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This year only one game made it to the top for me and that game is...

This year so far been truly epic in terms of games for PS3, dont think i'v ever bought this many games in a year before :P and we'r still in May :lol:, have played many great games but so far only one game stays on the top for me on PS3 and that game is God of War 3!!! the game is EPIC in so many ways, the ebst looking game i have seen yet! i thought Uncharted 2 looked great but God of War 3 takes the title of the most epic game of the year!. heck even the sex mini game was both realistic and epic :lol:. Before the year starts i was sure that FFXIII would be my number 1 game for the year but. FFXIII was a bit diffrent than the past FF games but solid non-theless. it goes to be the number 2 best game for me.

Now for other news NISA confirmed the release date for Ateiler Rorona PS3 will be released this Summer!. im excited for the game seeing how i enjoyed all the Atelier games on PS2

Atelier Rorona photos for those who are intrested: the game will be releasing exclusivly on PS3 this Summer: