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The very sad ending of Birth by Sleep ( finally beat it )

Hey everyone just a quick blog i have finally beat Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep yesterday ( stayed till 3AM playing it lol ) which is why i woke up so late today but thank god i was able to get to my lecture in time :P. anyways so i beat the game and must say it was epic! and sad! :cry:. Kingdom Heart games usually get this happy ending but this one was just full of sadness at the end, was able to see the final secret ending :(. anyone who hasnt got this game yet i say get it! its awesome! o and im officially the PS3 king of :P. i was nominated and won the award :P. ( got so many votes :P ) you can see the winners and the awards here :) . alright for PSP time to get back to Valkyria Chronicles 2


Birth By Sleep ending :(. ok this game argh as many know or not know :P the game is about 3 friends Terra, Aqua and Ven where all 3 go out try to beat the heartless or the unverst, now while at it darkness start to get in each of their hearts trying to seperate them. wont say anymore but for:


She sacrifice herself for Terra and she stays in the dark realm forever :(


Ven goes into an eternal sleep trying to find his way to awaken but even tho his body will always be in sleep his soul heard Soras voice and joined his heart ( which is why Sora was chosen to be the keyplade )


Terra in the end get consumed by Xonoheart, even tho Aqua saved him, xenoheart was stronger and consumed him with so little hope of terra coming back.

Overall with this game all 3 friends are going to suffer big time and this is how the story of Kingdom Hearts began with Sora.

Hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 wont take too long to come :cry:. epic game!