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My Top 10 games of 2013

This list might look a lot like other Top 10's in this category but I chose some different games.

#10 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

This game I waited for so long since 2006 ever since I finished Sly 3. I've been looking up on updates and such over the years and I even got a message from someone on YouTube whose father works in Sucker Punch. This person gave me the plot details which was what everyone's been expecting from the cliffhanger on Sly 3. Finally in early 2013 the game came out and I was proud and a bit disappointed. I was proud to see Sly and the gang back in action but was disappointed that the game was made by a different company named Sanzaru. It still kept the whole stealth platformer action going on and a great plot twist that left me stunned for a while. I was proud that they made some nods to the first 3 games and cameos from other games like Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and inFAMOUS. unfortunately I gave it a 7/10 but I'm still adding it to this list because of how long I waited.

#9 Lego City Undercover

This game had some problems but I still enjoyed it. It was like GTA or Saints Row but with Lego characters but it's missing some driving music. Only time you hear music is when your doing missions or sidequests. Besides that the game was enjoyable it made me think like a kid and had some great humor. I even like the LEGO Mario cameos like the "?" blocks and the LEGO piranha plant. I just wish it had more music aside from "Walking on Sunshine" for the opening and the credits.

#8 SMTIV (Shin Megami Tensei IV)

This game had many SMT fans waiting for it, including me. I enjoyed it a lot all the demon designs were well done, the music felt like the old SMT games and the plot was good. The only problem I had was that you get exp. from everything and this isn't the only game that does it. I played Xenoblade and you get exp. for completing sidequests but it had a reason like saying "your screwed if you didn't do the sidequests." But SMTIV was really strange cause you get exp from plot missions, and sidequests, especially when the plot missions don't have a boss like a mission called "Let's Eat Breakfast" and afterwards you level up. I still enjoyed the game though especially with the endings I love the Neutral ending even though it took me a while to get it.

#7 Animal Crossing New Leaf

This game is quite different with me because I played the first Animal Crossing but I had no idea what to do or what it's about, but its probably because I was in 3rd grade. New Leaf is different because your the mayor of your own town and you can add whatever you want to it. This game is like a vacation from all the violent games I've been playing since it's all about having fun with your villagers and your friends in real life. I'm still playing it now because I love my villagers I have to show them love!

#6 Saints Row 4

So one day I was playing a game on PS3 (either Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter) and one of my friends from high schools messages me that Saints Row 3 is out for free on Playstation Plus. I downloaded it and we had one hell of a blast destroying stuff with crazy weapons. Later I heard that Saints Row 4 is coming out so I was getting ready for it and once I got it I had a lot of fun with the music and the powers. Best part was the dubstep gun (especially the christmas one.) The game felt like inFAMOUS from destroying stuff with your special powers along with your gang members. The Christmas DLC was fun and messed up. Overall it was great.

#5 Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds

This game is fantastic and it somehow feels nostalgic even though I never played A Link to the Past. I love the retro look Link has in the game and gimmicks are great I love Ravios rentals. The gimmick with Ravio is this, you can rent any item that can help you through the game but if you die you lose all the items you rented and have to purchase them again for rent. The story is great and the challenges for the heart pieces are really well done. I never used the streetpass function cause...I haven't been outside with my 3DS lately. I also want to replay it again on Hero Mode. It's that good!

#4 Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

I played all the Ace Attorney games before this one came out including the Edgeworth game. I love all the characters and the cases were great. I was confused as hell in the second case cause I thought I had to prove in court that demons exist. You play as all the characters and use their special skills like Phoenix's Magatama, Apollos bracelet and the new character, Athena Cykes, Mood Matrix. I especially love the plot twist at the end of the game I was stunned and couldn't believe it cause the main villain was one of my favorite characters in the game! I really recommend this game to every Ace Attorney fan or people who want to solve mysteries.

#3 Super Mario 3D World

This game is great for the following reasons: Playing as other characters aside from Mario, Catsuit, and the revival of the Wii U. This game should've been what came out on the Wii U's release, Nintendo Land was fine but I really think 3D World is better then Mario Bros. Wii U. The atmosphere is great Nintendo put a lot of potential into the game with the vibrant colors and the characters animations in their power ups. I love how they changed the bosses from the expected Koopa Kids to something completely out of the blue like a giant snake or a living boulder. Rosalina was a far away unlockable but she's great it feels like your playing Mario Galaxy.

#2 Fire Emblem Awakening

This game...this game is a masterpiece for handhelds. This is my first Fire Emblem game and it's glorious from the story, the characters, and the most difficult thing I can think about that requires a lot of replaying...SHIPPINGS! You can ship any character in your party with another. I have been thinking a lot about who'll marry who and why but I need to look at their earlier conversations to be sure. It's that complicated for me. I'm on my third playthrough right now. The music is fantastic and I love strategizing how my team should fight in the war. I highly recommend it if your into shipping and fictional wars.

#1 The Last of Us

This game is phenomenal. I have never experienced a game thats so realistic, well detailed and literally focuses on the theme of survival.The game is difficult but its difficult for a reason because the theme of survival your items for survival are very scarce to find and this idea really fits a future zombie apocalypse atmosphere. Let me state that I was never fond of Zombie related stuff because of how huge it is nowadays and its everywhere. This game isn't quite a zombie epidemic it all started from a mutated crop. The game has great mystery about whats been going on in the areas you've been traveling through. Best part is the sound it makes you feel like your really in the game. I got a TV with surround sounds and when I was in the tilted building its creaking sounds makes the TV room shake. The story is an emotional roller coaster and I cried a lot through the whole game. I love the bonding that Joel and Elie go through in the game and I was stunned at the end. It felt like there would be more. I can't say too much about the ending but I really want people to play it. This game became Game of the Year in a few websites.

The America in the Sky

First of the icon thats currently on its me irl holding my Shaymin doll. Anyways I did miss a game from my last blog but I kept it for this blog in general. The game I'm talking about is Bioshock Infinite.


Yep I got Bioshock Infinite...even though I never played much FPS games (unless Metroid Prime counts) so it was interesting for me but I had litttle experience from how guns work in games from Jak 2 and 3. I gotta say before I got this game I was watching a few playthroughs on its release date and when I saw how it starts and the barbershop quartet I was totally into it. So once I played the start of the game I felt creeped about the lighthouse being empty with a dead body. But once I got to Columbia...I was in awe. It's a beautiful city I love the architecture the fair they had and the entertainment. Note though that the game takes place in 1912 so its as fictional as Raidou from being in the 1940's. Anyways, once I got to that barbershop quartet I noticed something about thier lyrics, they sounded like they were singing a Beach Boys song. Beach Boys a band from the 1960's being performed by a barbershop quartet in 1912 is like the start to another mystery within the game. Ok so the plot is you play as a man named Booker Dewitt who goes to Columbia to "Bring us the girl, and wipe away the dept." That's all hes been hearing throughout his adventure. He gets into a raffle and he luckily wins, he was warned about the raffle beforehand but had no choice. Once the winner is about to be annoucned you notice something odd from the announcers dialouge, "Isn't that the prettiest white girl in all of Columbia?" Once you hear that it's a first hint that shows the problem about Columbia, its racist! the winner holds a baseball and throws it at a couple with a black bride and an Irish groom. Thankfully the game gives you a choice to throw it at the announcer. Afterwards the guns come into play which I didn't die much to say actually. Booker travels to a tower that's shaped like an angel and meets Elizabeth. Elzabeth is the best part of the game its like an escort mission but she doesn't take damage and helps you in combat. One thing that I'm not sure if anyone notices or not but she's like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She reads a lot of books and she doesn't like Booker killing people. I did miss one part which is the Vigors they're pretty helpful. Vigors are like magic items that can help you in combat you can make traps out of them and trigger enviornmental effects based on the vigors element, for example a fire trap on an oil slick. 


I'm going to stop there since I don't want to make any spoilers especially about the end of the game. All I can say is the end of the game is mind blowing. But I could telll that there's more music that I didn't notice till I listened carefully like that Beach Boys song, which is titled "God Only Knows." The other songs are "Tainted Love" "Everyone Wants to Rule the World" and "Girls Just Wanna have Fun" they are hard to notice unless you listen very carefully to the beat and the lyrics. Anyways I gotta agree with all the reviews the game got so I could also give it a 10/10 even though I had weak expericne on FPS games. I did get Bioshock as well but I think I have to restart it since there was a little bug. I did feel creeped out though cause I like traveling on cruises but never thought about a city underwater. Hope you all enjoy it I'm going to try and make a blog on Fire Emblem Awakening after my second playthrough or something else, I played as a girl beforehand. It's god to be back blogging on GS!

Fox's Gaming Adventure

I'm alive everyone! Been pretty busy irl aside from games. Just went through my first year of college which was difficult at the the start because we had to deal with Hurricane Sandy in October. No injuries from my family thankfully just had to live with my grandparents for a week until the power comes back at home. The craziest part was we had to bring our cats over to my grandparents. I played a lot of games but I don't think I'll fit my description into one blog it'll look like an essay. So heres a list of games that I played since I last blogged: Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha 1 &2, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Persona 4 Golden (highly recommend), Wii U games which include Scribblenauts Unlimited Mario Bros. U and Nintendoland...and Epic Mickey 2 and god it blew... Playstation Allstars Battle Royale (if you want to fight me on that game message me for PSN) God of War 1&2 (not collection) Gravity Rush (also a great game) uigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment (incomplete) Fire Emblem Awakening (first Fire Emblem game also incomplete) Injustice: God Among Us on PS3, Ratchet and Clank Collection, Jak and Daxter collection and LEGO City Undercover. One huge list of games sincde I didn't blog for almost a year right?


For those who don't know my birthday was May 7th and I got some good stuff after a long day in college. Hope you enjoy the pictures. (hope it worked it's been a long time since I posted pictures in a blog if it didn't work I'll post links from my twitter) Anyways that'll be all once again I'm alive and it's nice to blog again! Ciao!

Summer Time Update

I haven't bloged in weeks again so let's get started. First off in May I became 18 and got some good gifts I got DMC HD Collection and DMC4, P3P (Persona 3 Portable) and the Katamari games and rthey are a lot of fun. I recently got Mario Tennis Open as well and I'm a little bit pissed about Nintendos Yoshi parade also for those who want to know how to get the OR code unlockables on Mario Tennis Open look up GameXplain for thier videos on Mario Tennis Open. Saw the E3 confrences and my opinion there was only one game from microsoft that interested me and that was the South Park game lol. I think Nintendo won overall with Nintendo land because last year one of my friends though of a Nintendo theme park called the exact same name and already came up with the attractions like "Mudkips Splash Adventure" a restaurant called "Mushroom Kingdom" etc. And I thought the Wii U was interesting. Sony did Ok as well I liked the idea of cross Play. Speaking of Sony I'm about to graduate from high school and my uncle gave me an early graduation gift which was the PS Vita. so far I just downloaded LEGO Batman 2 on it and played the first level now I have to wait for Persona 4 Golden. Other games I got were Rythym Heaven Fever and I like the idea I describe it as Warioware meets Guitar Hero. I also got Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne a few months ago I forgot to mention it and I love how dark it is. Last game I got over this week was Lollipop Chainsaw and I freaking love it. I just beat it yesterday so I'm hunting for the collectables right now. My favorite costume so far is the Bunny one I loled when I started playing it. Thats all for now sorry that I made this blog go quick but I'm a little busy with graduation and etc. I almost forgot I passed my 2nd attempt on my drivers test. I thought I failed it since I made a wide left turn and hit the cirb at parralel parking but no I passed. Sorry for this being quick I'll probably make more detailed blogs. You can leave belated birthday wishes and graduation stuff in the comments and I'll blog again later. have a good day.

The Sequel is out... Let's Survive

In other terms this blog will be about Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2. I have a lot to talk about I might spill some spoilers and I will make my own opinions between the first one and this one so lets start with the story.

Our story starts on Sunday at Tokyo where you, the main character, and your best friend, Daichi Shijima, finish their college entrance exams. Daichi tells you about a website called Nicaea (fun fact Nicaea means victory in Greek) and the website is known for showing videos of your friends dying which will happen in the future. Nicaea works almost like the Comps from the first game but they don't give you a list of events happening in the day. You log into the website where you put your name of the main character and choose a navigator Male (looks like a butler and talks like one) or Female (looks like a house bunny and talks like a teenage girl with "really" spelled "rilly") they both are named Tico. After you log in you and Daichi leave the school and go to a train station and see a girl who Daichi has a crush on. Her name is Io Nitta she goes to the same school you and Daich go to and is known as a smart and cute girl but she sometimes mutters to herself and tries to speak but is nervous to. You and your friends get a video on their phones from Nicaea about them being crushed by a train. After you see the video a earthquake occurrs and the train that just arrives a thte station falls off the tracks and is about to crush you and your friends. Once the train falls your navigator speaks to you asking if you want to live or die (if you say you want to die and say it three times its instant game over) and after you want to live you and your friends start fighting demons that saved them just to kill you. Basically this is the start but I'll try to shorten it. You encounter many various demons through the week and your only way to survive is to join the JPS which is like the government but special with Makoto Sako who is a highly trained member and obeys the chiefs rules. The chief of JPS is Yamato Hotsuin (if you played the first one you'll think of him as Naoya) he is chief of JPS AT THE AGE OF 17 and he is really bossy and gives you mission breifings. You encounter a man in his 20's name Yuzuru Akie aka Joe he is a witty adult but is currently having difficulties woth his girlfriend. On Day 2 you meet 3 more characters but befirend 2. You go to Osaka and meet Keita Wakui who is a very bossy 16 year old and wants to fight by himself take on the demons alone. Another one is a dancer named Hinako Kujou and she tires to protect everyone with the help of the Demons from her phone. On the 3rd day you meet the mysterious 3rd person again but meet 2 before them. You go to Nagoya and meet Airi Ban who is a pushy girl and tries to keep family secrets to herself. After her you meet the best character of the game Jungo Torii he is the best for physical attacking and he is not like Kieta he is nice and likes to cook. You meet the mysterious person from the second day and the problem with her is that she is brainwashed by a demon and tries to hack various areas. Her name is Fumi Kanno she is the best with Magic shes bassically the scientist who works with the JPS. After that you encounter a rebellious man who tries to sabotage JPS of Nagoya by stealling all the food and his name is Ronaldo Kuriki he runs a rebelion against the JPS and is a apprentice of a detective. on the 4th day you meet the last 2 characters who are important. First is my favorite character Otome Yanagiya shes the Nurse of JPS and she tries to be a mother to her niece Koharu. and the last one is the mysterious man who calls himself the Anguished One he is a mysterious man no knows where he came from he flies to meet you and asks you philisophical questions. By the 6th day a war will start which is where you pick your ending I'll explain that one soon. Thats it with story this will be one hell of a blog.

The bosses of the game are different from the the first one which is the battle for the throne of Bel. the first boss on the first day is Dubhe who's speciallty is making is head increase in size and cause a huge explosion. On Day 2 is Merak whos specialty is firing an ice lazer attack and freezing its enemies and sens out little bombs. The 3rd day is Phecda who looks tough at first but splits itself in half making it an easy fight one half weak to phyical and the other weak to all magic. 4th day is Megrez who makes buds that look like Dubhe but makes multiple ones which will be difficult to survive. 5th day is Alioth who uses toxic chemicals and uses a special move when the toxic is active. 6th day is Mizar who is difficult to defeat cause the more you hit him the more he'll split so you have to use a dragon that is summoned by Yamato because of the dragon stream that runs in his familys blood. On the 7th day you'll encounter Benetnasch which is the toughest one because it gets rid of your demons and has a ability called Pacify Human which makes it not affected by attacks that come from Humans including magic. The only way to stop him is with the help of Trumpeter and his trumpet waves. On the Last day is Alcor who can change form and have different weaknesses. the final boss is Polaris who has 3 phases 2nd phase differs by ending you pick. Then there are optional bosses which are Ghost Q, Sage of Time, Nebiros with 2 humans around which makes it difficult, Lilith with men who are under her seductive spell YOU MUSTN'T KILL THEM EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE SPECIAL SKILLS YOU NEED LIKE PIERCE + YOU CAN'T KILL THEM, Belial from the first game, Beelzebub thankfully not as tough as he wan in the first one he's not Belzeboul, and finally the toughest one but not as hard as Lucifur sadly Alice thats right with her move "Die for Me" there is a boss I missed but he's not that important or special unless you want to 100% the compendium. The bosses in the main plot are names based upon each star from the Big Dipper.

The endings I was talking about here are your options the war is with Yamato, Makoto, Fumi, and Kieta Vs. Ronaldo, Otome, Joe, and Airi Vs. Daichi, Io, Hinkao, and Jungo. Yamato wants to change the world after fighting Polaris and he wants Meritocracy or in other terms a world where the stron rule the weak. Ronaldo wants to fight for world Peace which is sadly in my opinion the worst ending in the game. Daich wants some other option which his path contains 2 endings a world without Polaris or restore the world before this whole madness started. There is another ending and its wit The Anguished One to get his ending you have to speak to him in "Desicision day" on the 6th day and say yes to people wanting freedon and no to Polaris and after you go through the entire day events save before you speak to him he will leave if you pick the wrong chices just speak him into overthrowing Polaris. His ending is him taking Polaris's place and becoming somewhat god.

THat was one hell of a blog but theres one more thing I have to say. I like the Fate levels in the game they work like social links from Persona 3 and 4 if you get a character at level 4 or 5 before the chioces, which is almost impossible, they will join you so be sure you get them at level 4 before you chose sides on the war.

Another big blog about Gaming

Long time no see again everyone. About the last blog I'm going to tell you guys what I got since then. The games I got from the last blog were; the entire Pheonix Wright series including the Miles Edgeworth Spin off, Persona 1 and 2 Innocent Sin on PSP (possibly my only reason that I will get a PS Vita would be for Persona 4 Golden and yes I did cry right at the end of Persona 2) Kirby Return to Dreamland, Mario Kart 7 (find me as foxadd on WiFi but send me a PM if you want to race me) Pokemon Rumble Blast, Cave Story 3D (even though I do have the DSi download) Mario 3D Land, Star Fox 3D, Kirby Mass Attack (I think its a anniversary special for the Kirby Series I could be wrong though) and Batman Arkham Asylum and City (I love the details they put into the game). I'm enjoying my Blind LP of Skyward Sword I love all the refrences to the other Zelda games. After the Holidays I got these games; PokePark 2 Wonder Beyond (so what its cute and I like the idea that most of the pokemon from every generation is in it) Mario Party 9 (I know its not like the other Mario party games but I still had fun) and the big one which I will make another big blog about will be Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2.

Reality now I just passed my Trig Regents which now gives me 2nd period free so I can be a lazy Senior at school and I also got my Black Belt which I never expected to get so early I'm now a black belt in Karate and it was hard work. The highlight I would think about is during the test I was sparring a 15 year old and he took me down and sat on my back and I was crying cause I was never used to getting hit and I made a muffled screem and flipped him about 3-4 feet in the air off my back I felt like I lost control of myself. It was a big accomplishment and pretty soon I'll be getting my drivers License. Sadly that is all for reality.

Reason why next blog will be about Devil Survivor 2 is because I'm missing one ending and I want to tell you guys how to get it I couldn't understand how but now I do. (I think) so have a good day and see you at the next blog.

This is a sad fox

lets start this blog from yesterday shall we.

Yesterday when school was ending I was getting excited to play my first hannukah gift as a blind LP which was Skyward Sword. I recorded 3 videos and I was amazed by the graphics and the terrain of Skyloft. I had so much fun playing with my new Wii Motion Plus with the sword controls and ended my recording with me riding my loftwing for the first time in the game.

Today my parents were getting suspicious about my progress in math which I take Trig 2 extended and I was having trouble on it. most of the trouble was from a teacher who I never met I hate her cause she doesn't reteach for extra help and sometimes confuses me. I lied to my parents about going to a room where everyone can study math which I should've done anyways because my school has a BS rule where we can't hang out in the hallways during free periods. I now spend my free periods outside in school campus but today was tech club where I watch anime and play games with my friends and my parents were calling me. once I told my mom the truth she said that I am banned from playing Skyward Sword or anything on my Wii which now my holiday unhappy cause I celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas.

so yeah this is a sad blog I have tears in my eyes right now I will put up a link to my first video of Skyward Sword.

you can leave comments if you want to help me out.

The Blog of days gone by

idk why I made that title lol

Anyways my summer has ended I just got through the first quarter of my Senoir Year and so far its good I get to hang out with my friends still sucks that my school got rid of the technology department and because of that I got 2-3 free periods a day :) and I have to take art courses instead. but my year is going good which is OK. I got Rocksmith on the X360 and I gotta say you should get it if your interesting in learning to play the guitar you play rehersals before the live gig but to play in the gig you have to score over a amount of points to play in rehersal then you play live and I believe you get an encore by how well you play but I'm not sure I just got through the first venue and the last gig didn't have an encore. I also got my first Shin Megami Tensei game besides Persona which is Devil Survivor Overclocked I love it soooooooooooo much the plot has so many refrences to mythological characters and creatures the voice acting is good I love the voice of Amanes father his voice was hilarious. I love the soundtrack as well I freaking love the opening where you get this hevenly metal tune for the beginning of the game and the build up with the other characters about what will happen. I got all endings but I gave up at the ultimate boss Lucifur who is stronger then the other final bosses which depends by which ending you go for Lucifur is stronger then Belberith, Babel, Okukinuishi, and Metatron and I thought Metatron was tough because hes the agent of god but nope a fallen Archangel is stronger then gods angent. I should explain the plot lol I'm going way into detail that you don't know what I'm saying. Devil Survivor Overclocked is a remake where you play as your main character who was having a normal day in his summer break hanging out with his frineds until they get trapped in a lockdown in Tokyo where Demons are killing people and your main characters cousin gives you and yours frineds computers which look like 3DS's to control these demons to fight them back however you have to survive the lockdown for it goes on for a week thats right a lockdown that goes for a WEEK. Overclocked has an 8th day but thats for Yuzu's Amanes and Naoya(your main characters cousin) and Kaidos ending of the game. I recommend it if you want to experiance a JRPG

Ok that was a long blog maybe I'll play more rocksmith so I'll see you guys later.

P.S. my favorite song of Devil Survivor is this

Summer of 2011 so far...

another time I make a blog thats like 3 months from the last one anyways I got into lots of games over the summer. I got a little bit into Atlus from Persona 4 so I got Persona 3 FES and Catherine for the X360. I gotta say Catherine is amazing for the fact that it looks like a horror love film in a game I only got 2/8 endings buts thats because I still want to play more Persona 3 FES :P I got the bad ending of Persona 3 and I'm doing New Game+ to finish up all social links and god does it suck to be at level 57 while your teammates are at their Default level. Thankfully I can go farther into Tartarus and grind everyone easily. I also got into the 3DS GB games I have Mario Land which I call it "Mario Goes Around the World" and I got Donkey Kong and Links Awakening. I did 2 playthroughs of Links awakening and did a 100% run on the 2nd one.

I recently started a Twitter account just so I can inform others on what I've been doing lately heres a link to my Twitter.!/foxaddict94

And I have been taking College course through the Summer to see what college will be like since I'm becoming a Senior in my school. thats all for now. Hope your summer is awesome as well.

Another big blog

Hey guys yesterday was my birthday I am now 17 and I have many games to talk about. First are the Pokemon games I thought it was impossible for the new Generation. but I thought wrong I like the plot the characters and the pokemon. I am currently doing a LP of White on youtube as foxaddict94 if you want to see. I have the 3DS and its amazing I got 3 games which are Rayman 3D (Another Rayman Great Escape remake) Super Street Fighter IV and LEGO Star Wars 3. I got Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on X360 you can find me if you want to fight me I'll PM you if you want to know my account. I got into Portal and I am almost through Portal 2. and I got Persona 4 I was amazed by the game from a series of videos done by 2 guys if you guys want to see look for NakaTeleeli. so far I got through the first Boss which was tutorial.

I have been very busy in reality due to school. The Board of Education of my school are getting rid of the Technology department in the high school but are keeping it in the middle school. I went to board meetings with my parents and my friends were fighting against it and we only saved 1 period and the teacher is the best one in my school everyone likes him :cry: and he got married earlier this school year. I had plans to take more course of Technology next year but the teacher has found a new job at a different school. The only reason why the board is doing this is because they are Old people which I call them old farts my parents think they are like over 200 years old by their apearence :evil: I hate them soooooo much. I'm going to play my 3DS bye