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This is my PS3 game collection in pictures + more!

Thought i'd do a diffrent kind of blog this time so i gonna show my PS3 game collection which i have so far! o and i have finally made it to Level 40 on gamespot! :P

Also if anyonhe is intrested check out this thread to see some other game collections for PS3 from other users and believe me some people got a HUGE PS3 collection. i mean just see for yourself :P Link

The very sad ending of Birth by Sleep ( finally beat it )

Hey everyone just a quick blog i have finally beat Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep yesterday ( stayed till 3AM playing it lol ) which is why i woke up so late today but thank god i was able to get to my lecture in time :P. anyways so i beat the game and must say it was epic! and sad! :cry:. Kingdom Heart games usually get this happy ending but this one was just full of sadness at the end, was able to see the final secret ending :(. anyone who hasnt got this game yet i say get it! its awesome! o and im officially the PS3 king of :P. i was nominated and won the award :P. ( got so many votes :P ) you can see the winners and the awards here :) . alright for PSP time to get back to Valkyria Chronicles 2


Birth By Sleep ending :(. ok this game argh as many know or not know :P the game is about 3 friends Terra, Aqua and Ven where all 3 go out try to beat the heartless or the unverst, now while at it darkness start to get in each of their hearts trying to seperate them. wont say anymore but for:


She sacrifice herself for Terra and she stays in the dark realm forever :(


Ven goes into an eternal sleep trying to find his way to awaken but even tho his body will always be in sleep his soul heard Soras voice and joined his heart ( which is why Sora was chosen to be the keyplade )


Terra in the end get consumed by Xonoheart, even tho Aqua saved him, xenoheart was stronger and consumed him with so little hope of terra coming back.

Overall with this game all 3 friends are going to suffer big time and this is how the story of Kingdom Hearts began with Sora.

Hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 wont take too long to come :cry:. epic game!

women confuse me so much sometimes..

Hello everyone, i gotta start blogging more but i get too busy sometimes and during the weekends im either busy with University projects or playing MW2 which to be honest is seriously amazing! and addicting!. anwyays if there is one thing that confuse the bleeb out of me then i gotta say its girls! i mean if horror movies scare them so much ( and scare me :lol: ) then why would they pick of all the movies on the list a scary movie? i dont get it :|.

Another thing that confuse me even more is that this girl who is in a relationship with another guy says that shes single even tho she has a boy friend, now what the bleeb? is that single or not? lmao overall i'll just never get girls. they confuse me :cry:

weh finally got it out of my cheast :P. on other notes im still addicted to Mw2 with a 1.92 KRD and over 90 nukes :?. and yep im excited for Call of Duty: Black Ops :P. heck i havent even played Atelier Rorona yet :cry:. i'll probably talk about it next blog i hope

and before i leave i would to let everyone know that i been nominated as (Playstation 3 aficionado)

on here so if you got time vote for me :P as a playstation 3 aficionado lol.

vote for me the prince of PS3 8)

It is i who should be the winner Finalstar the prince

:P laterz

Got PsMove move! here are some pics

I havent bloged in here for so long now :(. i also gotta apologize as i havent been viewing anyones blogs that like i used to, been too busy lately but anyways hope everyone are doing great and i will try to view more blogs and post a comment :). I have finally got my hands on PlaySttaion Move which is sonys motion controller for the PS3. on its launch date the hardware was sold out almost everywhere in Canada but i found it available at Future shop yesterday :D. gotta say what i been hearing about it is all true, the hardware is amazing! very accurate and gotta say i loved that Time Crysis demo. here are some pictures i took just now of the bundle and the hardware PsMove!

sorry tho pictures ended up being too big


anyone else got PsMove?

o and i know that last time i promissed to post a blog only about JRPGs :P but hopefully on the next blog :)

New gaming update and Doctor Who?

I just want to start this blog to say thanks for everyone who left a comment on my last blog as that blog not only was the biggest blog i wrote it also was the most commented blog i ever made lol it broke the 50 comments line and most viewed! woho! so thanks again to everyone :P. now i am sure that i'll make more blogs with more information on games like it very soon only for PS3! Yeah!

alright :P second of all i got tagged multiple of times already with this tagging thingy that everyone been doing lately but im sorry i dont think i'll do it tbh, takes too much time and just isnt my thing so thanks for everyone who tagged me :P.

i have been really into this amazing TV show called Doctor Who! its Sci Fi show about an alian who travel between time ( or also called the Time Lord ) and goes to diffrent plants saving people in his time machine ( the phone booth ). thios is truly worth it for any Sci Fi fan, been watching it non-stop :P alone side Star Gate :P.

This trailer will tell you or give you a hint on the Doctor Who show

Now the second part of this blog is all about PS3 and The Tales of series.. PS3 now officially have 3 Tales of games with

  • Tales of Vesperia
  • Tales of Graces F
  • Tales of ??

Namco officially announced that Tales of Graces is going to PS3 ( cya Wii version! ) lol with better content and better in everything only on PS3! now Namco said their trying to see if they can do some US releases so hopefully it means either one of these games will make it in english or all of them so im hoping all of them!!!!

Also if you have a PSN ID please vote on Sonys official blog for sony to publish the game themselvs hopefully it works: ( just copy the link and paste )

Thanks again and my next blog shall be only about PS3 and JRPG's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

o yea i been playing lots of MW2 lately wth over 14 days played so far lol and over like 20 nukes! the game is getting too boring as i done everything even plat the game which was too easy so im going back to Trinity Universe but not going to bother with getting a plat. sounds too time consuming

All that need to be known about Neptune

First of all i want to say a couple of things before this epicly blog starts :P.. lol i got tons of PM's from people since my last blog requesting a big blog from me only talking and explaining more about the PS3 exclusive Neptune :P. my last blog sure was something haha. so i thought you know what, i will give lots of info, pictures and more in this blog. it will probably be a big one too so hope you guys enjoy it :P.

Here goes!

The full name of this game is Dimensional Game Neptune, a new PS3 RPG which is set to release soon in Japan ( expect the English release by next year 2011 ), the game is all about system Wars in a world where all current gen consoles ( Ps3, Xbox360, Wii, DS,PSP and even PC ) are presented as humans or more like chicks :P. all consoles are presented as femals and all consoles have 2 forms ( Human form and Fighting form ) along with Neptune which as i stated on my last blog she's more of a queen of this console Universe trying to beat the evil queen ( which is piracy ) along the consoles there will be gaming companies such as NIS/ Compile Hearts and many more.

Can you guess who this lady present?

Bam! yup thats NIS!

Now the Game Industry is split into at least two parts: a world of gods and a lower world.In the god world, four goddesses, Purple Heart, Black Heart, Green Heart and White Heart ( meaning Neptune, PS3, 360 and Wii ), have been fighting a fearce battle between the hardware battle.Each goddess is guardian to a floating continent located in the god world as mroe like each lady has her own floating world.lets say a ps3 world, a 360 world and a wii world. They all got their own market share -- serves as energy for the goddesses. By increasing their market share, the goddesses gain an advantage in the hardware war.

Not just that each console has her own hardware specificationsto use. ( more like disk inserting, editing, hardrive and etc ), a close look at Neptune at her Human form alongside with PS3 in her human form.

Neptune ( human form ) is on the Left PS3 ( human form )on the Right

Now. when you read that you'll probably think why software and hardware are fighting against each other? or why companies and hardware are fighting each other? No they dont hate each other! they see see each other as good rivals. it was mentioned before that all consoles can also transform into a 3rd form but have yet to see it. maybe more info after the game releases in Japan.

Purple Heart or Neptune ( the girl with the first picture above ) will be the main character to use in the game. not too sure if we'll control the other consoles yet.Neptune will be joined by other characters on her adventure from game consoles to gaming companies.

PC on the left? could be, no info while PS3 ( human form ) on the Right

Lets talk a bit more about Neptune and what is she doing, Neptune heads out on her quest but loses her memory and must rely on multiple ally's for help and one gaming company called Istoire ( not too much info on who that is ) . Unfortunately, Istoire's knowledge is locked away and can only be accessed once Neptune has collected key fragments ( what kind of fragments? not yet shown ).

The game will be fully in 3D and the company promises to make it a one big game. ( Sega even got intrested and helped developing the game ) so expect a Sega character to be in the game :).

Xbox 360 ( Human form ) on the left Wii ( human form ) right

Neptune is already setting a record in Japan in being the most JRPG people talk about on PS3 along side Atelier Totori which is also a PS3 exclusive. NISA during E3 was setting up a deal with NIS and complie heart to bring the game to NA and EU in English which should be coming during next year ( late of next year to be safe ). the game is going to release in Japan next month August 18th 2010.

lol the funny part is. the company even went ahead and gave exact.. Sizes.. of the consoles. if you know what i mean :P. some more listing :P

First of.. Neptune! the main character. this is her human form. you'll see all consoles on their human form



This is the PS3, her human name is Noir


This is the Xbox 360, her human name is Bella


This is the Wii, her human name is Blanc


So yup i guess thats it :P. hope you all liked this blog :P ( i know many will :P ).. o and yes Neptune also has things like this lol

Before i end this blog here is the last trailer that was released for the game :) Trailer


Please let me know what you think, if i see many people liked this i will do more blogs like it with more games :). happy reading :)

Oh god so many Ps3 games i cant keep up!

Sup everyone?

i have finally reached level 37 here on gamespot ( again ) after reaching it 3 times before ( this is my 4th time ) lol i have been moded for so many times :P. anyways yesterday NISA had their press conference and annouced multiple games for PS3 like Atelier Rorona coming this fall with a limited edition ( YES! ) and Ar Tonelico 3 for PS3 Q1 of next year! i am truly excited for both of these games! not to mention there is still PsMove on the way, Sly Collection HD for PS3, AC3, CoD: Black Ops, Trinity Ozl i think lol for PS3, LBP2, GT5 all i can do is :cry: so many games.. so little time. i ahvent even passed chapter 3 on Trinity Universe yet :cry:

I was quite sad tho that NISA ahvent announced Neptune yet for PS3. i'll end this blog with a little naughty picture lol from Neptune which is a PS3 exclusive about system Wars! and console godeses!

Heres what PS3 look like in fighting form ( Human form next blog :P ) along side Neptune which is the Godeses of the Universe ( the universe contain the PS3 world, 360 world and Wii World ) Neptune is sorta the Queen of the Universe.

PS3 in its fighting form on the Left while Neptune is on the Right Side

Enjoy :P

One more thing.. Eevryone need to get Trinity Universe!!

Canada PSN video store! E3 and Trinity Universe next week!

Frist of all i wanna start this with FINALLY a Canadian Video store is coming in July First!!!!!!! o and i need to thank my girlfriend for the i mean.. a know..girlfriend girl friend.. lmao anwyays need to thank her for making me the amzing banner up there, really love it so thank you *bows* ;) oki..Sup people? havent bloged in ages now, this past week been kinda tiring, sad and exciting too, wasnt able to watch Ms and Nin E3's at time because i was too busy with my Summer courses but i was glad that i got in time that day to watch Sony's E3 which in my opinion was epic! Nin had a great shwo as well while i think Microsoft E3 was pure garbage, nothing in there was worth mentioning.

anyways havent got any new games for a while now, last 2 games i bought were BC2 and MAG both for PS3, both are great games but im just getting too tired of shooters now, its really sad that shooters are becoming more and more popular now, i truly enjoyed all the PsMove stuff that Sony showed and planning on getting one this Fall, other than that the new PSN+ was intresting and im waiting to hear more about it and im planning on to make a record with PSN games :P, need to get a bigger HDD and own over 60 PSN games :P, must make it happen! :P

O yea for all of you JRPG fans Trinity Universe should be coming on the 29th! exclusivly for PS3, im truly excited everything i'v seen about it so far look amazing

also still planing to get


Laterz guys, guess thats it :)

This year only one game made it to the top for me and that game is...

This year so far been truly epic in terms of games for PS3, dont think i'v ever bought this many games in a year before :P and we'r still in May :lol:, have played many great games but so far only one game stays on the top for me on PS3 and that game is God of War 3!!! the game is EPIC in so many ways, the ebst looking game i have seen yet! i thought Uncharted 2 looked great but God of War 3 takes the title of the most epic game of the year!. heck even the sex mini game was both realistic and epic :lol:. Before the year starts i was sure that FFXIII would be my number 1 game for the year but. FFXIII was a bit diffrent than the past FF games but solid non-theless. it goes to be the number 2 best game for me.

Now for other news NISA confirmed the release date for Ateiler Rorona PS3 will be released this Summer!. im excited for the game seeing how i enjoyed all the Atelier games on PS2

Atelier Rorona photos for those who are intrested: the game will be releasing exclusivly on PS3 this Summer:

Ar Tonelico 3 is Finally coming!!!!

Sup everyone? thought i'd make a blog before going to bed :P, been a while since the last time i made one, anwyays good news NISA have finally annouced Ar Tonelico 3 coming exclusivly for PS3! YES!! i enjoyed Ar Tonelico 2 so much on the ps2 and it was best PS2 game in 2009 as well, Ar Tonelico 3 will be coming out in English hopefully end of this year or early next year but im really hopeing for it to be Nov or or Oct of this year, again the game can only be found on PlayStation3!

Couple of pictures:

With Atelier rorona and this, Epic!!

For gaming news, i have finally beat Final Fantasy XIII which had one short ending :P, was both sad and happy tho it kinda feels like the game might have a sequal.. will we see a Final Fantasy XIII-2?? i sure hope so, not giving up on it yet i need to get a Plat trophy too.

I have also rented Neir 2 weeks ago but i couldnt stand it at all, the game has one amazing or rather an epic sound track while the game itself is pure garbage, did not like it that all but i might just rent it agian in the future to see what happens to Yuna! :P. i keep hearing that Kaine is a good character but because the game was really bad i couldnt go much more further to see the ending :P

Finally i would like to add only this. Killzone 3!!!!!!

That is all