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This is my opinion, but I have done a ton of digging, and I believe what I am saying here. So here goes.....

I just got rid of mine at Gamestop while the getting is good. As of yesterday, a 60GB ps3 gets $450.00 trade-in credit which I am using for a XBOX360 Elite. I was a RABIDLY loyal PS3 owner, until I just could'nt stand the frustration anymore. THERE ARE NO GAMES! I have the release list covering everything through spring '08. There are like 3 games I would buy. About one release every 2-3 weeks is rumoured to be cancelled soon. Demos are posted on the store at a horrifically slow pace. The online browser is molasses-slow with my T-2 broadband. Every update takes an eternity to download, and if the power goes out while doing so, you BRICK the system. Even if I liked their crummy, WEAK excuse for a game line-up, theres nothing below $59.99! Yes, I owned and Played Resistance F.O.M., Motorstorm. (YAWN). I have played titles that are on both systems. I see no difference at all. Some parts look better on one, some parts look better on the other. Overall they are the same. I will in the future buy another slimline PS2 so all my PS2 games are'nt worthless; worthless like the PS3. Go to any Gamestop of size, and look at the XBOX360 wall of games. Then go look at the PS3 "Kiosk". They have to put up row upon row of the same game just to make the shelf look full. Now look at the XBOX360 wall of games, there are hundreds; many at less than 20 bucks used; Several platinum hits are at 20 bucks new. Even if I could forgive all of the above, the FACT is that no one at Sony will admit to any of this. They think the world is stupid. Fine, I'm stupid! So stupid I got a PS1 the first day they were available. So stupid I got a PS2 the first day they were available. (Thus my vast collection of ps2 games) SONY betrayed us all by ruining this and more and sticking to their guns in a classic "The King Has No Clothes" scenario. The king has NO clothes. PS3 is DEAD! Only an idiot would wait another year for games that are not going to come. Developer after developer has gone on record that Sony makes it very hard for the developer, and Microsoft bends over backward to help; even for the small developer. And now, Sony unveils "HOME"; but nobody gets to touch it until after October. And No, they claim, it is not a last ditch rip-off of Second Life to get people like me not to throw in the towel. I emplore you my fellow PS2 loyalists, take your system to Gamestop now before they change their mind and/or lower the trade-in value. Using a sinking ship as an example, the entire ship is almost underwater, and holding on to a PS3 at this point, you are standing on the last 18 inches of the bow as it slowly slides into the inevitable. EPILOGUE;Yes it's a rant, but if I can make just ONE person who used to be like me dump the PSZZZZ, I'll feel It was worth all the flamage.(crawls into flame-retardant shelter, zips it shut, and braces....)