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Got PsMove move! here are some pics

I havent bloged in here for so long now :(. i also gotta apologize as i havent been viewing anyones blogs that like i used to, been too busy lately but anyways hope everyone are doing great and i will try to view more blogs and post a comment :). I have finally got my hands on PlaySttaion Move which is sonys motion controller for the PS3. on its launch date the hardware was sold out almost everywhere in Canada but i found it available at Future shop yesterday :D. gotta say what i been hearing about it is all true, the hardware is amazing! very accurate and gotta say i loved that Time Crysis demo. here are some pictures i took just now of the bundle and the hardware PsMove!

sorry tho pictures ended up being too big


anyone else got PsMove?

o and i know that last time i promissed to post a blog only about JRPGs :P but hopefully on the next blog :)