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That's right -- use the link below to establish a free trial account on EVE Online, and if you decide to upgrade to a paying subscription, I will send you 600 million ISK (about 85% of what I make from your referral!).

600 million will buy most ships in the game up to Battleship class, as well as all the skills you need to get started. A huge leg-up in the early stages of the game!

Once you upgrade your account, send me an in-game email with your character's name (I'll be able to verify that you upgraded, but I don't automatically receive a notification that you did so... that's why the email is necessary). I will immediately transfer you 600 million ISK as a big thank-you.

This offer is by far the most generous of any posted here -- the absolute best way to get into the game. Enjoy it, and good luck out there!