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Are you sure you didn't already open the the blocked passage on the right of the lasers section with the stomp ( it's in the vertical corridor on the right)?

I'm telling you this because I thought I had the same problem as you, went almost crazy, found an impossible trick to get past the first laser just to discover I already broke the horizzontal blocked passage on the right of the lasers section :fp:

If it's not your case than try this:

1) you need triple jump, climb and kuro's feather

2)climb down where the first laser hit the wall (you need to be just a pixel before the laser hit you)

3) jump on your right

4) you should go under the upper rock of the small passage

5) as soon as you passed the entrance of the small passage use kuro's feather as long as possible before the laser hits you (however it's pretty fast)

6) jump again

7) use kuro's feather again as late as possible

8) repeat points 6 and 7

9) climb to rock on the right just over the laser

It's doable but you'll need more than a few tries.

Hope it helps