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Home Movies of a 90's Gay Kid

Made two videos this week and they involve the lovely Home Movies that I used to make as a kid as well as footage of my failed attempt at a Sassy Gay Let's Play!

If you want to see the full embarrassing home movie collection you can find it here:

Let's see if you guys can spot the gay! (me)

8-Bit Homo: 90's Nickelodeon Game Shows

I decided to do a little throw back for this episode and focus on those shows that I used to watch growing up on Nickelodeon. Whether it was Figure It Out! or Legends of the Hidden Temple, they shaped my childhood and led to my love of reality television.

Plus I decided to create a new character called Trashy Tina for the lulz. No idea if she will show up in later videos, but I just thought it would be pretty funny to include a personality that was super trashy included with some of my childhood memories.

8-Bit Homo: Gayming News Update (September 2013)

I tried my first hand at a semi-informative video and I am not really sure how it turned out.


There is a strong push from some people for me to be more informative on my channel which I could understand, but I kind of like being more of an entertainer as well. I really want to gauge people's opinions of this one and if it doesn't do well I will go back to the entertaining sort of videos like I have in the past. If it actually catches on I may make a monthly news update a thing and try to add some better one liners in future videos!

8-Bit Homo: Mortal Kombat

Another video is up this week! This time I talk about the Mortal Kombat universe!!!


I got really lucky this week and was actually showcased on the Mortal Kombat Legacy Facebook Page when they premiered their second season of Mortal Kombat Legacy! Check the video out and let me know what you think!

8-Bit Homo: Disney Movies Pt.2


My new video is up and this is the 3rd video in my Sassy Rant series! It has been really interesting making these videos and I am excited to see the direction my YouTube channel goes. This will be the unofficial Gamespot account for my 8-Bit Homo show so for those rare few that find this! Congrats!

8-Bit Homo: Childhood Video Games


My next video is up and this one talks about Childhood Video Games! I have been playing video games since I was a young boy and have fallen in love with several different franchises over time. It is interesting to see some of the old franchises that I used to play with as a kid expand and get a graphical overhaul in this modern era. What are your thoughts on the ever expanding video game universe and what games did you play as a kid?

8-Bit Homo

So I have started my own YouTube channel where I covered gay, geeky, nerdy, and dorky topics with a sense of humor to make each of the videos (or at least I hope) a joy to watch. If you haven't checked them out yet you can see my first few here:

Episode 1: Pokemon (Sassy Rant)


Episode 2: Superhero Hunks


Episode 3: Ratchetness feat. Dominique Morgan


Episode 4: Harry Potter feat. Callie Harper


Episode 5: Disney Movies Pt.1 (Sassy Rant)


The next video I am working on now covers Childhood Video Games! Please check my videos out and let me know what your thoughts are about them! Any feedback is good feedback!

Oculus Rift meets Cloverfield ~~~ Inner Dreams

I just thought I would write a small blog about this, but just imagine the potential in playing a short indie game of sorts using the Oculus Rift as if you were running from a giant monster in a city like Cloverfield.

I don't know about you, but this would be a true horror game if I had to quickly look around and dodge falling buildings and the moving parts of this:

Cloverfield Monster

Or even the little things that jump off of it like this:

Cloverfield Monster Parasites

Can we say shit pants worthy? Sadly I feel like a game like this may be quite some time away from development, but can't a man dream!

The "Fun" in Games

What makes a game fun?

Is it the narrative that the game is attempting to weave? The gameplay mechanics that underlie the core functions of the game? The theme and atmosphere that a game is trying to convey? Is it a combination of all of these elements or are there a hand picked few that really make a game stand out as fun?

These are a lot of the questions that pop up in my own head when I go to the game store to pick out a game to try out. I most of the time have no idea what exactly I want to play and my decision on what game is "fun" can be a pretty complicated process. Do we analyze our games based off how popular they are? If this is the case then I should enjoy every Call of Duty and futuristic shooter that comes my way, but most of the time I find myself playing the game just to play it. When does that bridge between playing games and enjoying games get crossed?

Let's get down to what I like to have in my games. I love games that make me feel epic, that make me feel like the decisions and actions I take have a real effect in the game world. My OCD doesn't really let me enjoy games that have me finding objects left and right (that is if those objects hold a huge purpose in the world otherwise they don't really bother me) or enjoy games where you must micromanage every single detail of something in order to get an ounce of joy out of it. I guess my type of game is one that doesn't have me WORKING for my enjoyment, but instead let me enjoy the work that I put into the game.

Anywho.. enough of my ramblings what do you guys think makes a game "fun"? What is "fun"? Are there different definitions for it and how can we as a gaming community let the developers know what we want in our games and what we truly enjoy?

Just a few things to think about before we head into E3!

Life, Growing Up, and Gaming

It has been a long time since my last blog post on here! My video game study never came to be, but I still might have the opportunity to complete a sexual health video game study in the future. What is more important is that I have an externship that I will be doing this summer in South Dakota through the John Hopkin's Center in Baltimore doing research on Native American's on reservations.


It will definitely be interesting to say the least, but is it sad with the busier I become the more I yearn to play video games once again. The last big game I finished was Bioshock Infinite (it was good, but not nearly as fap-tastic as many people were saying about it) and I just miss the days when I could go to the game store and pick up a game just because I wanted to. Why is growing up so hard?!?!?! /firstworldproblem

Anyway I will be stuck in South Dakota all summer with just my PS3 and a small collection of games I have already beat. Dear god I need to find a working gaming computer somewhere or my head might explode. It is interesting to look back on this Gamespot profile, which I have had since 2005 when I was 14 and now I am 22, and to see how I have grown as a human being and as a gamer. Games that I thought were amazing a few years back don't hold my interest anymore. I find myself being a very selective gamer, one that is hesitant to buy something that doesn't look extraordinarily amazing. Games are expensive these days and with what little money I get as a researcher it is hard to swallow the price I am expected to shell out for content that only holds my interest for a few days. Even if I do get a game that I really like I don't nearly have the time that I would like to sit down and enjoy it. 


I speak as if I am the only one going through this plight though I am sure there are several thousands of you out there in the interwebz that suffer from a lack of having time for your hobbies. It is all so new to me and everytime I finally get a chance to sit down and relax I think to myself "Damn if I had a game right now I could totally be playing it". There is a stigma (or was, not sure if it is still around anymore) that older people don't play video games, but I find that there will likely be a period in my life where I just won't have the money to sustain my love for games (which is now). With age, hopefully I will have the means to satisfy my craving for some good pixelated fun and I can call myself a gaming grandpa when the time comes.


Okay that is enough rambling for now, I have to get back to work. See... adult things do suck!

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