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Oh god so many Ps3 games i cant keep up!

Sup everyone?

i have finally reached level 37 here on gamespot ( again ) after reaching it 3 times before ( this is my 4th time ) lol i have been moded for so many times :P. anyways yesterday NISA had their press conference and annouced multiple games for PS3 like Atelier Rorona coming this fall with a limited edition ( YES! ) and Ar Tonelico 3 for PS3 Q1 of next year! i am truly excited for both of these games! not to mention there is still PsMove on the way, Sly Collection HD for PS3, AC3, CoD: Black Ops, Trinity Ozl i think lol for PS3, LBP2, GT5 all i can do is :cry: so many games.. so little time. i ahvent even passed chapter 3 on Trinity Universe yet :cry:

I was quite sad tho that NISA ahvent announced Neptune yet for PS3. i'll end this blog with a little naughty picture lol from Neptune which is a PS3 exclusive about system Wars! and console godeses!

Heres what PS3 look like in fighting form ( Human form next blog :P ) along side Neptune which is the Godeses of the Universe ( the universe contain the PS3 world, 360 world and Wii World ) Neptune is sorta the Queen of the Universe.

PS3 in its fighting form on the Left while Neptune is on the Right Side

Enjoy :P

One more thing.. Eevryone need to get Trinity Universe!!