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freakyzeeky1986 Blog

Clearing the cobwebs from my blog to bring you this important message... :3

Nah! I kid, I kid! But you probably already knew that... :P

I wish all of you guys a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, whichever you prefer.

May you all have a wonderful time with family and friends, and have all of that delicious food as well! :P

So... What are you guys planning to do tonight, or tomorrow? I just happen to have some aunts and uncles over, and everyone is drinking, playing cards and having a good time. I on the other hand, am spending time with my siblings and cousins taking turns playing Rock Band, which is pretty fun as a party game, though I wish the guitar handle wasn't so skinny and the buttons so filmsy either. Wish I could use my Guitar Hero 3 guitar... Damn patch! :x

Oh well, what can I do? :P


Happy Thanksgiving everybody... :)

I just want to wish everyone here on GameSpot a very Happy Thanksgiving, and to enjoy this special time with your family and friends on this special day... Enjoy the food, and take care of yourselves if you're going shopping tomorrow... I know I will! :P

A spooky, yet funny blog... :o)

[spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler]

Hey everyone, how was everyone's Halloween? Good I hope... Yesterday, I took my little sister (she was a princess :oops: ) out for some trick or treating with my aunts. My parents were working, and they didn't want me to walk alone with my little sister out in what could be a potentially dangerous night. Now I appreciate their concern for us and all, but c'mon... I think I could have handled it if we went ourselves, but oh well...
We went with three of our aunts (They were all witches :P ), and naturally they bought my cousins along as well, so we were all in a group. It was fun for awhile, but things got heated with one of my aunts (For now, let's call her "Georgina").
She is basically a control freak, in every sense of the word. When I tell you guys that she needs to be admitted into a mental institution, I kid you not, her mind is definitely not right. When she wants something done, she'll get it done AT ANY COST! That's why she's got a TON or restraining orders against her! But I digress... I've said too much already. :P
Anyhow, it was initially fun until Georgina started haggling the people to give us MORE candy, I told her it was fine, but she kept insisting, and she was doing that to every person all night. My other aunts and I started telling her to basically shut up and let the kids have their fun without her asking for more candy, and they were fighting back and forth, because like I said before... She wants everything her way, AT ANY COST!
The night got rough, and my sister said that she had enough candy for the night (Though I think she was just getting tired of Georgina), and she wanted to go home, but my cousins wanted to keep going, and I told them we would start leaving soon. Georgina was still fighting with my aunts, and then suddenly... Something funny happened, to Georgina!

Apparently, she tripped on a crack in the sidewalk, she fell onto a bush, and her pants ripped in half where her tush is! :lol:
I couldn't help myself, I started laughing hard, and everyone one else couldn't resist laughing either! :lol:
Even the neighborhood people started laughing... and so we had no choice but to go home, thank God! I was getting sick of Georgina... :P

After we went home, I told my parents about our night out... They couldn't resist laughing either! :lol:

Freaky's Final Thought...

We've got so much candy last night, like literally ten pounds worth of candy. You know the saying 'Shop Til' You Drop'? It was more like 'Trick Til' You Trip'! :lol:

Oh God.... Oh God YES!!! Ohhh!

I finally got my Player's Ball emblem! I've been waiting for this for a week! Thanks GameSpot! :D

It's a treat when famous players meet.
This person did it real big with GameSpot and got wild on a Tuesday night at the GameSpot Players' Ball. Whether you saw the action from the confines of your own home or, like a true cross-country mack, stepped out into the spotlight with us live and in person, we sincerely appreciate it. If we could give you all a ride in our snotty-nosed ham sandwich with the brains blown, we totally would. That's a car, by the way.

What REALLY happened at the Player's Ball... 8)

First off, let me say that I was going to take pics and video of everything that was happening in that Nightclub, but I had to let my mom and my sister borrow the DV cam I had for their trip to Mexico... Therefore, there won't be any pictures here today ( :cry: ).

Anyhow, I got off the Bart station and walked down 11th street to Slim's... There was a long line, it wasn't as long as the line at After Hours, that line was twice as long. I arrived and got in line at around 6pm, and we were waiting out there in the cold for an additional 15 minutes (I think GameSpot was having technical difficulties at the time, I'm not really sure though). Then one of Slim's staff came out and told everyone to have their ID's out, and not to carry any sharp objects, such as weapons for example... I took out my keys, and my ID, and this girl was in front of the line, patting everyone down to check for weapons or whatnot, when she patted me down, she felt something in my right pocket... It was a Sharpie. She said I couldn't bring it in, so I had to throw it away. Poor Sharpie... I showed them my ID, and was greeted by a couple girls holding multiple flavors of free Stride Gum... I took the first of many packs that night, and I proceeded to look around the nightclub... It was kinda small, but it could easily accommodate around 150 people... I think there were more people though, it was quite packed, we were like sardines in a tin box.

There are four distinct parts in this nightclub, there was the main floor, where everyone walks through, and in the center of it all is a table with 12 LCD monitors and a Xbox 360 for each person playing the last round of the Saving Vagas Tourney. I must say this was probably the most intense gaming session I have seen ever. The gamers were pwning each other left and right, and in the while everyone was shouting expletives to each other... It was kinda funny actually; none of my online gaming sessions were ever close to being that intense. :P
The next part of the nightclub was the stage area, where On The Spot was being filmed throughout the evening. I didn't spend too much time in that area up until the last half hour, where Button Mashing was taking place. I saw the seven contestants play PixelJunk racer, and then 3 of them played Memory Leak... No one said Mario Paint! :cry: .
Poor Daniel, he got pwnt by Daniel 'Badass'... :( , at least he got the Guitar Hero II bundle for free! ^___^
Next to the floor was the bar, and at this bar... They were serving Chicken, Mini Burgers, Quezadillas, French Fries, Sandwiches... at for drinks, they were serving Coke, Sprite, Water, Red Bull (Yes, Red Bull! :o ), and a special fruit drink from Stride, called Forever Fruit. It had Pineapple pulp, Peach Nectar, and Mango Juice. It was quite tasty... ^_^. The best part was that all the food and drinks were free, and there were waitresses carrying drinks throught the whole club, so we don't have to keep going back to the bar whenever we want something 8) . There were also games on the bar's countertop, there was Halo 3, Virtua Fighter 5, Need for Speed ProStreet, Skate, Sega Rally... all of which are for the 360, and the sole PS3 game that was playable was Ratchet and Clank Future... This game looks and plays like a dream, I'm really excited about this game, it just looks gorgeous.
And lastly, their was the VIP suite (I was mostly there, naturally... 8):P ), and the only thing up there were two Rock Band games playing on two huge HDTVs... I was terrible on Bass, but I did pretty well on Drums, and feels very natural. This game is going to rock, I just wish it had better songs to play. :P

So I basically hanged out, made some new friends, got pwned on Halo 3 (This marks the first time of me playing that game), played Rock Band, and basically had a good time. I hope to be coming back to this next year... It really is awesome. 8)

I had a sexay time at the Player's Ball... 8)

Wow... Just wow. That was a lot of fun.

I went to Slim's Nightclub... I heard the beat for Britney's Spears "Gimme More" was playing over the speakers the whole time (the beat does sound kinda pr0nish... :P ), and there were stripper poles with girls on it playing Halo 3 on huge 50"+ monitors, and everyone was drinking Margarita's and Guinness beers while playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero III. The atmoshpere was really sexay in there, and everyone was hot and heavy in there as well... :oops:

In all seriousness though... That didn't really happen ( :lol: ), I'll tell you what happened for realz in tomorrow's blog. I'm really tired right now, and I have to go to sleep soon.

(Actual picture of me being attacked by the 'Player's Ball'... :o )

Kids Say the Darnest Things... #1 xD

My mom was asking me when I think about having kids, because she wants to get to know them before she passes away (she's only 45... :| ). I tell her that that is a huge step, and I won't be going that route for a while, since I'm not even married, nor planning to at the moment.

She says she'll "Never get to know her grandkids".

My little sister (who is 10 years old) comes into the room asking her, "Mommy, you want grandkids?" She nods, and my sister says, "Okay mommy, I'll do my best!"

:shock:... :lol: