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I Am Suffering

Hello there you guys, it certainly has been quite awhile since I have last typed to you. It's not that I have been busy, I just haven't felt like blogging. So since we've last talked I aquired Rock Band 2. The game is really awesome, a ton of great songs. I haven't unlocked them all yet, but I really want to play Down With the Sickness by Disturbed and Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold. The game hasn't really changed anything but thats fine with me. Also, on the back of the box you see that it says 20 free download tracks. When are we going to get those songs!

Another game I have been playing is FEAR Files. I bought this game last christmas and never really touched it. All of a sudden I got an urge to play a horror game. So I beat the first expansion pack which I don't remember the title. Awesome ending to that expansion! I can't wait for FEAR 2 early next year! I also started the 2nd expansion called Perseus Mandate. The scariest thing happend when I was playing this. I was climbing down this ladder and I see a guy walk into a sort of hallway. So I go and investigate this hallway and it's a dead end, there is some ammo there so I grab that and right when I turn around, that guy that I saw walk into the corner is right behind me. That scared the **** out of me!

Other games I have been playing is Burnout Paradise, the bikes pack is alot of fun. I hope with the next update they put some more bike challenges in it. I have been playing the online alot since I want to get the freeburn stuff done. I think I have completed 134/490 challenges, so I have awhile to go. Another game I have been playing is Mercs 2, I still really enjoy this game even though there are alot of glitches in it, it is still alot of fun to play.

The last thing I have to say is I got The Suffering for PC, I would like to thank The Wesker for the heads up on the free download of the game. The game itself is pretty fun and I think I will go through it to completion.

The next game I will be getting is Condemned 2 for the 360. I'm getting this because I have been in a horror game mood so this should be great for the $30 it is now. After that its NHL 09, so DBoy keep an open slot on that team for me!

That about wraps it up for this blog. I might make a video blog for this weekend, so stay tuned for that!


Things Are Looking Up

Even though this is the first weekend of school it is looking very good for me. First off, today is the home opener for our high school football team and I am going with a girl that is in 2 of my classes. Thats great! I think we may be going somewhere with this. Yes it does kinda suck that school has started again but my classes are pretty fun. Heres the run down of them.

1st Hour- Gym- I have the girl I mentioned above in this **** Gym is always fun. Ultimate frisbee!

2nd Hour- Graphic Communications- Probably the coolest teacher I ever had. She told the ****how to get past the internet blockers in school so we can go onto facebook, giant bomb and other sites when we have free time. But the ****will be cool with all the graphic design stuff we will be doing.

3rd Hour- French 1- This ****I also have the girl mentioned above in. I am actually learning alot of stuff and we each get our own french names. We got to pick from a list of names. I am now called Denis! Denis with one n. To all people who know french. Comment ca va? Sava tres bien!!

4th Hour- Pre-AP English- Pretty cool **** with an awesome teacher. Todays question. If you could pick any one book to memorize what would it be? I said "How to do a rubix cube." Those things are **** hard!

Ok so thats my school scheduale, this year is looking pretty good for me. I also got Mercs 2 and it's tight!

Im off to the game!

Today Was a Good Day for Gaming

...and no, I won't be putting the lyrics to the song on here.

First off, I would like to thank you guys who left comments on my last blog and I am feeling quite a bit better now.

So today was a very good day for me, entertainment wise that is. First off very early this morning at 1:37 A.M, I beat Resistance for PS3 and the game was fantastic! I loved the story and when there are a ton of enemies on screen at once it can get really hectic. I can't wait for Resistance 2 to come out! So after I beat Resistance I was deciding on a game to play next and I almost put in Burnout but that game was just pissing me off because I was sucking so no. So I look at Dead Rising, I knew I was at they very end of the game already but the point I was at I had to wait a very long time for the next mission to start. So I calculated the time it took for the game in real time and I had an hour (real time) to wait, so I grabbed my mom's laptop and watched On the Spot and it just fit perfectly.

So when I was playing and I got to what I thought was the ending ( the credits rolled and everything) I would have been very dissappointed if that were the ending of the game. So I thought " Wow that was a **** slap in the face", it turns out there was another mode that had the rest of the game. So I did do the mode called "Overtime" and thankfully that picked up right where the other one left off. My objective was to get a bunch of queen zombie bee things, I needed 10, sure that sounds hard but I found a way to get it easily. Right when you leave the hideout go to the back of the room and kill the zombie and get the queen and then go back to the hideout and the queen would respawn. Good method, got it in no time. So yeah I beat Dead Rising and it was **** awesome!!

So by the time I beat that it was 4:30 and I went to bed. Then when I got up at 1 P.M I was reading the paper and saw an ad for Tropic Thunder, so I asked my dad if we could go. He said yes, and off we were to the theater. Tropic Thunder is the funniest movie I have seen in awhile. I never really laughed out loud in a theater like I did for TT.

After we saw the movie my dad wanted to go get some stuff at Target, we went there and I got Mercenaries 2. The game is a ton of fun, I love just blowin **** up. If any of you guys want to do co-op just send me an invite. Oh yeah, I also beat Castle Crashers a few days ago and that was pretty cool.

So today was indeed a good day for gaming. My next game purchase will be NHL 09.

School starts tomorrow! That kinda sucks.

M Rated Exploits

As I ride my bike to the nearest Gamestop, I usually think of a game to get of course. Most of the time it is me and a few of my buddies that take a nice big bike ride to our local game store when are parents are being to lazy to drive us there themselves. So as my most recent "M Rated Exploit" I wanted to purchase Grand Theft Auto 4 and my parents wouldn't take me to the store to get it, so I called my friends and we decided to ride our bikes there to get it. I was so excited to get GTA 4 I wasn't even thinking that it was a M rated game and I needed a person that was 18 years of age or older.

So when we finally got there, I went straight to the Xbox 360 section and grabbed GTA IV and when I was looking at the box I saw the M rating I thought, "Oh **** so I was thinking of a way to get the game and we all know Gamestop employees are freaks about M rated games. Here's an example, I was with my dad at Gamestop and I wanted to get GTA San Andreas and when we brought it up to the desk and the worker was like to my dad, "Sir?, do you know this is one of the most violent games out now?", luckily my dad doesn't give a damn about M games, so he was cool about it and I still got the game.

Anyways, back to the story, as I look at the case and that dreaded M rating a man that was probably a collage student at home for the summer, came in and started looking at the games in the 360 section. So as he was looking I approached the guy and very politely asked him to buy the game for me. He started laughing because he told me that he did the same thing when he was 14 getting PS2 games. So I gave him the amount of money needed to get the game and I also gave him a little tip for getting it for me.

So I rode back home a happy man with my awesome copy of GTA IV in my hand. My friends got some ****ty PS2 games because they didn't have thier 360's yet. What I'm basically trying to say in this blog is that being a kid when all of the best games that come out are M rated kinda sucks. They all think that if people my age (15) play violent games will turn into violent psychaotic muder children but really all the violent psychaotic murder children are messed up before they play these games.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to keep asking people to buy the games for me until I turn 18.

Got A Cheap Movie At The Fair

So this week is fair week in our town so I have been going to that everyday. Today me and this girl were walking through the stands of markets and such that people try to sell their stuff. We were walking together and we saw a movie place, so we went through and looked and we each found a movie and of course being the gentleman I am, I bought her movie as well. So the movie I got is Crank, staring Jason Stathon. It looks like a pretty good action movie, I'll go watch it after I am done typing this. The movie I bought for the girl I was with was Mean Girls. It wasn't actually as bad as I was expecting it too be. So after we bought the movies we went to her house and watched Mean Girls, then I went home.

When I got home I played Bully for 360, I am going to try and beat this game 100% and I don't have that much left to do. I did get a bunch of achievements for the game these past few days like one that was pissing me off was getting the high scores on the arcade machine games. God damn you Nutshots!! :P

Well that's about it for this blog here. Remember my birthday is in 5 days! I'll do a video of what I got on the 21st or 22nd because I'm going to be buying some games with my birthday money.

I'm going to watch the new I for an I and then Crank.


8 Days Until my B-Day

That is how long I have to wait until it is my birthday. I already made a wishlist of stuff for my parents and there are a few games on there. I will make a video on the 20th(my B-Day) to show you all what I got.

I also beat Guitar Hero Aerosmith on Expert and that game was pretty fun but really short. There's only about 35 songs. Oh well at least that achievements were easy. Also Timeshift sucks so I'm not going to play that anymore.

So I also got past 27,000 achievement points today. GH did it, but I don't know the exact number right now so just look at my profile yourself if you are interested.

Fair tomorrow!


Finished Filling Out My Collection List

So I finally finished filling out my collection here on Giant Bomb and on Gamespot. I put all the **** PC games I have and I found a downloaded Curse of Monkey Island CD so I'll see if I can install it to my computer.

Back to Aerosmith!

The Way We Like It

Like this!

- I returned from my cousins cabin on Thursday and had a blast, toob wars was so much fun. We had 2 toobs and we were jumping on each others toobs and throwing the other cousins off. We had 2 to a toob. At night we usually played cards, a game called torrettes. The point of the game is to layout a card and whatever that card starts with you have to say a word starting with that letter. Ex. You put a 9 card out and 9 starts with N, so you have to say a word that starts with N and whoever says a word first gets that card and whoever has the most cards at the end of the deck wins! Wish I could go back to the cabin. Nice to see that family again.

- I beat Secret Agent Clank on the way back from the cabin and it was awesome, I already started my 2nd playthrough. I love the replay value these Ratchet and Clank games give you.

- A few hours ago I beat Saints Row and all I have to say for the ending is, what the ****. But in the last mission of each gang your character talks and it's really funny what he sais.

- I started playing Ratchet and Clank Size Matters because I'm just in the R&C mood right now! It is the only R&C game I haven't beaten. I got to the last boss awhile ago but got stuck because I had no bolts so I couldn't buy any ammo so I started over and am saving my bolts. Also working on my 2nd playthrough of Tools of Destruction.

- I listend to the entire Avenged Sevenfold self titled album and it's awesome! Put both their self-titled album and City of Evil on Rock Band now!! Also watched the bonus DVD that came with it and it was pretty cool and funny. A7X is now my favorite band so I might pick up thier first 2 albums.

- The fair starts on Monday and I will be going everyday for the next week so don't expect too many things here during that time.

- After listening to this weeks Giant Bombcast I tried hemp milk and it's nasty. Don't ever drink it!

- I don't have any gold on my XBL so don't send me invites to play cause I can't.

- After the fair I will be getting Resistence if I can find it for 30$ and a secret game that I am ordering off Amazon, I will have a Da Package video whenever I get it.

- Started playing Dead Rising and I can't beat the 2nd time you face Carlito, when he has the sniper. I don't have any guns so I have to use melee.

- Back to Ratchet and Clank!

Lizard's Lair Part 29

Also, something I forgot to mention in the video is that as of monday I will be gone for the week because I am going up to my cousins cabin. They do have internet there, but the point is for family and water skiing.:) See ya guys next week!