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How PlayStation 4 Will Save The Vita

The PlayStation Vita, the successor to the PSP. The next step in handheld gaming. The choice of handheld for the core gamer, (well that's how it was supposed to be marketed). Immersive graphics, dual analogue sticks to make room for a proper gaming experience. Unfortunately while the Vita has some of it, it never kicked off.


Sales weren't groundbreaking and it's certainly no 3DS but it's managed to survive. It wasn't as bad as the PSPGo which failed miserably, they literally started giving away bundles of free games if you just bought the thing. But just how the hell will PS4 save the Vita? Through it's remote play? Your kidding right? It'll play a part but for anyone to think that they're relying on remote to save the PS4 is just stupid but the main saviour here is PlayStation Plus but before we start with the PS4 lets drop back to the PS3. 

PlayStation Plus, I've been with it since the start and it's first year or two werent exactly amazing but at the moment if you spend a lot of time playing your PS3 and buy a lot of games and if you werent a PS+ Member I'd call you stone mad because that's just how good I think it is. While the odd low rated title may be thrown at times, the main selection is always of good quality.


The service provided was later extended to the PS Vita without any additional charges for existing members and new. Now I have no idea how many people on PS3 have PS+ membership and I'd love it if Sony gave some numbers but I can bet there's a large majority of people and theres a certain majority who dont yet own a PS Vita. A few months down the line or even in the first month these guys have several Vita games they got for free from PS+ and they are craving to play some of them so what do they want to do? They want to buy a Vita, while this case obviously wouldnt apply to everyone but this is the game plan but how do they expand this game plan? They expand on this plan of appeal with the PlayStation 4.


Now if you didn't yet know to play online multiplayer on the PS4 you're required to have PS+ membership. So if you put 2 and 2 together you'd get 4 and you'd also realise that a hell of a lot of people who weren't members before are going to become members so that's a hell of a lot of people who are going to have free PS Vita games stacking up on their download list. Since the Vita has already been out on the market for quite some time we can expect further deals and better prices or even a new model. Down the line we can hope that the Vita's game library will get stronger and that it'll live up to being the number one companion device for the PS4. However people dont have the money so they'd love a Vita at a cheap price with a decent sized memory card thrown in. 

Custom Designed PS4 Controllers





Seen someone do up a grassland camouflage controller so I thought I'd do up my own with the aid of some brushes. This set is the first of many. Suggestions and feedback is welcome. :)

Ever look back and think ''Was I really that stupid?''

Recently I've started posting on the GameSpot forums again. I have a tendency to leave for a long period of time and come back. I'm sure most of you know from time to time you'll get a post or thread that literally makes no sense. At most I get a kick out of the random selection of memes that follow to celebrate just how dumb the OP is.

Then I remember that at one time I used to be that stupid. Looking back a couple of years ago to when I first joined I must of been around 13 at the time, I'm nearly 18 now. The sh*t I used to come out with. Here's an example of a thread I posted when I started in Computer Hardware Discussion in which no one replied. Can't say I blame them. 

My windows 98 internet wont work but works on my PS3 .Im using a brodband modem and a wirerless USB called Ralink.My internet connections status in the bottom right corner.Its a picture of the Ralink logo its black at the moment but when its works its turns from yellow to green.When run it,it say - Ralink Wireless LAN Card Configuration Utility is already running- ive reinstalled it many times but nothings happens,it worked before but it just suddenly stop working please please please please please please please help ALSO is there a way to like totally reset windows 98 like restore to like when you first got it

My windows 98 internet? Did I really just say that? I couldn't even spell broadband right. I find it hilarious because now I'm a hell of a lot better with computers. This was my first computer, it some oversized white tower running Windows 98 and I had to get a USB Wifi adpater to get the modem to work with it because it was so old. Whenever I'm in school if there's ever a computer related problem my name gets screamed out a bunch of times until I get up and fix it and it'd be something really simple but I always say to myself "You too were this dumb with computers at one stage"

Is my room haunted?

I haven't blogged in quit a while but this just happened, things like this you'd normally brush off but this one I just can't because I really can't find any explaination to how it happen even though it's something minor.

So I'm sitting there playing COD4 online with a friend in the early hours of the morning as you do.

All of a sudden I heard something give the lightshade above my head a good hit and I looked up straight away and saw it swaying back and forward and I'm like "Well that was really weird because there's nothing there". I expected to see something flying away from it but there was nothing there. There isn't any flying insects in the room let alone something big enough to make the whole thing move and I would of heard it fluttering around the place. If was something attracted to the light I would of seen it hanging around the lightbulb too but nope. I checked everywhere out of curiousty and it's a small enough room. The window wasn't open and the door was practically closed. There's literally nothing else in this room bar me. 

Maybe it was just hidding somewhere in your room you might ask? I would of noticed if there's things flying around in my room you'd have to be deaf and blind not to notice. I can't find any other explanition for what would of caused it but all I know is something gave it a good hit and it starting swaying and there's nothing in the room that's alive besides me to do that. It's just hanging there slap bang center of the room.

A few moments later my friend starts asking me what are those noises, your headset is making really weird noises ect and then all of a sudden my headphones just started going nuts with feedback, the whole thing just went beserk so I turned off the mic, turned it back on then pretty much everything went back to normal. 

One of those weird experiences, or maybe I'm just a total nut case who needs counselling haha.


Something I just can't stand

Recently...well about an hour ago I finished another playthrough of San Andreas in anticipation of GTA V.

Something that really annoyed me in SA was the fact that there wasn't any mission checkpoints and if you screwed up a mission (by doing something really stupid costing you the whole mission) you have to go back and start again and do this and do that. How many times was I driving cross country and the car turned over, went on fire and the guy (who if he dies screws the whole mission) you would think that he would get out of the burning car but noooo instead he takes his time like everything is ok and the car explodes and you have to hijack another car, change radio station, drive the whole way back to the mission marker. Drive cross country again but only to do the same thing on the same stretch of road.

Did any of you have to repeat the last mission several times? Or did you get first time lucky. I died....then I rage quit but I got it after another 2 tries.

Thankfully in the GTA Episodes Of Liberty City they actually had checkpoints and I bloody hope GTA V will have them too.

I'm also putting it down that the next trailer for GTA V will reveal another city keeping in theme with the San Andreas trailers. They're claiming it's the biggest GTA yet but what do they mean by that. Thigns to do or size? Also would you rather A really big map with less things to do or a smaller maps with lots or stuff to do.

PS Vita Overview and Thoughts

Core gaming with social apps and augmented reality.

Ok so recently I've picked up a wifi only version of the PS Vita in GameStop along with WipEout 2048, a 4GB memory card and a starter pack which included a plastic shell cover (doesn't actually block the buttons) and a case.
So once you open the box you'll find your Vita, charger, a bunch of instruction manuals and little packet saying "YOU'LL NEED THESE" which are your augmented reality cards for the crazy 3D camera stuff I'll talk about later on.
After your done fidgeting with everything and feeling the new analogue sticks, when you first turn on your Vita you'll be asked to activate your PSN account with the Vita, set up the internet connection ect, watch a how to video and listen to annoying menu music ect.


Ok so the first thing you'll notice is that they scaped the original XMB design and replaced it with the new LiveArea which is fully operated by touch. From here everything is access through icons which can be re-arranged in what ever suits you. You can also change the background. Once you touch any of the icons it will bring up a window confirming that you want to start the app/game. In order to close a window you bascially peal down the window. When the Vita goes into stand-by mode to start it back up you have to peel back the screen.
Available for download on the PS Store is Facebook, Twitter,Foursquare (where the hell is Skype!) and a whole bunch of others. Another app you may have seen is Near which basically socializing with gamers who are near by in your area. Near is clustered with information so it's bit messy. Something you should try is the remote play for the Vita and PS3. I did try it before with my laptop but it was really laggy but comparing it to the Vita I was playing PS1 games flawlessly. Depending on how close your PS3 is. Don't forget to check out the PS Store either its packed with demos and games.

The friends list has been changed up a little with some new features such the option to have your friends list publically displayed or the new profile background. Anyone remember back a while ago when this picture was floating around the web as a concept?

Well now it's a reality and it could be a possible update for the PS3 in the future.

One of the problems I hate about the Vita is sending messages. You can't use any of the button so it's all done by touch which is kinda really awkward and annoying because the letters are so damn small.....DAMN IT!


I'm not going to go all down to specs here so I can keep it short. The Vita finally has not 1 but 2 analogue sticks (all rejoice) if you ever played a shooter on the PSP..it's sorta ehh awkward, but now with 2 sticks it's a whole different experiance!
The Vita also boosts a multi touch screen and rear touch pad, GPS and 2 los res cameras back and front that manage to just get the job done, you can take photos and record videos. The Vita also has more RAM than the PS3 allowing it to do more meaning things like cross chat which I completely forgot to mention back in interface. Anywho the battery life last roughly from 4-5 hours depending on what your doing. Theres a headphone jack and volume control. 2 speakers either side of the Vita that actually sound really good. In terms of "how heavy is the Vita" it's not featherweight but it's not really heavy so inbetweenish if you can somehow in-vision that. The touch on the Vita works wells and some of it's uses are pretty clever like in Fifa using the rear pad for where you want to aim at the goal. The one big thing that was going through my mind before I got the Vita was how the analogues would feel. At first it's takes a little while to get used to them but they function well unlike some of those cheap controllers you might buy for your Xbox or PS3.

Games come in the form of cards/cartridges quite like the NDS

Available for free download on the PS Store is 3 augmented reality games. Table Football, Fireworks and Cliff Diving. Basically you place your AR cards down on the table and 3D stuff just starts popping up left right and center and you interact with it. Other uses augmented reality include games like Mortal Kombat or Reality Fighters using the enviroment around you as the in-game arena or tagging building with graffiti.

So let's move on to the reason why I actually bought this thing. GAMES! So far I've played WipEout 2048, Unit 13, Hustle Kings, FIFA Football and some puzzle game. I know I need to download more games and demos but my memory is limited.

This things is a big step up from the PSP. It's like the step up from PS2 to PS3. The graphics and gameplay are amazing for a handheld. Playing FIFA on the Vita compared to the PSP was much better experiance with the smoother gameplay. As a fan of WipEout I can definitely say I love playing it. The majoriy of online games I've played have been lag free and it's pretty fun pulling horrid faces to show off if you place on the top 3 at the end of race or if you destroy someone elses ships. Looking at some of the other games out and the list of games in development I'm looking forward to playing some FPS shooters like Resistance but 1 game I'm very curious about is the GTA: Vice City Nights leak. I'm dying to see how it looks and if it'll use the rag dolls physics introduced in GTA IV. Aside from GTA I'm also looking to get into some JRPG like Monster Hunter and what not. Seemingly as there's so many games coming out for the Vita I'm gonna need to look for a summer job somewhere.

"Would I recommend getting a Vita?"
If you in it for the games it's well worth investing in it. I know your iPhone can do a lot more in terms of features a decent web browser but it's can't whip out dual analogue sticks and Resistance. (all rejoice again). Are waiting for a price drop or another model to be released? Or are waiting for Christmas or your birthday?
Moving along some of the features I would like for the Vita is using the dirrectional buttons to work the keypad when sending messages. Get Skype and get my PS Minis working!! I forgot to cover that too. Basically over the years of PS Plus I've racked up over 40 PS Minis and abotu 20+ PS1. We're waitng for the firmware update to play PS1 Games but my Minis won't start up and it's the same for my friend with his Vita. Another thing I would of wanted but it's too late now is a decent amount of built in memory for the Vita but what can ya do.
PS home if it were possibie would be pretty cool on the Vita.

I know I probably didn't cover everything but if you ever do happen to pick up a Vita let me know!

What if BF3 had this

Ok quick blog

It's 4am.
You hitch with a ride with some dude flying a helicopter.
It seems all good on take off.
Then all of sudden..............
Your now dead and waiting to respawn.
After minute gameplay you decide to get the helicopter but the same pilot as before has gotten there before you and likewise has put the heli in a death spin.

What if BF3 had a offline mode of the game and thats basically like doing your flying licence.
You complete a bunch of simple enough challenges and eventually you get your licence. When you get your licence you can fly in online public matches.

Also I picked up the Vita which I'll blog about in a bit.

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