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Which one of these would you Vote for??

So NISA made this small contest for their upcoming PS3 exclusive JRPG Trinity Universe and this contest is about voting for the best Giclee ( still have no idea what that means) the best and most voted one will have a random pick and i think a couple of poeple will be picked as in your opinion which one is better looking? i personally voted for Number 4 :P..i think this contest is for USA only but im not sure tho still i have picked my cote and left my info even tho it was saying which state you live in even tho i live in Canada :lol:..anyways pick your best one! and i'll put the site at the end:

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

So state your vote and if your intrested vote on their site and who knows you might win..hopefully i win :P

NISA Trinity Universe

Glasses and women? tea?

Sup everyone? ah i cant sleep early so i thought why not make a blog at the middle of the night maybe i get sleepy after im done so here goes..First i wanna say that for some reason i been drinking lots of tea lately. not sure why :P.. especially tho Tea with Milk, the best combination, now my favorite would have to be Ahmed's Tea not too sure if people heard about it but its becoming more and mroe famous now, i'll show a picture of it

By the way my real name is Ahmed :P and the company belongs to my family too :P well kinda from the far tea eva!!

Ever since i been in my summer holiday lots of stuff been happening..i wouldnt call this a holiday at all, its horrible many akward days but hopfully it becomes well soon

now another thing would be for some reason lately i have been really intrested in glasses, always looking around for something that would suit me but still wasnt able to find a good one, i dont want to buy an expensive one i just want a decent one so i could get rid of the glass itself and just wear it lol..i also like women with glasses more :P.. i dont know why :lol:

Isnt she cute!!! lol lol...thought i would post and share :P.. not that i was looking around for one >_>.. ahh it sucks i cant sleep at all and im boread :P:P..women only caused me troubles and here i am posting pics lmao anyways night everyone!

Trophy hunting! and anime?

lolz now that my summer break started i guess im going to go on full speed for more trophy hunting on PS3 :P.. ah this trophy whoring is too fun :lol:..right now im at level 12 ( planning to reach level 20 :P ) i still got tons of games that need to be finished and the most one i need to finish now has to be Final Fantasy XIII.. tho i keep switching between god of War 3 and MW2 if im not on FFXIII.. God of War 3 im focusing on getting its plat.

Now on Sat i went to watch Kick-Ass.. this movie was so A$$ kicking :cry:.. i thought it was trully great tho Kick A$$ himself was pretty useless if you ask me.. Hit girl pretty much did everything on that movi.. my advice for those who havent seen it yet to GO SEE IT!!.. next movie to watch would be Ironman 2 and the losers!

As for anime side i think i will start watching anime now... last anime i'v seen was Code Geass but since i already finished that im going to see hayate no gotoku which been hearing good things about it.. here's some pics of the series

Hayate as Solid Snake lol

Hayate mentioning Playstation 5 lol

lol my local EBgames said 360 isnt worth buying and Kick-Ass!

I think that i'v spent over half hour on the phone talking to the lady manager at my local EBgames ( she's too young for a manager :P and she got the longest name ever!),i called them to see whats the trade in value for the DS Lite towards getting an xbox360 Elite, i only asked a simple question lolz and since she know i only own a PS3 ( yeah im pretty well known at my local EBgames since i been going there for so long :P ) she then started giving me a huge list on why it is not worth buying and how it only has 3 games, i agreed with her :P its true that the system only has like 4 or 5 games out there that are actually worth mentioning but i only wanted one because a couple of my friends got the system and they say online is fun and stuff, i wantt o get one with the cheapest price available.. DS Lite is $90 till May 1st so i might just trade it in and not get any systems ( after the huge list she gave me about why i shouldnt get one im very turned off and i wont get one)i think its wise to just wait till E3.

This is good.. the manager herself like the PS3! my Geass have worked on her pretty well...


Now on other news i cant wait for Tursday so i can go and watch Kick-Ass the movie which i been hearing good things about from many of my friends, it was hard trying to avoide all the spoilers from them :cry:.. i hate spoilers and those who spoil thing for me. they told me pretty much everything :cry:

( I look like batman but im not...)

This week there will be no more MW2 for me.. i'll only focus on Final Fantasy XIII and finish it.. gues thats it.. going to study more *sigh* -_-

O and Code Geass 3!!!

Code Gease 3 and MW2 Nuke!!

Sup everybody? i been really busy this week with my finals exams and i'll be even more busy with them next week :( tho its really late now and i feel like blogging! :P

I used to watch anime a lot like a year or so ago but then got bored tho now NOW i might start getting back to watching anime again just because the best anime i'v seen yet Code Geass is coming back with a new season the 3rd season.. Hell Yeah! Zero is back!

On the gaming side i dont know why but i been playing a lot of MW2 lately.. its getting too addictive and i dont useally play alone online. gotta always to play with a team. now i'v got my nuke over 23 times with a K/D ratio of 1.70! if anyone wanna challenge me feel free to do so and i gotta warn you.. you'll neevr win 8) :P.. i play on PS3 btw and PSN ID is Destiny89.

guess thats it for this blog :P. i'll be blogging more after i finish my final exams :D

Code Geass!!!!!!!!!

I hate Namco Bandai!! look! new blog post!

Hey guys! hope everyone are doing well. its been so long since the last time i made a blog post and since im pretty bored right now im like yeah why not.. lets post a blog! :D

First of i would like to post this picture of Star Ocean 4. i really like it

This year been full of great games and there's still more on the way! i cant wait!.. been busy most of the time with assignments/quizes and tests.. now my finals are coming close ( dont wanna study :cry: :P ). other than that i still need to play my games! i got like 4 RPG's on PS3 that need to be played not to mention PSN games :(. there isnt time.. ahh MW2 is too fun :P tho it sucks that we PS3 owners need to wait till next month for the new map packs -_-.. and yes i will get the new map packs :D.. $15 is fair price tho i wish if they kept it as $10.. Activition :x.. o and the reason why i said i hate namco is because.. seems like their not going to bring Tales of Vesperia out side of Japan :x.. ahmm F**K U NAMCOO!.. lolz sorry for that.. its just i been always wanting to play the game.. their too stupid to not want our money -_- i would seriously buy 2 copies if they annouce it.. i posted my last topic on the gamefaqs fourms :(.

I havent finished Final Fantasy XIII yet but hopefully i'll start as soon as im done with my finals.. im also waiting because a friend of mine wants me to wait for her so we both play it at the same time :P.. wish you luck ;). you know who you are ;)... :P

O and i took this picture of the first day of release of Final Fantasy XIII as soon as i came home. i was too excited that day :P.( 2 copies of Final Fantasy XIII PS3, Limited Edition Guide, 2 posters and 1 free mini Guide).. if you dont have Final Fantasy XIII yet then GO GET IT!!.. ON PS3! :P

Alright now i'll leave you guys with this amazing MGS PEACE WALKER song! Peace walker

Tales of Vesperia PS3 petition! let us all sign!!

Ok :P so i found this petition on the gamefaqs website which is actually connected with and the petition is about asking Namco bandain to release Tales of Vesperia in US in English, the game was released in Japan a while ago but have yet to hear anything new about the English version..there were exactly 500 signatures but after putting it on my twitter and on my sig on GS it actually went from 500 to 603 in even less than 1 day and im like :o.. i mean seriously for those who got a ps3 and want the game please sign! or you know even if you dont have a ps3 just sign it lol :P.. i hope it dose work tho :P.. if we could get this game only 2010 will be perfect :)

ok lol this was a boring blog but better than nothing :P


Was tagged so after 2 weeks here it is :P

So after being tagged by Kairikh almost 2 or 3 weeks ago here are 9 facts about me :P :

1- Best game i have ever played till this day is Final Fantasy X 8)

2- my fav food would be shish kebbab!!

3- i hate animals! except for fish :P

4- training in the gym for 3 hours stright everyday is freaking hell!! lol

5- i used to hate shooter games but CoD4 changed me!

6- I love Square Enix!

7- Im a romantic guy, i love romance movies! 8) :P

8- I love Sony!!

9- Yu Gi Oh >>> Pokemon! :P

Now im going to tag only one person and that person shall be Kairikh.. yes this is for tagging me so im gonna tag you back :twisted:


Have a nice day everyone 8)

10 things i learned from games!

1- When you change weapons the whole world freezes/stoppes!

2-You can always get inside people's houses to ask for more info with no one attacking you or caling 911!

3-Enemies have a lot of twins!

4-My allies have infinate ammo!

5-The bigger the sword the better!

6-Heroes dont go to bathroom!

7- 20 bulets at you and will probably still be alive!

8-*This door is locked*!

9- Wait for a sec to regenerate!

10-Sometimes a small treasure chest may contain a HUGE monster that is far bigger than a building!

Yup :lol: .. what did you learn from gaming? lol

Wait a sec.. Mw2 to be retailed for $54?? OMG Epic!! ( Canada only :P )

So yesterday before going to bed i thought to go and check see what prices they offer on games and weather or not their cheaper that retailers.. then i noticed Mw2 for ps3 for $59.99 Canadian and im like :shock: i wasnt sure of i should buy it online or not but then thought it would be better to ask EBgames.. so at 5:30 PM today i called my local EBgame store and asked the guy in there ( which is also a friend of mine) about the game and he said its official as EBgames will be retailing the game for $54.. pretty good deal if you ask me.. wayyyyy better than the $70 price tag we have to pay in Canada :D... still i know i will end up buying the hardened edition :P.. yup just sharing info for anyone who's in Canada.. Canada only :twisted: :P