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Ar Tonelico 3 is Finally coming!!!!

Sup everyone? thought i'd make a blog before going to bed :P, been a while since the last time i made one, anwyays good news NISA have finally annouced Ar Tonelico 3 coming exclusivly for PS3! YES!! i enjoyed Ar Tonelico 2 so much on the ps2 and it was best PS2 game in 2009 as well, Ar Tonelico 3 will be coming out in English hopefully end of this year or early next year but im really hopeing for it to be Nov or or Oct of this year, again the game can only be found on PlayStation3!

Couple of pictures:

With Atelier rorona and this, Epic!!

For gaming news, i have finally beat Final Fantasy XIII which had one short ending :P, was both sad and happy tho it kinda feels like the game might have a sequal.. will we see a Final Fantasy XIII-2?? i sure hope so, not giving up on it yet i need to get a Plat trophy too.

I have also rented Neir 2 weeks ago but i couldnt stand it at all, the game has one amazing or rather an epic sound track while the game itself is pure garbage, did not like it that all but i might just rent it agian in the future to see what happens to Yuna! :P. i keep hearing that Kaine is a good character but because the game was really bad i couldnt go much more further to see the ending :P

Finally i would like to add only this. Killzone 3!!!!!!

That is all