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Record of Agarest War's trailers+ new pictures!(ps3)

Record of Agarest War's is an exclusive anime RPG game for PSN which is coming this Fall in English since it was released a year ago in Japan ( probably October 19th), The game's supposed "100 hours" of gameplay, making it easily one of the lengthiest PSN titles ever.




More photo's can be viewed here:


Official Website:


( CANADA ONLY) Batman:Arkham Asylum will retail for $40!

So for those who live in Canada tomorrow Batman: Arkham Asylum will retail for $40 (38.94 before tax) only one day atleast thats what i'v been told :P.. i wanted to make sure so i called and yup its in EBgames, Bestbuy and Wallmart :).. gooo order :P.. o and its both versions ps3 and xbox360. im getting the ps3 version :D

August 25th= 4 new games which = going to be broke!! :(

Yup its both good and bad.. been a while since i bought a new game.. this summer was just dry of games but then BAM 4 new games at the same day.. come on :P.. good thing is that i still have 3 more weeks to go for my summer vacation :D.. alright here are the games:

1- Batman: Arkham Asylum (ps3)


2-Final Fantasy:Dissidia (psp)


3-Disgaea2 Portable (psp)

Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable Pictures, Images and Photos

4-Mana Khemia 2 (ps2)

Cross Edge: Cjaracter Art (Mana Khemia 2) Pictures, Images and Photos

Now everyonee need to buy FF: Dissidia or Tiga will attack you :P

Toradora Pictures, Images and Photos

:P. cant really wait for all those games and next month Kingdom Hearts :D

Code Geass is just EPIC!!

Im not sure how to start this blog lol but my main reason for it is this anime show called ( Code Geass) .. for anime fans this show is like Gundam seed + Death note.. its even better than Death note IMO.. way too epic.. its contains 2 seasons and just finished the second season :cry: i now officially say that Code Geass is the number 1 anime of all time.. ..for every anime fan out there WATCH ITTT!!.. ok now i would like to write soemthing small about it:

Geass( Power of Kings ) is a mysterious ability which certain people can control someones mind by looking into their eye directly ( this actually the ability of the main character Lelouch)

lelouch Pictures, Images and Photos

Lelouch tries to use his power to change the world and make it a better place, clean from all crimes... he gains his powers from a young girl named C2

C2 Pictures, Images and Photos

ok thats it i wont say anything more :D now go watch this EPIC anime!!!!!!!

( I Lelouch Lamperouge comand you.. ALL of you to follow my orders!) :twisted:

Geass Pictures, Images and Photos

Yep guess thats it for this blog, o man its hard to forget the ending was surprising and great at the same time :(.. guess time to get back for my assignment * sigh* :(

psp my favourite handheld EVER!! + games im looking forward to this year :)

PSP, i just love this system :P .. i still use my psp 1000 and been using it since the day it launched.. psp is like my mini laptop as i take it with me everyday to the University listening to music while on the bus, checking my schedule using the intrrenet browser + checking my facebook page, sometimes play online with friends when on a break ( Resistance :P) i even take photos using the camera since it easier to copy it to my ps3 later on ( dont want to use my phone which takes a lot of steps to finally put it on ps3 :P) and last im used to play between half hour to an hour of star ocean:first departure ( this game is just hard :cry: ) lol, so yep psp FTW!! :P

anyways as you all may know this year will be very big for psp and here some of the games im looking forward starts from now till the end of 2009

dissidia: Final Fanatsy

Dissidia Box Art Pictures, Images and Photos


Little Big Planet Wallpaper Pictures, Images and Photos

Jak and Daxter

Jak and Daxter Pictures, Images and Photos

Disgaea 2

Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable Pictures, Images and Photos

Thanks for wasting your time with this boring blog of mine :P.. im starting to get used to writing blogs on here 8) will make even more :twisted: lol

here this small video for my fav ps2 game for this year called Ar Tonelico II

Ar Tonelico II Pictures, Images and Photos

What i would like to see in sony's E3 09

Now that im totally bored today with nothing to do but those stupid books laying around that i need to read for my University final exams next week i'v been thinking about what i would like to see in sony's E3 2009 so here are a list of what i would like to see:

*A major update for both the ps3 and psp (example:Cross game chat,MKV support and Orgnizeing friends in folders)

*Annouceing Tales of Vesperia in English

*Video store for Canada

*PSN cards for Canada(even tho i really dont need it since i use credit card)

*More ps2 games to work on the 80GB ps3

*Downlaoding ps2 games off of the PSN store

*More news about MAG

*Much more RPG games for the ps3

*Having God of War 1&2 on Blu-Ray

I would like to end this blog with pictures of this PS3 exclusive game atelier rorona



Atelier Rorona Pictures, Images and Photos

Atelier Rorona Pictures, Images and Photos

This is the official website

First time getting suspended :(

i got suspended for 2 days and lost 1 point just because i made a topic saying Final Fanatsy VII trailer instead of Final Fantasy VII: Advent children complete trailer :cry: .