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Life, Growing Up, and Gaming

It has been a long time since my last blog post on here! My video game study never came to be, but I still might have the opportunity to complete a sexual health video game study in the future. What is more important is that I have an externship that I will be doing this summer in South Dakota through the John Hopkin's Center in Baltimore doing research on Native American's on reservations.


It will definitely be interesting to say the least, but is it sad with the busier I become the more I yearn to play video games once again. The last big game I finished was Bioshock Infinite (it was good, but not nearly as fap-tastic as many people were saying about it) and I just miss the days when I could go to the game store and pick up a game just because I wanted to. Why is growing up so hard?!?!?! /firstworldproblem

Anyway I will be stuck in South Dakota all summer with just my PS3 and a small collection of games I have already beat. Dear god I need to find a working gaming computer somewhere or my head might explode. It is interesting to look back on this Gamespot profile, which I have had since 2005 when I was 14 and now I am 22, and to see how I have grown as a human being and as a gamer. Games that I thought were amazing a few years back don't hold my interest anymore. I find myself being a very selective gamer, one that is hesitant to buy something that doesn't look extraordinarily amazing. Games are expensive these days and with what little money I get as a researcher it is hard to swallow the price I am expected to shell out for content that only holds my interest for a few days. Even if I do get a game that I really like I don't nearly have the time that I would like to sit down and enjoy it. 


I speak as if I am the only one going through this plight though I am sure there are several thousands of you out there in the interwebz that suffer from a lack of having time for your hobbies. It is all so new to me and everytime I finally get a chance to sit down and relax I think to myself "Damn if I had a game right now I could totally be playing it". There is a stigma (or was, not sure if it is still around anymore) that older people don't play video games, but I find that there will likely be a period in my life where I just won't have the money to sustain my love for games (which is now). With age, hopefully I will have the means to satisfy my craving for some good pixelated fun and I can call myself a gaming grandpa when the time comes.


Okay that is enough rambling for now, I have to get back to work. See... adult things do suck!