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Sorry to my friends that i was'nt able to particpate in their events because my Exam is coming so i don't have the time to use my gamespot i will get in tarck where i started after my Exam wish me luck:D:D:D

im back!!!!

hello im back sorry im not been able to do some work here but its ok im free and i will always open my gamespot!!!!!!!:D:D:D

A new Final Fantasy Universe

I hope that the new final fantasy which is XIII that you can buy clothes from the shop just like GTA San Andreas and you can do jobs like you can buy a property that you own and you can go an all out war where many monsters you will fight that game could rock you know!!!

Metal Gear Solid Fan!!!!

Im really a fan of the metal gear saga for about the first realease in the PS and i was greatfull game i was excited to play the game and when i finished it i was shock about the game it was a huge hit in the PS probabbly the best game ever and when i played MGS 2 sons of liberty it was good graphics is top notched but the character raiden was a dissapointment when i saw raiden i was excited because he looked like Pscho Manthis in MGS and when removed i was shocked i played him it was a wimp he could'nt do stuff when snake was the character but its still a good game i bought MGS 2 substance it was cool vr missons it was a good game except the main character raiden then i played MGS twin snakes reincarnation of metal gear solid it was a good game but the only bad is that when i use the box in evasion this never happens but they shoot the box in me and i could'nt hide and thats the only bad part.then later the realease of MGS 3 snake eater it was a big hit i played as snake but not as Solid Snake but as Naked Snake a.k.a Big boss i was confuse at first because i didn't see Otacon and i tought it was the contuation of MGS 2 sons of liberty but it was the story of Big Boss at first i tought it was Solidus because he looked i like when he was old but the lost of the rigth eye of Snake proved to me it was'nt solidus because solidus lost his eye in left.i played snake eater and it was cool i've finshed it 15 times no joke all the secrets i've got them all the boss camoflages except Stealth {damn thats hard}then the realese of MGS 3 Subsistence it was a cool game everthing a fan of the MGS series should get this its really cool but still im gonna buy MGS 3 Subsistence Limeted Edition and the fourth disc i really need that so i encourage everyone to buy this game it is a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE 

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