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Definetely! MotorStorm is one of my favorite games of all time, it's actually in my top 5 list! I got my first ps3 with the original motorstorm and I've been a full time fan since then! The only thing I had to say against MotorStorm is that, even though each chapter was phenomenal I felt like they didn't get to create a full perfect game, if you get each special and new feature for each chapter and combine them all together in one new release, the result will be a new perfect and killing tittle, for example, MotorStorm Artic Edge had some pretty rad courses and the personalization features were great for a ps vita game! Also in Apocalypse, I loved how the city was getting destroyed chronologically, so each time you raced the city won't be the same(remember the course at the pier with a TORNADO). Besides that they are one of the best arcade racing games I've ever seen! I'll like the see the ps4 version with more global stages, let say you can choose from Artic Madness to Desertic Craziness, or from Pacific Engorge to Urban Destruction, also, more customization for both vehicles and drivers! They can also add some sort of storyline or progress through the Festival, like if winning or losing a race actually meant something. The last thing I will love is that if they decide to go with various locations,. they should keep those specific vehicles only available through each tittle due to each location, like the snowbikes in articedge, or mudpluggers in pacific rim!

Let us hope for a new tittle soon! LUNATICS UNITE!