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A New Generation is Upon Us...

PS3 and Wii are almost here. In less than a month, the world will know what the official next generation of video games is like. We've moved from a tiny research project in the 50's to 8-bit graphics to games in HD.

What is about to happen in mid-November is so much more important than simply a new product hitting the market. With the release of these two systems, our world will transition into a new era of gaming. People will now begin to realize that video games are more than just ways to kill time but are also an art form; a place to explore alternate realities and find out more about ourselves beyond what reality allows us to see. The Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii system launches will signify the end of one way of life and the beginning of the next.

To begin this transition, some friends and I have decided to participate in it directly. For the last month, we have been planning exactly how we're going to pre-order and purchase a PS3 (and possibly a Wii if money allows me). I don't wanna go into detail about what our plans are, but I will say that part of it involves taking pictures and video taping the experience. I want others to see what it's like to be a part of this event and to experience the adrenaline rush and intensity of being part of the changing of a new era.

So, keep an eye on my blog for pics and possibly a video of this historic journey. I hope you're ready in your corner of the US, cuz it's gonna be big...

Hidden in the Battlefield [2 that is]

Well's been awhile since I've posted on Gamespot huh? OK, so the truth is I've been on more often. Buuuttt, that's starting to suck so Im back to the Spot. Also, being a junior in college doesn't help much either:? .

I guess to update things a little for you's i've bought some new games and updated my collection. I just recently got my hands on Castlevania: DOS.

I haven't played it yet but I have a good idea of what it's like. When I was at EB games, the sales dude who rang me up was actually playing the game himself. As soon as I set the thing on the counter, he got up in my face and started screaming how f**king awesome it was. Uhhh...good or bad customer service? Hell I was annoying as hell either way. I guess that's one way of convincing people to buy something. If any of you guys have played it yet lemme know how it is. [send me a spoiler and i'll have to lay the smack down]

Also, probably my best purcahse in about 5 years...Battlefield 2. I am so unbelievably and unhealthily addicted to this game. If you haven't played it yet then you need to quit ur fancy job and get ur ass to the store! Yes, I have a sexual attraction to this game and probably need phsyciatric assistance, but it's not all fun and games. There are actually quite a few issues with it that have royally pissed me off. To you BF2 [or even EA] officionados out there, this is probably nothing new. Here are some of the issues I've had so far:

  1. Hard to install (have to do v1.03, then PBWEB.exe, then load game.)
  2. Slow acct. verification
  3. Connection time-outs everywhere
  4. Lack of ranking in ranked servers
  5. Fun with bunny hoppers
  6. MOST IMPORTANT: the abundance of people experiencing the same problems!
Other than that, the game kicks ass! I encourage all of you to battle with me sometime. Drop me a line on GS or on Xfire [sn = n3tf1ght3r].

In other news, my college radio show NANDN411 is in full swing. My friend Nick and I talk about games, music, movies and games 8) and we play alt. rock/metal. Im hoping to get some podcasts set up of old and new shows. Once it's ready I'll have a link here to listen to them.

One more thing...just stay with me people. Check out the new Virtual Boy games I've got. [via Ebay] They should be in my collection, but you know GS and their "vast library" of games. My full collection can be found here. Well, that was a productive blog post...hope I can keep this **** up.

Back in College

Little late on this, but yes Im back in school. Got my new PC and everythings peachy. I think i will be getting Gamecenter soon so catch me on there. L8r peeps!

Summer, where are you going?

Damn, Damn on a stick. Summer is flying by me faster than this joke will fly over your head. HA! So, I've been working 40 hr weeks for the last 2 months. I could've sworn that wouldv'e made the summer drag on but instead has gave it a push foward. I mean, E3 was like yesterday right? Well, I guess it's not all bad. School will start soon and I'll be able to get back to my dorm and party hearty with a nice 12 pak of...uh Dasani (*Im too young to drink, c'mon people). Also, summer ending signifies next-gen gaming beginning. With the Xbox 360 right around the corner, things are sure to heat up and because of my constant working...I'll have the money to keep up with it all.

But, let's not be hasty. Summer isn't gone's only July uhhh something or other. I still have time to rent some games I haven't played yet. I gotta crack out that DS and start up a Gamefly sub. to try out the games. I haven't even finished SC: Chaos Theory or Timesplitters 3. Hell, Ive got plenty of summer energy left. HOOZAH!

Oh and when the summer finally does shut its legs down for business...I'll have a new comp. That is of course what my working has been for. I found this comp thru Utah State University for $1276 + tax! Check out the specs:

Dell Optiplex GX 280 Small Form Factor

  • 3.4 Ghz, 1M, 800 Mhz FSB
  • 1.0GB DDR2 Non-ECC SDRAM, 533 Mhz, (1DIMM)
  • Dell USB Keyboard, No hot keys
  • Dell 19" UltraSharp 1905FP Flat-Panel, Adjustable Stand, VGA/DVI
  • 128 MB, ATI Radeon X300, DVI and VGA adapter, Dual Monitor
  • 80 GB SATA, 7200 RPM Hard Drive with Data Burst Cache
  • No Floppy Drive
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, SP2, with media
  • Dell USB 2-button optical mouse w/ scroll
  • Integrated Broadcom GbNIC
  • 48X32 CDRW/DVD Combo, with DVD Playback
  • Integrated Soundblaster Compatible AC97 Sound
  • 128 MB USB 2.0, Hi Speed Memory Key
  • 3-yr next business day parts and labor On-Site

Here's a pic:

I can't believe I found this deal. AHHHH!!! Rock on!

Sooo...the end of the summer (despite the crap factor of that phrase) will surely bring great things. Whenever a door closes, another one opens I guess.

I need to rent better games.

Welcome to my first blog entry...let's start things off w/ a rant shall we?

So on my last trip to Hollygay video I decided to rent something new than what I usually do, mainly becuase HV has a less than par selection of good games. As you can see....

>look up and right<

...I rented Battlefront and MK Deception. My reasons vary but I thought that I should try something I never play anymore. Im accustomed to playing Adventure, Action, etc. type games. But variety is the spice of life, so I got these. I began to play Star Wars: Battlefront and liked it for a while. But, it really isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's basically like ur average MMO game but thats exactly its fault. That's all its really fun for. On a console, this game has nothing new to bring. Its very boring and tedious however Im sure that would surely change online on a PC. 1 down - 1 to go

I then moved to MK Deception. The start up trailer and main menu were about the most exciting part of this game and Im being very serious. What I liked about the previous MK games were the darkness and Midway's ability (I should say bravery) to venture into realms that mothers and gov't officials would cry about. The level designs were creative and the characters were well-adjusted into the already fantastic storyline. Even Ultimate MK 3 was better than this game despite the massive character add-on Midway indulged in. I mean, at least the characters could be easily slid into the story and the game spawned the creation of animalities!:D

Deception, which decieved me into giving money to HV and Ed Boon, was ridiculously tedious and boring. I loved the initial idea of creating a world to live the MK story. Konquest actually was the original aspect of this game that intrigued me. So as I passed by the starting sequence I moved straight to Konquest. I guess I was planning on leaving the best for last. I have to start by giving credit to Midway for coming up with the idea but the way they put it on paper was sad.

Controls: (2 / 5)The controls are very unrealistic. You have a choice between running or using super speed. No walking in Kombat!!

Graphics: (2 / 5)The graphics are decent but seem to lack any challenge for the ps2 at it's current tech level.

Sound: (1.5 / 5)The sound is less lessssssss LESSS than par. Well, no..the background music is very MK'ish. Just don't have people talk. Everyone seems like they are speaking lines off cue cards (which they are but good actors can hide that).

Story: (1 / 5)OK , close by Sound is Story/Dialogue or maybe lack of. You begin as a kid wanting to learn how to become a master fighter for Mortal Kombat. This is extremely over done by Movie and Game companies. Originality is necessary at this point. As you travel through the Earthrealm (the 1st and only part I decided to complete) you take classes with this Bah Rai Cho dude who claims to be a great fighter. This is where you first see how bad the fighting has gotten since the first MK's. It feels like playing Barbie's King of Fighters except there are pools of blood. Upon exiting classes, you meet people and gain challenges (which seem like stupid wastes of time but are really the only way to earn money). Thats about it. Yep. Then u go to another part of the game which I declined to visit.

Im trully disappointed but thank god for e3 for unleashing games which give my future a brighter outlook.

So there you have it, my first Journal Entry: a rant. Well more of a bad game review. It was pretty biased but I really dont care because Im not here to please everyone...if that were true Id have posted this on the review board of Gamespot. Yes, this post seems pretty depressing and angry but Im usually in a better mood. Stop by later and something more positive should be up. L8r