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Randomness keeps the world alive

Did you know you have a better chance at getting struck by lightning 3 times, than winning the lottery?

I'm just adding a new blog post for the heck of it, so.. randomness abounds!

I'm Yaoi

Some people are gay get over it dood!

Okay listen listen up everybody, I had been fighting off with the Idea that I was gay As of august I accepted myself as a gay person! Yes it's true, I am a gay male just like john barrowman! or neil patrick harris! At first I was like "Ugh I'm gay Why can't I be straight?!... I wanna be straight!!! it's not normal!" But now I am like "I'm gay and damn proud of it!! and if you don't like it then who cares becuase the people that matter already approve!" In fact I want to see more gay people in video games, tv shows and I'd like to see a gay male talk show host. Also gay is normal, it took me a while to relize that but it is.

So if you have a problem with it, then don't think about it :P

I'm still the same person, not like I'm totally different or anything.

The next suikoden game is comming!!!

In this post i'll be quoting from other forums and sites. i also added my own comments for some quotes.

I'm so excited! my favorite rpg series of all time has released information on it's next game! suikoden tierkreis has been announced! for the nintendo DS I'd be annoyed that it's on ds if is wasn't planning on getting a DS.

anyway here's lots more information that i've been digging up to find, it's really crazy becuase it's a bit different then the other suikoden games!

QUOTE Characters are 3D polygons
Field backgrounds are 2D
Battles are entirely 3D
Character portraits (bust up) in conversation scenes
There is a field map
Parties of 4 "????" with faces and stats on the top screen
Looks like an orthodox RPG
Also the voice cast for five characters.

Details from the scans:
50% complete
Animated intro
There are combination attacks and support party members
"Battles are fast-paced"??you tap icons on the side of the touch screen
It seems to be a real game with 108 characters, although the headline is "The Chosen 108 heroes have been destroyed?!" So maybe there's something funky going on? But it also talks of 108 stories, so... I dunno!

also it's the return of the four character party and for the first time it may seem that mp is normal rpg magic use and not the traditional
1. 7
2. 5
3. 2
4. 1
no not that!! thats one of the best things about suikoden!!!
QUOTE Apparently the game begins with the 108 heroes engaged in their final battle with the villain, and all the heroes being taken down except for four. This game's hero is not one of them, and his quest involves reassembling the 108, as opposed to discovering them.

but if they are defeated does that mean they died? it's looking that way...
what happens to the original hero? is he one of the non survivors, i want to know what the characters were like, what weapons did they use? I'm suprised that there are only four survivors, there looks like alot of people were able to escape from whatever was happening to the castle.

I;m dying to know what the villain looks like and stuff like that.

QUOTE (Sage)I haven't gotten far enough into the scans to say for sure, but the word they used was "zenmetsu suru" (annihilate). That implies to me more than just defeated. I haven't come across anything yet that clearly states it, but it seems like the boy was the original hero. The last sentence discussing the hero on the first page ends with "108 stars are completely annihilated, but [what about] the hero.....?" That almost sounds like the hero escaped and is trying again, but I haven't read enough to say that with any certainty.

I feel bad for the stars, well atleast we get to avenge them right!?

QUOTE Characters

The main character has no name, but apparently will be voiced by Takashi Hiroshi. It is unknown if this will just be in 'grunts' a la Lazlo and Freyjadour in Suikoden IV and V or like Kyril in Suikoden Tactics.

The character Jail (ƒWƒFƒCƒ‹) will be voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu. The female character Marika (ƒ}ƒŠƒJ) will be voiced by Sakamoto Maya. Ryu (ƒŠƒE) will be voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara and finally, Dirk (ƒfƒBƒ‹ƒN) will be voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki who is also voicing Viktor in the Suikoden radio drama detailed on this site.

A porpoise race (I mean a species, not an athletic competition, they are like dolphins) has been confirmed for the game.

Actual character information; The hero is a youth from an idyllic village, Sidro. Jail is a quite, but sometimes brash young man who cares about the hero and others within the town guard. The character Dirk is the leader of the Sidro town guard, he teaches the others to fight and is very strong, etc. Marika is a friend of the hero from childhood and daughter of the village chief as well as a member of the town guard, while Ryu is a vagabound who arrived in the village some time ago. He doesn't like to fight very often.

Other characters shown include Yula (ƒ†ƒ‰), a brown haired girl who appears in battle screenshots and Misrach (ƒ~ƒYƒ‰ƒbƒN), a tanned man with a small beard in the same battle shots.


The game is set in the Kingdom of Salsaville. However, the hero's home village appears to be called Sidro Village (ƒVƒgƒ'º). Other locations include; the town of Saad, Freseria Forest, the Marcina Plains, Septaflos (the home of the porpoise-based race) and El Kalaal, the palace of a nation (not Salsaville) ruled by Danash VIII.

I belive it may be near the island nations.

here's some scans

the hero is the gray haired character seems to wield a bo staff.

QUOTE Bottom left corner of scan 4. Is that a...shark person?

His name is "Pōpasu"for more info check out these two sites.

I don't understand it...

I don't understand it, i do not understand why no one seems to care about kya dark lineage? i have advertised my kya dark lineage forum to atleast 300 kya dark lineage fans, but there are only about 50 members, and most of them don't even post! don't they understand that if they join the forum and read some topics that they can help find ways to help kya get a sequel. It just doesn't make sense to me, it seems like kya dark lineage fans may seem to care about kya but don't really care at all, or are just really lazy. and you know what else, my kya dark lineage forum is in fact the only fan kya dark lineage forum around aside from gamespot's forum and other game site forums there really isn't a forum for kya dark lineage except for the one that i made. on the forum i have made many topics on ways to help kya get new fans and figure out ways to get the creators to make a sequel. Perhaps they think the forum looks ugly?

I actually think of myself as the biggest kya dark lineage fan ever, the reason is i seem to be the only one that truly cares about it, i am the only one who made a website for it and a forum and even created a wiki for it, i try my absolute best to get people to know of kya, granted there are a couple of others that do care about it and do try to do things about it, but it seems as if i am the only one that tries to go the extra mile, ya' know? no offence to any kya fans.

My kya dark lineage forum website

The kya dark lineage forum

To the kya dark lineage fans!

Ahhh! watch out for that moving truck!............. good it didn't get you ^_^ anyway....... on the kya dark lineage forum we might move to a different forum hoster ,see this topic also i found out that one of the people who helped make kya is a member of these two websites maybe if we contact him he can help us see a kya 2!

Me on other big websites such as gamespot

Well i though i would let everyone know who i am on other websites.

Deviantart= firespot

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I like using the username hotspot better, but on big websites such as deviantart there is already a hotspot that is not me so i choose my runner up name firespot.

Photobucket= Firespot

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Ign= Boomeang (no names left, then i mispell boomerang, but to findout boomerang is already taken anyway...)

there's more but these are the main ones i go to, i also cant remember the others at the moment.