Fat Jon Genome (3:36)
10 Fat Jon No Way Back (3:20)
11 Fat Jon Funkin (3:37)
12 Fat Jon Stay (3:44)
13 Fat Jon Chambers (3:45)
14 Fat Jon Ask (3:22)
15 Fat Jon How You Feel (4:29)
16 Fat Jon 624 Part 1 (2:43)
17 Minmi 四季ノ唄 (5:00)

My Nujabes picks:

UPDATE: There are more tracks on the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th pages, be sure to check them out as well!

1. Nujabes - World's End Rhapsody
^My personal favorite Nujabes song, the way he utilizes the vocal sample is amazing

2. Nujabes ft. Shing02 - Battlecry

3. Nujabes - Kumomi

4. Nujabes ft. Substantial (don't sleep on Substantial!!) - Think Different

5. Nujabes ft. Cise Starr of Cyne - Lady Brown

6. Nujabes - Aruarian Dance

7. Nujabes - 1st Samurai

Two good Nujabes myspaces to check out:

And one good overview of Nujabes.

If he keeps up the pace at which he's going now, I truly think Nujabes has the capabilities to become the greatest producer of all-time, and that's not just coming from a fan, but coming from a rational perspective. His creativity constantly amazes me.

I saw Transformers yesterday

1 word-> wow. The movie itself was 2 and a half hours, but it was 2 1/2 hours of pure entertainment. I did not think that the movie would be so good but I guess I was wrong. I believe the thing that surprised me most was that the movie was actually funny. I mean the movie was really funny. *spoiler* I am kind of mad that hotshot, and red alert were not in it. Other than that the movie was really good. In my honest opinion I belive it was better than Spiderman 3. I would talk more but I dont want to spoil the movie for anybody who hasn't seen it.

Best quote I heard this week

some poster said

"What was so exciting about MS and Sony's presentations? Microsoft had a bunch of generic and might I add crappy looking shooters and racers and Sony had a George Forman grill controlled by a boomerang with a bunch of CG trailers. Overall this year's E3 was dissapointing, it wasn't just Nintendo's presentation."

not because its biased, but because the PS3 part is really funny, and it is so true:lol:

My newest sig!!!!!

For some reason I think I am going through an artistic phase:?

But I really like this sigs because they aren't mediocre like everything else you see on GS

I'll probably blend this style with my others after this phase. BTW check out my banner made that too, told ya it is a artistic phase.

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