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Get PSVita for $80 :o

EBGames and Gamestop are doing some great deals for anyone that is interested in getting the new PlayStation Vita system, the retailer is doing a trade 4 games, any games that are worth $8 or higher and bumb up the the value for all 4 gams to $100 towards a vita lower it down from $250 ( if you would like the WIFI version ) to $150, another deal they have is if you trade an old system/console/handheld towards the Vita it will earn you $70 which could mean if you do all the above you can have $170 towards the vita which would require you to pay $80.. best deal ever?

So assuming you find 4 old games that are worth exactly $8.. $8X4= 32.. they'll increase that to $100 if you trade them towards a vita.