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All that need to be known about Neptune

First of all i want to say a couple of things before this epicly blog starts :P.. lol i got tons of PM's from people since my last blog requesting a big blog from me only talking and explaining more about the PS3 exclusive Neptune :P. my last blog sure was something haha. so i thought you know what, i will give lots of info, pictures and more in this blog. it will probably be a big one too so hope you guys enjoy it :P.

Here goes!

The full name of this game is Dimensional Game Neptune, a new PS3 RPG which is set to release soon in Japan ( expect the English release by next year 2011 ), the game is all about system Wars in a world where all current gen consoles ( Ps3, Xbox360, Wii, DS,PSP and even PC ) are presented as humans or more like chicks :P. all consoles are presented as femals and all consoles have 2 forms ( Human form and Fighting form ) along with Neptune which as i stated on my last blog she's more of a queen of this console Universe trying to beat the evil queen ( which is piracy ) along the consoles there will be gaming companies such as NIS/ Compile Hearts and many more.

Can you guess who this lady present?

Bam! yup thats NIS!

Now the Game Industry is split into at least two parts: a world of gods and a lower world.In the god world, four goddesses, Purple Heart, Black Heart, Green Heart and White Heart ( meaning Neptune, PS3, 360 and Wii ), have been fighting a fearce battle between the hardware battle.Each goddess is guardian to a floating continent located in the god world as mroe like each lady has her own floating world.lets say a ps3 world, a 360 world and a wii world. They all got their own market share -- serves as energy for the goddesses. By increasing their market share, the goddesses gain an advantage in the hardware war.

Not just that each console has her own hardware specificationsto use. ( more like disk inserting, editing, hardrive and etc ), a close look at Neptune at her Human form alongside with PS3 in her human form.

Neptune ( human form ) is on the Left PS3 ( human form )on the Right

Now. when you read that you'll probably think why software and hardware are fighting against each other? or why companies and hardware are fighting each other? No they dont hate each other! they see see each other as good rivals. it was mentioned before that all consoles can also transform into a 3rd form but have yet to see it. maybe more info after the game releases in Japan.

Purple Heart or Neptune ( the girl with the first picture above ) will be the main character to use in the game. not too sure if we'll control the other consoles yet.Neptune will be joined by other characters on her adventure from game consoles to gaming companies.

PC on the left? could be, no info while PS3 ( human form ) on the Right

Lets talk a bit more about Neptune and what is she doing, Neptune heads out on her quest but loses her memory and must rely on multiple ally's for help and one gaming company called Istoire ( not too much info on who that is ) . Unfortunately, Istoire's knowledge is locked away and can only be accessed once Neptune has collected key fragments ( what kind of fragments? not yet shown ).

The game will be fully in 3D and the company promises to make it a one big game. ( Sega even got intrested and helped developing the game ) so expect a Sega character to be in the game :).

Xbox 360 ( Human form ) on the left Wii ( human form ) right

Neptune is already setting a record in Japan in being the most JRPG people talk about on PS3 along side Atelier Totori which is also a PS3 exclusive. NISA during E3 was setting up a deal with NIS and complie heart to bring the game to NA and EU in English which should be coming during next year ( late of next year to be safe ). the game is going to release in Japan next month August 18th 2010.

lol the funny part is. the company even went ahead and gave exact.. Sizes.. of the consoles. if you know what i mean :P. some more listing :P

First of.. Neptune! the main character. this is her human form. you'll see all consoles on their human form



This is the PS3, her human name is Noir


This is the Xbox 360, her human name is Bella


This is the Wii, her human name is Blanc


So yup i guess thats it :P. hope you all liked this blog :P ( i know many will :P ).. o and yes Neptune also has things like this lol

Before i end this blog here is the last trailer that was released for the game :) Trailer


Please let me know what you think, if i see many people liked this i will do more blogs like it with more games :). happy reading :)