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Omni-slash eeeeeeeeeeeeee

I made fun of him SO much on the off-topic boards, he warned me a lot, but I kept on saying crazed stuff about him, I made a bunch of topics just making fun of him, quite enjoyable, then at the end he quoted hulk, and called me Mr. Mcgee, and said I won't like him when he's angry...I liked him when he was angry, then I got suspended for four days!!! Oh yeah, now I'll go and spam for even MORE fun!!!!

Another quick game usual

Sometimes I wonder whether the game I just beat was VERY short, or if I'm just insanely good. Of all the ds games I beat, sims 2 was the fastest, I bought it, and it beat by the next day...using time setting of course. Now I'm out of gaming once again, stashed my ds, and looking for a portable game to play, since in three weeks, after exams I'll be in Poland, Italy and all that. And I'll need some form of entertainement, all the swiss airline first class has to offer is a stupid plasma screen tv...and radio, and...special compartement for vomit. I've pretty much every good movie there is to see, unless they have the theatre version like last year, then I'd just watch a bunch of cinema movies. But still just in case...I NEED A DAMN PORTABLE DS GAME, THAT WON'T BE BEATEN IN LESS THAN A WEEK AT THE LEAST, SINCE i'LL BE OUT FOR ABOUT FIVE WEEKS!!!

I'm open for game suggestions...?

=A very bad short game, and doesn't allow much creativity either, BORING.

A human pet game

I just bought sims 2...half decent, half totally...just messed up. But it's for ds, and no games are actually GOOD for ds, i got a psp, but my friend's repairing that, and I don't feel like buying another one while I wait, so...yeaaaaaahh. Basically,

It's the closest you'll legally get to having a human as a pet!

Someone told me that...I think, or maybe it was a dream...or maybe it's just my [weird] opinion, I likeyyyyy [weird]ness.

EVEN funnier

I just looked at the mod thing again, and it said:"Off-topic board, reason reported:Off-topic post" Hahahahahhaahaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

Now I KNOW I love this website!!!!

My [weird] way of havin' fun

I just made three funny spam posts on the off-topic boards, SO fun, then I get three different messages directing me to some ugly thing called a moderation thing showing my "violations", I laughed 5 minutes straight, I look forward to mocking this system further... Especially the abbreviation for tales of symphonia TOS rules, terms of service make me laugh!!! WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO

Mortal kombaaaaaaaaaaaat

I watched mortal kombat for the 43rd time in my life, and once again, I'm hooked on the theme song, I just saw it two hours ago, and I've been repeating the song on my pc this whole time, my ears drums'll pop eventually...

I'm stupid...or just really tired

One of my older friends asked me to go shopping for clothes, I just woke up, so I'm like: "Okay I'll buy a video-game..." We leave, I buy buncha clothes, then I'm like:"What about the video-games...?" When we left I just slept in the I just got back and thought: "Wow" I'm either stupid, or was just really REALLY tired.

I found a loser stuck under my shoe!

It's kinda like gum stuck under your shoe, i found this bad-tempered idiot trying to insult me, I laughed at what he said though. Or should I say "it". Well after I finished laughing for 0.2.4 seconds, I just typed: "Get a life".
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