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You gotta keep breathing....

....cause the sun will rise, and you never know what the tide will bring in - Tom Hanks

That's one of my all time favorite lines from Cast Away :D. Anyways.....

I just thought I would make a quick blog to let you guys know that I am in fact still breathing. It's been almost three months and I realized that I had gotten some new comments on my October blog lol.

I responded to the last few, sry if I missed any. I still can't figure out how make a space so that I can post multiple responses in the same comment without it all running together. This new html sucks.... Anyone know how?

Nothing important though. Third week of school and already had a test today.....ridiculous. But there is some good news. Some of the people that were banned have been coming back to the forums over the last couple weeks. Although a few of them claim they are vets but won't tell me the name of their old profile.....suspicious indeed :P

I actually skipped class today to watch the Obama inaugauration. Man can that limo drive any slower up to the capitol lol. It's supposed to be historic and I can tell people I saw it so I thought wth it's only one day of class ;)

Well guys hope that wasn't too long. Hope your holidays were fantastic! Good luck and God Bless!!!

I bet you have never done this.

So i regularly go on the forums but for some reason I haven't checked my blog in FOREVER. I just did and went to look at the blogs of some of my old friends and found that HARDLY anyone has made a blog in quite some time. Did all my friends leave? :cry:

Anyways I thought of something fun to try while being an idiot in the bathroom. First the story: I put on deodarant after a shower and apparently got some on my finger :roll: lol. Then I brushed my teeth and when I rinsed my mouth out I thought what is the awful taste and realized I had just tasted my deodarant :lol:.......:(. And I thought to myself I bet no one (or like 2 people) has tasted deodarant before.

So anways: What is something you have done (willingly or by accident) that you think no one else has done. I guess mine would be tasting deodorant, lol. Ewwwwww

- And that's the way the cookie crumbles ;)

Edit: When I try to respond to comments I can't bold anymore and I can't form new paragraphs by hitting enter. It's all one paragraph...HELP!

The Olympic Dream

(I'm sure many of you will go OMG WALL OF TEXT and run away but you know how often I make a blog so I hope you can all find a time to read this eventually. Thanks)

The will of an athlete, the heart of a champion, the resilience of Olympian. The TV commericals are not wrong. Bob Costas is not wrong. Morgan Freeman is not wrong.

These past 17 days I have witnessed some amazing things.

I watched a young man, diagnosed with ADHD, once ridiculed and made fun of for his large ears and his body shape, win 8 gold medals and smash 7 World Records. A man who with a grin of pure happiness told the world, I have completed all I could hope for and I now know who my true friends are.

I watched a woman from Great Britain, suffering from a stress fracture in one leg and a recovering from a sprained ankle in the other, through will, pain, suffering and sheer determination finish 4th in the Olympic Marathon. That's 26.2 miles ON A BUSTED LEG and a sore ankle. She didn't win, but that isn't the point.

I watched a young woman from South Africa, a former Olympic swimmer who had lost her leg in a car accident, compete in the open water swimming competition. That's 6.2 miles in the ocean on one fricken leg!!! She finished in 9th place, but that isn't that point.

I watched an american man return to the Olympics to compete in the decathalon after finishing 2nd place 4 years ago, after having lead in Athens after 9 events crumble in the final event to take Silver. I watched him this time around be able to take a victory lap in the last running event, after having worked his butt off these past four years and create a lead so large after nine events that he was already the champion at the start of the 10th. His victory, while amazing and inspiration ALSO isn't the point.

I watched two women from warring countries, Georgia and Russia, share the podium as the Gold and Silver medal winners. They smile, share a hug and walk off together talking. Despite the negative opinion from one of the countries the women reveal in a later interview that they have become good friends and that all that other stuff doesn't matter. THIS IS PART OF THE POINT!

What thee people work for practically their entire lives is not a chance to win a Gold Medal, it's not to win a medal at all. The pride of walking into that stadium during opening day is a victory for 99% of the Olympians that competed these past 2 1/2 weeks. All they want, is the chance to push themselves beyond the view of what normal human limitations are perceived as. And so they did.

I have watched every single nighttime broadcast of these Olympics and many of the daytime ones. Why? Because I have come to realize what these Olympic "games" truly mean. We have a chance to watch humanity at it's finest. We put everything aside and compete with one another as equals on equal ground with equal opportunity. It doesn't matter how many Golds we win, what the medal count is, or even the age of the Chinese Gymnasts. What matters is that these people are bestowed the greatest honor one can hope for, representing their country, knowing that the population of that country is watching them, rooting for them and believing in them to give it their all.

But what most people don't understand, I think, is the opportunity that it presents to us normal citizens as fans. I will never forget, EVER, the night of the 4X100 relay swimming event. My best friend and I are sitting on his bed watching for Phelps to get another gold medal. "It's in the bag" we say to each other. But as the final leg, Jason Lezak, jumps into the pool a small amount of doubt creeps in. An entire 1 1/2 body lengths separate him and the World Record holder whom he is trying to catch. Until I say "Dude look, he catching up." At the turn he had made up half the distance and as he inched closer and closer I could feel myself getting more and more excited. Both of us on the edge of your seats holding our breath and with a huge surge in the last 10 meters Lezak touches the wall, winning by .01 seconds, my friend and I leap from the bed fists pumping. And then I stop...and I think about what is happening. To become totally enthralled in the moment, pulling for your country against all odds. There isn't a cooler moment one can experience.

I did watch every single minute I could of the Olympics, heck it only comes once every four years. I hope you all appreciated what went on, and if not maybe next time you will be able to enjoy the splendor of what competition at an Olympic level can do for a country and for one single citizen of a nation, me, who for 17 days became apart of what those athletes were trying to accomplish. I felt the joy and the sorrow, tears and the smiles, the pain and the taste of victory. And I will never, EVER forget it. Thanks for reading this :)

Under the water, fish don't stink. Wacky title but serious inside :)

Opening: Hey all. It's been way too long so I decided to make a blog....that's it for the opening :P

Note 1: Shini is leaving the temporarily......That means that almost everyone that was on this site when I joined is going to be But I have met some of you new guys ;), meant that in a good way of course, and I kinda like ya.

Note 2: I hear about some of you guys talking on AIM and MSN and all that but I have never given my screenname so here it is: Marvnharyson88. Yes I am obsessed with football if you made the connection :D. I have AIM and don't think it works with MSN but there it is :)

Topic 1: I think I'm going to start reading ahead in the manga. Even though the current Naruto filler is prob. the best one yet by quite a bit. Frankly, I am just getting sick of newbs giving away spoilers so that's that. Lol, is that really a topic? Idk

Random Me Fact:

Let's see a fun fact that comes from my virtues and morals. It's kinda weird then why I try to think of something like this most of what I come up with involves relationships or the opposite sex. I guess that's what happens when your a male at my age :P.

Oh I just thought of something. The issue of men crying. Umm, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT! The whole tough routine has gotten way old. There comes a time when there is too much stuff going on in our life and you just have to break down and let it out. And by break down I don't mean balling but just some time to deal with some stuff. It happens....TO EVERYONE. I hate when I hear guys say they have never cried since they were 10 or whatever and if that's true you have emotional issues.

It's not really a fact or whatever, just a piece of me :) Yeah I'm gonna change the name to "Random Me Thought" on my next blog....whenever that might be :P

Comments welcome of course. Later guys. Best Wishes!

- And that's the way the cookie crumbles

My new blog & please read 2nd paragraph!

Opening: I've decided that I'm going to use this kinda "format" for all my blogs from now on. Idk, I like all my technology, like my hard drives and all my storage/online stuff to be organized. Even though my room looks like a tornado hit it :P.

Note 1: Cause I haven't been on much I haven't been making a blog that often (1) cause I dont' have much to say and (2) so you guys don't have to respond to mine when I may not be able to reciprocate :). So lately my blogs have been kinda long but since it's like once every 10 days I'd appreciate if you guys read them still :D Thanks.

Note 2: I went back and watched that Shippudem and Yamato's Kunai was cut by Sasuke's Chidori blade. You can see the piece get sliced off. At first it shows it being cut but then after he got stabbed when he's holding it, it looks whole so that why I was confused ;)

Topic 1: Anyone know of any cheap Wii games that are good? I only have $60 bucks and I wanna try and find two $30 games to kick my summer of right that aren't like for kids and stuff. Most of the ones I want haven't dropped in price yet but do you guys have any ideas?

Topic 2: My finals are approaching in 9 days! Ahh! But at least it'll be summer. I have to get a job but I always liked working way more then attending school so :D. And I'll have more time to be on here and watch animes and video games and stuff :D :D :D

Random Me Fact:

- When in a relationship girls usually think when the guy has a problem or is going through something it's their fault.

- Also the guy usually either doesn't realize this or chooses to kinda ignore it so

- If your having problems with your "sig. other" both sides should acknowledge this and either talk about it or try to do something to fix the problem. I have seen tooooo many couples get in big fights cause of stupid petty stuff so thats my two cents....;)

Hey Nicasso, are you satisfied now? :P

Later guys. Bye!

- And that's the way the cookie crumbles

Dattebayo has a mind of it's own + Online football stuff

So Dattebayo lied to us all. Or I guess said there would be two new Shippudens and DB decided to release one this week and one next week? Instead of skipping a week. Oh well, doesn't really matter.

The corny ending to eppy 53 was rather enjoyable. Sai is happy now, even though his smile is kinda creepy, lol. Sasuke was gonna reveal a new attack (which I'm sure I'll see later) but Orochipervjackson stopped him. Sasuke's beat it line cracked me up SOOO much. First cause he told Oro to beat it but second cause (and I hope I'm not the only who got this) Sasuke told Oro to "Beat It" which is the name of one of Michael Jackson most famous songs. Lmao, it was toooo perfect. I wanted to see Yamato "try" as apparently he wasn't before...but maybe he will in this arc?

Kakashi FINALLY was back in this episode but I'm kinda mad cause he was supposed to have been out for a week but it's been 10 days + the time it takes to get back to Konoha so at least 12 days and he's still in bed.......sigh......

Idk how many of you are into sports or online games but I came across this one that to me is pretty fun. It doesn't take much time either. It's like an RPG for football. You kinda raise the attributes of your guy and the games are simmed but you can purchase people, teams and all sorts of stuff.

Idk I find it interesting. Helps with the massive football lull until the NFL Draft. Baseball is starting and that will help. My BoSox are 3 - 2 but we'll be fine cause Becket's healthy again :). Even if you don't find it interesting and your bored and feel like doing me a favor, check it out. If you make an account and play around with it for like 5 minutes I get referral points :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

So tell your friends ;) and make sure to use ^^^that^^^link^^^ :D, lol. Ok enough of that. I figure I have discovered my friends, or at least that same 20ish people that respond to my blogs so thanks! WOW LONG SORRY! Take care and I'll catch ya later.

The Sasuke Reveal Shippuden! AHHH!!!!

Well it has been an eon since I made a Shippuden blog, but don't worry this will be kinda short. I have some questions/topics of discussion for you all ;). I fear putting my topics to the forum cause the spoilers will attack me from all directions, so please refrain from manga related material if you will :D.


(1) The whole Yamato's Kunai failed miserabley against Sasuke's Kusanagi thing....WHAT HAPPENED? He didn't cut through the kunai cause when it hit the floor it was intact. My only theory is that Sasuke's chakra around his sword mirrored something like Kabuto's where it allows him to use his hand to reach through and into people. And therefore his sword just kinda phased through the kunai. Thoughts?

(2) How did Sasuke break out of Sai's snakes and through Yamato's wood dome? Where did he get the physical strength to do that? I guess he could be using some kinda chakra force, idk. If it's a spoiler don't tell me ;). But theories?

Wow though, quite the dual-episodes. Sasuke can suppress Naruto's chakra with his Sharingan. I must admit that I have caved and now like Sai, lol (if you remember my old blogs). Sasuke wanted to fight Kakashi you could tell, that would have been awesome. And btw Chidori Nagashi is pretty bad ass, lol. Later guys! Take care

Hey everyone! It's been awhile...

Pertainin to the subject of where I've been...well that's non of ur business, lol, just playing. I just took a little break. I'll be on the forums but not really doing the whole blog thing. I hope you all would help me out every now and then when I have some questions and I will return the favor :). One question would be directed at the ppl and the other more towards the ppl but you all be free to reply to either if you wish :D.

1. I have seen parts of Rurouni Kenshin on television awhile back and now I want to watch it from start to end. I found a torrent file for the english dub and the Japanese sub. I was wondering if any of you have seen both or one of them and what your thoughts on them are. There are some anime's where the dub is pretty good such as Yu Yu Hakusho and DBZ, but there are others where it is pretty bad like Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto (IMO). So I wanted to know what you all thought of each. Thanks!

2. Im sure some of you remember my computer ordeal about a month ago. I got a kick ass computer with regads to the processor, RAM, Hard drive etc...all that except the stock Graphics Cards always sucks. So to play games of the last 2-2 1/2 years I need a much better card. Here is my situation:

I need to buy a graphics card but I'm a newb in that area. I know a decent amount about computers but have never bought a GPU before so I in need of assistance. I have done some research but it's still quite confusing.

First off my specs:
Processor: Q6600
Ram: 3 GB
HD: 500 GB
GPU: 8400 GS (yeah i know)

I. Does it matter which motherboard I have as to which card I can buy? If this does matter how do I find out what board I have?

II. Why isn't everyone buying ATI's HD 3850 (for example) over the price comparable 8800GTS? The 3850's core clock and memory clock are 150 Mhz and 400 Mhz faster. It even has more stream processors. So I assume their are other differences. I have heard ppl say that ATI has better AA (Anti-Aliasing) and AF and other ppl say that NVIDIA has better. What is the important stuff I need to know in regard to the two different companies and how much does that stuff matter? I just don't understandwhy ATI looks like a much better but people are still buying NVIDIA. I know it sounds like I have a vendetta againts NVIDIA, but I don't lol. I was gonna get NVIDA till I did some research and came across the relatively new HD 3850, which to me seems to pwn.

I know this was long but any help would be so greatly appreciated at this point. Anyone at a store just tries to sell you crap so i don't know who to turn to except my trusty mates her on tv/ Thanks guys! Later

New Years......THE AFTERMATH!

So I haven't been on the last couple days but I tried to hit up as many blogs as possible. Some I know I have to get to but tell me if I missed yours ok?

Well the holidays came and went. I never really get too excited anymore but it was a fun time. Nothing bad happend so that is always a plus :). I thought it would be cool to do a kind of questionaire (lol that sounds like an interview but it's not) on your New Years. So here goes....

1. Did you watch the Ball drop on t.v.?

2. Did you have your watch ready to set right when the ball hit?

3. Did you kiss a non-relative when the ball dropped?

4. Did anyone watch that dirt bike dude break the record for longest jump at around 12:30 with a jump of 322 ft. 7 1/2 inches. 12 feet longer than old ;)

5. What is your most memorable kiss on New Years? (I know most of us are still quite young but whatever)

6. Did you watch any football on New Years Day?

7. What did you have for New Years dinner?

8. What time did you go to bed on New Years Day (technically) after the ball fell?

I think that's a good poll :D. Now for my answers!

1. Yes. Every year

2. Lol, no. But I used to.

3. ....NO....:cry: :P

4. YES! Pretty cool

5. Not telling you ;). It was an accident and I kissed my friend's mom on the lips, lol. That was AWKWARD.....but Hot! :lol: :P

6. Hell yea! What else is there to do. 3 games :D

7. Spaghetti....that I made...ohhhhhh yeah!

8. Lol, ummm 5:30 am. But that's because I have been going to sleep at that time for like weeks now.

Alrighty then. Well that's my blog for today. Hope you all had an awesome time. And apparently some of you are starting school already today so good luck with that. I don't go back till Monday. Bye! :D

Wait!.....He said what?......Well you have to do something about that!

Well Christmas is officially over, then I guess it's New Years and then back to school.By then my internal sleep clock will be all messed up since it's 4:40 am here and I am writing a blog, lol. Anyways hope all of your holidays have been really cool and continue to be fun :D

I have a question for those of you lucky enough to have a Wii. To connect to the internet do you just need to buy that USB adapter thing at the store for $40 and plug it into the back? Knowing my history with technology that seems too simple to me so if someone could put my mind at ease please do ;). Thanks.

I got all of the 3 things that I wanted this Christmas (Wii, phone (old 1 broke), new computer (old 1 broke))plus some other little surprises that my mother always buys me such as: This book about wolves that comes with this cool CD, and a couple sports posters that are awesome. One portrays like the entire history of theNFL with the geneaology of each team and stuff like that. It's pretty damn cool :D.

I can't belive we have to wait 3 weeks for the next Shippuden. I hear the manga calling me but I will resist and just continue watching FMA. Kinda been slacking on that, haven't watched one in like 10 days..... So I hope I can get my Wii online soon and then get ur guys' Wii codes and then own you ppl on some games :lol:. I'm just messin, but I am pretty competitive ;).

Kinda long blog but nothing really special but New Years IS COMING so I will make a blog about that with my resolutions and tell you all about the resolutions that I made last year and never kept to, lmao. At least this year I made some cool friends at this site and things are going pretty good for me so I can't complain. Alright I'll end it there. Bye all. Be safe and have an awesome winter break!