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Look at the pretty banner

Boredom in class means well. The new banner you see above. I did this in my spare time in photoshop and was my first time during something in a banner format. I know its not the best but tell me how you think?

Online games really iritate me

Like the title says a lot of the time when i'm on xbox live or something i get irritated with something or someone depending on whats happening. Just a few minute ago i played naruto ninja storm 2 for my 360 and did about 7 fights and almost everyone chose sage naruto or fourth hokage and did rasengan every few seconds it iritates me how everyone usally picks the same people and does total rasengan spammingbut other then that school is starting friday where i'm at and the school is so awesome it has an elevator since its brand knew but i dout they would let us on. really i guess i'll go laterz


I was thinking earlier and figured something out most of the people who i use to talk to aren't really here anymore... its makes me feel kinda sad how a lot of my friends left. but at least i still have some left that are reading this blog i guess this was just me thinking real fast though thanks you guys who are still out there fusiongogeta1 over and out

Time flies

i relized i've almost been gone for a year now. A lot of things have changed around me as well...unfortuntily most were bad my brother went to jail after getting out... and some other crazy stuff has happend. and to add up to all the drama i like a girl at my school. And to tell everyone out there i'm going to be in 10th grade in 8 more days with open house tomorrow by the way it seems to me its going to be a crazy year. Well this time i''ll try to get on more often and say something every now and then fusiongogeta1 over and out.


ya i've been having a bad time lately well i justseemed i reached my limit in my games now i lose to everyone and when i'm about to win they turn the game off on me. well school on thursday was crazy a kid in our class cursed at our gym teacher it was weird. But other than that my brother came back from jail which is the great news today the same day. but about what i said first i jsut been getting mad at my yugioh 2010 game. Other than that i wanted to say that if anyone wants to face me on that or on soul silver i'll take a challenge asap it'll help me a bit. Please read this blog though and comment and for the people who always do thank you.

good to be home

i can barly do anything anymore during 9th grade so i'm still going to try to get on though in order to at least say hi to everyone on here well i'll give it my best shot fusiongogeta1 over and out...for now *creepy look*

to become #1

before i start this blog i just want to say that my birthday was june 17th and i forgot to blog it well now to really tell why i gave my blog its fancy name this mourning on yugioh world champion 2010in georgia i was #3 i wanted to advance in ranks so i go to face a person on wifi and it was the #1 person in the world!!!!! i lost the first match by i asked for a rematch i started to beat him but before i could do the final turn he TURNED THE GAME OFF ON ME that meant i got no ranking points doing that battle but if he didn't move for about 5 minutes so i guess he was trying to lose his connection but i count it as a win in my book. to believe i beat a person with over 2000 rating points when i only had about 423 rating points well i'm a little happy though i'm now number 2 in georgia just 1more to go fusiongogeta1 over and out

heart and soul

well its still been a while but why did i name this blog heart and soul well on the last day of school i manged to get pokemon soul silver my parents don't know i got it from myfriend because he said he doesnt play that much anymore i already got all 16 badges and saw red. I didn't face him know my party was totally unready for that so i'm going to transfer a team from diamond to take him out and it will be a battle i will never forget. i will try to get on wifi soon so that i can put the soul silver friend code on hereso that i can battle a few m ore i'm hoping to have a bit more freedom on gamespot since my computer sucked a few months ago. so i may add a few things and if a find free time i may find time to do another kh vid if i can find an idea for the video. Well thats all i guess fusiongogeta1 over and out.

COMEBACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow

well i finally manged to get a new computer after the old one completly messed up even in safe mode life has been sucking but its great to message up on here after so long well lets celebrate PARTY so tell whats up everyone also by the way i had 31 messages in my inbox so its going to take a while reading those well thats all for now fusiongogeta1 over and out

early release

today we had early release at school since we had 80% chance of snow but i bet we're not going to get it since it never happenends here in georgia so i'll put my hopes at school was good and in gym battle ball wasmore like death ball because the teachers didn't care and everyone was killing each other with balls. my brothers friend let me borrow star wars the force unleashed ultimate sith edition about a week ago and its been fun and i beat it except for getting the holocrons so its great. well thats great fusiongogeta1 over and out