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The Last Chance!!!

Ok everyone, i am done using this account!  I am tired of having a bunch of friends that well...DON'T ACT LIKE FRIENDS.  They don't post or anything.  So if you would still like to be my friend then please add me on my other account!  I might come back to this account some day...But for now I shall be using my other account.

Click Here!!!!!!!

Why my name has a seven in it...

It started out as 17 but I got tired of putting the one in.  So thats how it became seven, not because it was already in use.  I made this nickname up about three or four years ago.  And I've used this nickname in about everything, it's either that or Link, and sometimes I use FunkyFangKid.  And as a matter of fact I have an account on gamespot, named FunkyFangKid.  So thats the story of the seven in my name.