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psn store

ok yeah the psn store has good movies but they got the tv shows too they have family guy, american dad, chowder, 24, buffy the vampire,to other things check it out!

E3 08 thoughts

let me just start off by saying WTF I had my nintendo emblem and then I wake up and that is gone and replaced with a microsoft and sony emblem!

Microsoft:Well you guys just need to do your own thing stop copying nintendo with the avatars and you guys don't need to buy off a sony exclusive from sqaure there is no reason for it to be honest! Bottom line is that you guys are too competitive stick to your own thing.With that said Gears 2 looks Great. Microsoft overall 2nd best

Nintendo: Ok let's face it you guys IMO they stole the show last year but this year not so much...They show us AC:CF and crap as for games go. THEY ANSWERED OUR NEEDS with one thing WII SPEAK I find it creative that they want the whole room to be involved but that always isn't the best Idea. Ex: you and your friend are playing wifi his dog bites him and He starts Screaming @ss F*CK SH*T P*NIS and your mom walks in and hears that coming out of the at least give us headphones or something maybe if there being annoying a mute feature but make it BC with other WIFI games especially MoHH2 teamwork is essential in that game. The Motionplus was creative make it BC with other games such as red steel and wii fit so it is not a pain to sword fight and that you can't cheat when running in wii fit. BUt I Think a sequel of red steel is going to show up some time in the near future once the motionplus comes out. Nintendo overall worst out of the 3.

Sony: Ok they killed it pretty much since there competition was so lack luster this time around they easily did the best. With that said I have one dissapointment, WHERE THE F*CK IS GRAN TURISMO MOBILE at least show it to us so we know that you guys are serious about it and aren't going to forget about it! I mean how many people bought there PSP for that! A WHOLE BUNCH of people did. NExt E3 show us Jak 4 or uncharted 2 Naughty Dog what are you guys doing really? and TM for PS3 is needed as well considering that it has been a launch title on every other sony platform except for the PS3!! WIth that said and done I really think they show leave home behind and work on a 2D home mastery first, I could care less about it being like second life I just want to meet up with people from a clan and go to my PS3 and play really how hard is that concept. They are pushing more and more downloadable content like RACHET on PSN for 14.99 what a steal man! with that said and the PS3 having a massive hard drive they need to push out more PS1 classics like THPS, Chrono Trigger, Spyro Ripto's Rage, Spyro Year of the dragon, FFVII tekken 3 cause tekken 2 was the biggest pain when it came to getting up after getting knocked down, THPS2,MK trilogy Persona 2,metal gear solid integral, RE2 and RE3 as well maybe even silent hill and where are the PSN cards guys get them out to us soon. But the game lineup still looks awesome they did have a couple of suprises for the psp like loco roco 2 patapon 2 resistance psp and I really can't recall many suprises for PS3 other than the movie digital download thing and MAG. Sony=BEst Of Show

1st blog

wow a blog so original btw I am getting my psp slim friday or today depneds how well and much I beg