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New gaming update and Doctor Who?

I just want to start this blog to say thanks for everyone who left a comment on my last blog as that blog not only was the biggest blog i wrote it also was the most commented blog i ever made lol it broke the 50 comments line and most viewed! woho! so thanks again to everyone :P. now i am sure that i'll make more blogs with more information on games like it very soon only for PS3! Yeah!

alright :P second of all i got tagged multiple of times already with this tagging thingy that everyone been doing lately but im sorry i dont think i'll do it tbh, takes too much time and just isnt my thing so thanks for everyone who tagged me :P.

i have been really into this amazing TV show called Doctor Who! its Sci Fi show about an alian who travel between time ( or also called the Time Lord ) and goes to diffrent plants saving people in his time machine ( the phone booth ). thios is truly worth it for any Sci Fi fan, been watching it non-stop :P alone side Star Gate :P.

This trailer will tell you or give you a hint on the Doctor Who show

Now the second part of this blog is all about PS3 and The Tales of series.. PS3 now officially have 3 Tales of games with

  • Tales of Vesperia
  • Tales of Graces F
  • Tales of ??

Namco officially announced that Tales of Graces is going to PS3 ( cya Wii version! ) lol with better content and better in everything only on PS3! now Namco said their trying to see if they can do some US releases so hopefully it means either one of these games will make it in english or all of them so im hoping all of them!!!!

Also if you have a PSN ID please vote on Sonys official blog for sony to publish the game themselvs hopefully it works: ( just copy the link and paste )

Thanks again and my next blog shall be only about PS3 and JRPG's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

o yea i been playing lots of MW2 lately wth over 14 days played so far lol and over like 20 nukes! the game is getting too boring as i done everything even plat the game which was too easy so im going back to Trinity Universe but not going to bother with getting a plat. sounds too time consuming