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women confuse me so much sometimes..

Hello everyone, i gotta start blogging more but i get too busy sometimes and during the weekends im either busy with University projects or playing MW2 which to be honest is seriously amazing! and addicting!. anwyays if there is one thing that confuse the bleeb out of me then i gotta say its girls! i mean if horror movies scare them so much ( and scare me :lol: ) then why would they pick of all the movies on the list a scary movie? i dont get it :|.

Another thing that confuse me even more is that this girl who is in a relationship with another guy says that shes single even tho she has a boy friend, now what the bleeb? is that single or not? lmao overall i'll just never get girls. they confuse me :cry:

weh finally got it out of my cheast :P. on other notes im still addicted to Mw2 with a 1.92 KRD and over 90 nukes :?. and yep im excited for Call of Duty: Black Ops :P. heck i havent even played Atelier Rorona yet :cry:. i'll probably talk about it next blog i hope

and before i leave i would to let everyone know that i been nominated as (Playstation 3 aficionado)

on here so if you got time vote for me :P as a playstation 3 aficionado lol.

vote for me the prince of PS3 8)

It is i who should be the winner Finalstar the prince

:P laterz