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PS2 is DYING!!!!!

Since there isn't much and new games(except sports i guess) i was just wondering what games are you

gonna buy by the end of 2007!(Since after this year the ps2 is already dead) for me this games

1.Ape Escape Million Monkeys (When the F*** is this coming out)

2.Castlevania Curse of Darkness (Great Game BUY IT!!!!)

3.Castlevania Lament of Innocence (THE BEST STORY IN CASTLEVANIA HISTORY)

4.God of War II (I already got the 1st so i should get this too)

5.Grand Theft Auto III (I Never got to play the original free roaming well this is the place to start)

6.Grand Theft Auto Vice City (NOTE:I don't want to buy the liberty and vice city stories because it

sucks im gonna buy them on my PSP!)

7.Guilty Gear X2 (The game that I've WANTED FOR SO LONG)

8.Guilty Gear XX Slash (Even though its from japan i still want it;WHERE THE F*** CAN I BUY THIS GAME!!!!)

9.Mortal Kombat Armaggedon (I always wanted a COMPLETEMORTAL KOMBAT game)

10.Resident Evil 4 (One of the BEST action games besides MGS3 Subsisitence)

11.Shadow of the Collossus(A MUST HAVE for any PS2 owners!)

Games i think i should buy

1.Guitar Freaks(Where can i buy V2 or V3 for the PS2???)

2.Guitar Hero

3.Guitar Hero II

4.Guitar Hero Encore:Rock the 80's

NOTE:When i buy this games i will include GUITAR Controllers both Guitar Freaks and Guitar Hero.

lets see i will be able to buy this around October (not sure) or December.Once i bought all the

games i will now concentrate now on my PSP(HOORAY!) and don't forget to post your Wishlist(Games of course)

and oh by the way I WON'T BUY GUITAR HERO III FOR THE PS2 because im reserving it on the PS3 SYSTEM!!!!!!!!