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Canada PSN video store! E3 and Trinity Universe next week!

Frist of all i wanna start this with FINALLY a Canadian Video store is coming in July First!!!!!!! o and i need to thank my girlfriend for the i mean.. a know..girlfriend girl friend.. lmao anwyays need to thank her for making me the amzing banner up there, really love it so thank you *bows* ;) oki..Sup people? havent bloged in ages now, this past week been kinda tiring, sad and exciting too, wasnt able to watch Ms and Nin E3's at time because i was too busy with my Summer courses but i was glad that i got in time that day to watch Sony's E3 which in my opinion was epic! Nin had a great shwo as well while i think Microsoft E3 was pure garbage, nothing in there was worth mentioning.

anyways havent got any new games for a while now, last 2 games i bought were BC2 and MAG both for PS3, both are great games but im just getting too tired of shooters now, its really sad that shooters are becoming more and more popular now, i truly enjoyed all the PsMove stuff that Sony showed and planning on getting one this Fall, other than that the new PSN+ was intresting and im waiting to hear more about it and im planning on to make a record with PSN games :P, need to get a bigger HDD and own over 60 PSN games :P, must make it happen! :P

O yea for all of you JRPG fans Trinity Universe should be coming on the 29th! exclusivly for PS3, im truly excited everything i'v seen about it so far look amazing

also still planing to get


Laterz guys, guess thats it :)