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Freedom Won't Be Living On The Streets!

Hello, I don't blog much, but I feel this one deserves to be posted. Last Summer, in June, my dad threw me, my brother and my mother out of the house because he wanted to sell the place. It would make him more money. Now you know what my dad is like. Anyway, my older brother took us in. It was a small appartment, but we had a roof over our heads. We've stayed here ever since. Now, for reasons we have to leave his appartment. It's not possible to live in such a small place with four people. We were going to be on the streets this Friday. It was possible for us to stay at a homeless shelter, but everyone was allowed to sleep there. No regulation. A room to sleep in wasn't guaranteed. So, we would sleep in that place(whenever we could) during the night, and during the day we would roam the streets. But not anymore. We found a place today. We got keys. Contract has been signed, and we're moving in this Monday. We're still allowed to stay the weekend here. So, Monday is Moving Day. F*ck. I feel so happy. This shit was keeping me, and my family down. We were so prepared to be out on the streets this Friday. But we have something, so it's all good. Anyway, just felt like sharing. I'd also like to thank those that listened to my stories regarding this situation. Their kind words. It really helped.

Sagem28: Sexy-Ass-Gentle-Energetic-Man 28.

Seriously. I'm not kidding. There's no reason why you shouldn't like Sagem. He's too nice. He makes me feel good about myself. He makes other users feel good about themselves. The kind soul SW needs. The kind soul..I need. But what is it? His Belgian kindness? Persona sigs? Posting style? The use of the ":oops:" emoticon? I'm not sure. Nobody is, I guess. He's just like that. I like him, NO, I love him. This blog post is for him. To show him what he means to me. I sure hope he'll read it. Comment on it. Cherish it. freedomfreak loves you, Sagem. Let this be known to all of GS!  :oops:

Where did Lto_thaG go, freedom?

What happened to Lto_thaG is quite simple. Nothing. Last year I tried to log in into my LG account and I was unable to.

My password was wrong. I tried a few times, but to no avail. I decided to change my password. It asked me to put in my email address, which I did. Then a message popped up saying the email address(tied to LG) didn't exist in the GS database.

Weird, isn't it? There was not much I could do, since changing my password was a huge no-no.
Customer Support board?
I asked around there. They gave me a password recovery link that also failed to work. I tried that 3 times. Nothing.
After that I decided to go back to the first account I ever made, future500.

I logged in. Everything worked, except my usernamehad suddenly become freedomfreak. My posts had disappeared and so did my blog posts. My ratings, reviews. Everything. It was like a new account. Everything goneexcept the join date.

Yeah, so I decided to just go with it. I haven't bothered logging into LG anymore, nor do I care at this point. LG is not banned. It's still there floating around. It just cannot be grabbed.

That's pretty much it. I hope that explains why I'm freedomfreak now.
Thanks for reading. Thanks for the interest.