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Why is it GTA Liberty City Stories and it was a dissapointment some say is good?

Why GTA Liberty City Stories is dissapointment to all gta's i mean its supposed to be better right and i saw the score it was 7.1 thats a bad score i've seen GTA 3 and Vice city and San Andreas there all 9.5 or more im really dissapointed of seeing bad scores about GTA LCS and i can't help it that the missions are that great but to me San andreas is the best and i hope you read this pls reply on this blog post ok!!!:D

Devil May Cry its a challlenging game

My first devil may cry was 2 and i did'nt like was no challenge just use one gun you can finshed the game already what was capcom thinking removing all the goods from devil may cry but in the third edition it was cool with style you can perform many combos and oh devil may cry is a hard game than DMC3 because its really hard and challenging but i've finsihed all devil may cry's 2 times and its cool im stil finshing it third time but what the heck!

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