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How to Nuke on MW2 ( been requested by my friend )

Here with this blog i thought i would post the steps i use to call a Nuke streak on MW2 which require you to get 25Kills withouts dieing, a friend of mine wanted me to post how i do it and to be honest its not that hard, just use your perks wisely and you should do it in no time, if you follow what im going to say now you should be able to call your very first nuke or even double nukes, so lets start:

Steps to get a 25 killstreak on MW2 ( Nuke ):

  1. Silent: Being Silent is all about getting the big streaks, silent weapons do not show where you are on the map to the enemy, go silent and nobody will know what hit them, also becareful killcams are your worst enemy, try to not stay in one place due to the killcam as it shows who ever you killed when you were at. stay silent at all time
  2. Chose the right weapon: Mw2 has many weapons to chose from but only few are best when using them with a silencer, TAR, UMP,ACR and AK47 are all THe best weapons to use for quick reload and quick kills.
  3. Clymores: Clymores are like girl friends, girlfriends bring you gifts, cook for you and more :P. clymores are the same except in MW2 they give you kills and LOTS of them, make sure that you always plant the entrance with a clymore and plant an exit as well to secure that nobody comes in, and always plant your back, whenever your walking plant the area you left.
  4. Chosing the best perks: This is the mostimportant part and that is the perks, chosing perks are truly important, be wise and have multiple sets of clases with diffrent weapons and perks, having one man army is great to have no ending ammo and no ending for clymores, its like having a free shop where you'r never out of ammo or clymores and can always change to any other cla$$es P. if you do it like me and have all the clases have one man amry but diffrent perks for each clas es the enemy will never know what hit them :P. its like your a changing ninja. plus stopping power, so a combination of stopping power and cold blooded should be great.
  5. Use the Corners: Oh god dont ever run in the middle, ALWAYS use the corners to move around and watch who ever moves in the middle and kill, be the smart player and move quitly.
  6. Listen: Listening in MW2 is THE best way to do well, use a headset or focus on the TV and listen, the enemies footsteps always easy to listen to on MW2 and you can easily know where the enemy is coming from, this is exactly what i do with the help of my headset i listen and exactly know where the enemy is coming from before they even come to me.
  7. Streaks: The last step is chosing the best streaks, if you want a nuke and you think your vry good then go for the big boys with a pavelow, a chopper gunner and a nuke ( 9,11 and 25 ) or the usual ( 7,11 and 25 ) or the recently i noticed ( 7,9 and 25 ). works like a charm.

Doing and following those should help :P