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Why i dislike the Xbox360

Boy i havent made a blog in ages!

its the midnight so thought i would write a blog regarding why i think xbox360 is probably the worst console i have ever got to own.

First let me start by saying that i been owning the xbox360 for a year and half now and i have played few games on it such as Last Remnant ( amazing game which i have just recently finished ), Infinit Undiscovery and have played other games such as Tales of vesperia, gears of war 2, yu gi oh, bastion, etc ..i tried my best to love the system but everything about the system just pisses me off and here is why ( because im lazy i'll write everything in points form :P ) :

  1. Pay to play online: Why? i just want to say why? why am i being forced to pay money just to play few online games?.. other companies are fully able to provide free online for gamers to play and enjoy so why cant a huge company such as Microsoft not able to provide a simple network like that for free?.. buying a game for $60 is not enough? charge gamers for another $60 plus whatever it costs to pay for the internet. well screw you M$
  2. All services and apps require the pay membership: Now this what pissed me off so much, personally im already paying to use an app called Crunchyroll which is a service that provide anime TV series the moment they release in Japan so i was very excited when the app was released on xboxlive.. i download the app, install it and as soon as im ready to watch something the Network asks me "Please become a xbox Gold member" i couldnt watch and i couldnt use ANY App on my xbox because i simply dont have xbox live.. why? why am i being forced to pay twice? why am i being forced to pay to watch something that im already paying for? something that is already available for acess for free on PC or PS3.
  3. Demo with every game released on xbox?: Thats what i been hearing for years before i pick up an xbox is that every and any game released on the system gets a demo and that actually excited me at first as i thought i would be able to try any game before buying but guess what? i couldnt find Halo 4 demo anywhere, no witcher 2 demo, no skyrim demo, etc etc.. turns out its just a lie.
  4. Batteries in a controller: Are you serious? batteries? what i hate the most is that the controller shuts down so many times to the point where at one of time i was almost close to throwing the controller to the ground :P, i hate it so much when im playing a game and suddenly the controller shuts down because of the batteries.. fa fuq?
  5. Disk Change: Playing on xbox is like playing on a PS1 or a PS2 and i dont mean that in a good way, the thing i disliked last gen is the way how many games forced me to switch disks and this is exactly what the xbox does.."please insert disk 2".. are you serious?
  6. No games: I have my xbox360 simply and only for its exclusive JRPG's ( Japanese Role Playing Games ) and in total it has pretty much 5 exclusive JRPG's and thats about it, many of my friends advise me to get gears of war or halo but after playing Gears of war 2 and gears of war 3 beta i realized this franchise is not for me, same with halo while i get every single multiplat game on the PS3. So what is there else? simply nothing.
  7. DVD's: Because the xbox uses DVD's the system seem to constantly scratch the disks so much that at one of time the LAst Remnant disk couldnt work, i had to clean it and install the game into the HDD till it actually started working.
  8. UI complicated: The User Interface and the whole layout of the system is just complicated and packed with stuff ( useless stuff), it took me a long time till i was able to find where demo's are located at, finding the market place is seriously not easy.

I guess thats it with the ranting :P.. i love Microsoft when it comes to their PC's and windows but gaming wise they are probably the worst! ( imo )

Thank you for reading this blog, i just been really annoyed with my xbox lately :P

Happy New Year!