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Game Collection with Pictures ( PS3, X360 and PSP )

Thought i would make another game collection blog and showcase the new games i have picked up just recently note the new games i bought were all less than $19 :P.. here in Canada EBgames went on major summer sales and some of the best games out there were $19 or below heck vanquish which usually sells for $70 was only $9 for 2 weeks,.

You will also notice the very recent purchase Catherine from Atlus an amazing game i suggest everyone to go pick it up, i piked up the LE edition for exactly $19 :P 8).

First of:

PlayStation 3 game Collection: ( 38, missed brotherhood AC ) ( Sold a few others )

Catherine PS3 ( 2 copies ) LE :

If your wondering why there are 2 copies then the other copy is my brothers copy :P, myself and my brother we got our own PS3's and soemtimes we like the same game so instead of waiting we each get our own copies :P.. note i got my LE for $19 :D ( EBgames Trade in 2 games get a new copy for $19 ).. sorry tho pictures will not show in the right rotation sigh

PSP Collection:

First of Square Enix games

NISA games



Thats about it and Now for the xbox360:

I got so bored out of the 360 i took it back to its box :P


Guess thats about it :), if you guys also got a collection of games i suggest making blogs like this too and PM me whenever you make the blog so i can have a look, i like seeing peoples game collection :)

Game Collection battle Finalstar VS kairikh ( pictures ) :P

Feels forever since the last time i did a blog :P, seriously its either im too busy with studies or gaming on my ps3 :P, hows is everyone doing? apologise i havent been keeping up with everyones blogs lately but my holiday is starting soon ( in 2 weeks ) then i'll have more free time to blog and reply to peoples blogs :).

Now before i start anyone got steam? please add me

My steam ID is Finalstar

Now for todays blog its going to be something very diffrent for a start, myself and my friend kairikh, we both are competing to see who wins in terms how many games we got as well as how many trophies and trophy level so we both thought to post a blog post about it :P, myself and her ( if you dont know her shes very nice and this is her profile ) posting pictures most especially on PS3 by the way ( yea despite us both owning on xbox360 that thing is collecting dust :P ), now to start after taking a few pictures i will post my profile and everything from PSN as well as the recent games i got from the EBgames which were on sale here in Canada.

The following are the games i recently purchased :P

Which as you see includes:

  • Red Dead Redemption ( $9.99 )
  • Dead Space 2 ( $19.99 )
  • Medal of honor( $11.99)
  • Vanquish ($9.99)
  • Kane and Lynch 2 ( $9.99)


On to next list my epicly profile on PS3 8)

as you can see im very close to level 15 :D

to show off a little bit how the PS3 look like on my screen i guess :P ( by the way since i living in a student dorm dont really have a huge tv so this is a small HD tv for me to use during my free time )

Infamous 2 trophies :P ( closing to 100% 8) )


Download list as my friend requested lol ( over 80 PSN games :P ), the recent game purchase always shows on top and if you guys dont know the whole burnout paradise game with all DLC included is only $7 on PSN till next week so hurry and get it the game has over 90 trophies


This Kairi and her profile on PS3 :P

Guess thats it for this one lol, i will make a new ps3 collection soon when im done in 2 weeks and go back home as for now any thoughts? :P

My NISA's PS3 game collection with pictures

Hello to all, cant believe its been almost 12 days without PSN but to be honest i been having a blast with single player games and already beat Enslaved and Bioshock 2 :D. great games by the way i recomend them.

Now i been thinking about doing this for sometime, wanted to do or show my PS3 game collection but only games from NISA ( the publishers for games like Disgaea, Neptune, Ar Tonelico and so on ). some of the games were good and some were decent of course just like from any other company, i have NOT missed a single game they released or brought to the PS3 so overall they have released 7 games on the PS3 up till now with Disgaea 4 coming this september to be title number 8. Now the list goes as follows:

From first to recent purchase:

  1. Disgaea 3
  2. Cross Edge
  3. Last Rebillion
  4. Trinity Universe
  5. Atelier Rorona
  6. Hyperdimention Neptunia
  7. Ar Tonelico Qoga

Limited Editions for Neptune and Ar tonelico:


To list the games from Epic, Amazing to Bad will be as follows:

Amazing List:

  1. Ar Tonelico Qoga

Good List:

  1. Neptunia
  2. Disgaea 3
  3. Atelier rorona
  4. Trinity Universe

Bad List:

  1. Last Rebillion
  2. Cross Edge

And thats it, if anyone got any questions regarding any of the games PM me :)

Hyperdimention Neptunia returns with a sequel to PS3

Since i havent made a blog for a while now i thought i would come back with all new blog type for everyone to be interested and will be talking about Neptunia, yes the game that a lot of people seemed to hate and a few enjoy. yes this is a sad world where people hate these type of games and actually hype crap like duke Nukmen for an example. to start before the actual start :P, i want to add that Neptunie 1 was in no means a perfect game, not at all, it had a few issues like bad soundtrack and the game battle tend to take too long and annoying but was still enjoyable and if anyone wondering i havent beat it yet, only game have beaten so far from NISA would be Ar tonelico Qoga, that game is a beast! btu will talk about it in the future blog.

So to start with this, i have been getting a few PMs lately about people asking if i left Gamespot, no i did not leave it, this site is too addicting to leave to be honest but i had exams in my University for like 2 weeks then i got sick then PSN was gone and so many things that kept me away from GS but i always come in and check the fourm boards from times to times and will probably be back again now with summer is here but then again i may be busy again due to taking Summer Courses, i look forward to E3 by the way which is almost a month away, alright i almost forgot about Neptunia lol. here we go.

Neptunia is back and yes so is Neptune the female hero that tries her best to save yhe gaming world!. for those who dont know Neptune is a game that is all about system wars or console wars, yes this game is actually all about consoles where they always fight each other to see who wins the war. Neptunia 1 focused more on PS3, xbox360 and the wii. you were able in that game to see all three consoles in human forms or lets say in females looking form, each female or console had her own world ( i guess if you need more information about it ask me or as always PM me ). Neptunia 1 had a few issues that made it or let me people off of it but heres hoping the sequel is a far better game. the main thing most reviewers talked about in Neptunia 1 was how the game was all about females. the game was more than that but what is to be expected from these days reviewes? i have reviewed the game myself and gave it a 6.5/10. not bad and not good.

With Nepunia 2 it is said that the game will focus this time around about handhelds. handheld gaming and a whole new world with new devs working on it. i been also reading that Capcoms developers or a developer is now working on the game as well.

As you see above looks like the consoles will atually be back in NP2 but nothing more spesific on what will they add to the story or do to help the handhelds. it is also not sure weither or not the PSP will be there and NDS also but the pictures you will see below will show that both handhelds will actually a chance in being there:


If you ask me i would assume so that the character above is indeed the psp in Neptunia 2, i mean even the text look in there looks like a psp :P. but oh wait now people will complain about how young the characters in the sequel look. sadly most reviewers again as i mentioned above talked about how young the girls were in neptunia 1. i mean seriously? its just a game.

alright leaving all that now the DS:


Yep looking like the Ds to me.

Lastly, Neptunia or maybe someone else whos a younger age in the game will be back looking like neptune i men this girl does look like neptune but is younger, makes me wonder

So overall yes the game is having a part 2 and is releasing in Japan this Summer so i would say expect an english release of this either end of the year or early next year, with these pictures and photos of the new game it looks very improved in terms of graphics and more colorful heres hoping they have a better soundtrack than the first game but one thing that kind of also annoying me and will no doubt annoy many people as well and reviewers is.. the girls look even younger :P.. why cant they make them 20 years or above? :P.. i wodnder how this company works haha i mean nothing better than an older lady if you ask me :P.. look at atlus for example :P.. learn from Atlus damit! lol

Anyways lastly and you know how it goes from Compile hearts, they cant leave their games without adding a naoughty picture here and there :P. this is for it blog for let me know what you think and what should i have in the next blog? i will probably do another game collection blog then talk about Ar tonelico Qoga, was such an amazing game. well this is it for now. laterz to all

tentacles and anime? who would have expected! oh Japan. never change :P

Ar Tonelico Qoga PS3 OMG+ Pictures

Sup guys? alright this is it thought i'd make a blog only for Ar tonelico Qoga which have just recently been released for the PS3, this game is p pure Epic! pretty much the best and i mean the best Japanese RPG i have played this generation so far! heck i think its even better then Final Fantasy XIII. i been playing lots of JRPGs on PS3 but nothing had this thing to click for me up untill now! Ar Tonelico Qoga! this is it the game that brought the great memories back for a great RPG!.. so lets start! :P ( could be a long blog too haha )

First of my unboxing of the game:

You get the game for $59.99 and you get it directly as a limited edition box which included a:

  • Ar Tonelico Qoga PS3
  • Hardcover Artbook
  • Soundtrack CD containing over 60 Minutes of songs
  • Calander ( which is exclusive to purchasing the game from theNISA store )


Now this is my unboxing:


After playing the game for like over 10 hours so far ( and no trophy still lol ) i`d score this game a 9.5/10! this is absolutely the best JRPG i played in a long long time! and here are my thoughts so far on the game and what i think is positive:

  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Top-notch voice acting
  • Fun gameplay
  • Great battle system
  • Hilarious and i mean hilarious!
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Towns
  • Songs again!
  • Tons of drama!

NISA store

Cehck out NISA store if anyoone is interested and is thinking about getting the game, this is probably the best JRPG i played this current gen and i played tons of them.

Alright now the game basically starts i think 20 years after the second game which was on PS2 but you dont have to play the past games to get into this, the game start with Aoto who by chance end up meeting a girl named Saki and thats where everything starts since the army is going after Saki ( below ) and use her poswers for their own sue ( her songs which cast magic )

one thing i found was funny at first is how the girls in the game take their clothes off in-order to become stronger so the less clothes they have on the stronger they are ( also for sensitive people you can always turn it off :| ) :P.. its interesting :P. the story is amazing so far and im loving once again the soundtrack. also the english trailer can be viewed here if interested video. the game also supports both English and Japanese Audio. also there is lots of diving :D.. well i dont mean this kind of diving :P

Ar Tonelico diving is more in a different way :P..depending on your choices in the game you could either get a bad ending or a happy ending. all up to you the player to determain the fate of the characters

Once again this game is very very worth playing and can check it out here. free shipping plus no tax ( well to Canada they dnot seem to charge taxs :P )

Guess thats about it, not sure what to add more, if you guys would like more information let me know :)


Lastly this kind of off topic but been very stressted for a few days now on whos the girl that been sending me these little love letters under my door :x :(.. i have no time for this :(

New games + Birthdays!

First of all i'd like to thank everyone for the lovely Happy Birthday messages last week and special thanks to my dear friend kairikh for the great things she gave me and sent me during my birthday :) and happy Birthday to you as well ( her birthday is tomorrow so everyone check out her page ad spam her like no tomorrow with happy birthday PM's! go! and i mean GO! ) :P ( This her main page ), thanks to all :).

Now i'v been getting a few PM's as well from a few people for me to make more blogs especially unboxing ones for JRPGs on PS3 as it help them not forget about purchasing the games :P, i'll gladly do that :) thanks to all once again for making the last blog quite interesting :P

For the past month i'v got almost 4 games and tomorrow should be number 5 Ar Tonelico 3!! soo good! :cry::

1- Killzone 3!: This game have surprised me big time! the game is far more better than Killzone 2, especially the online, i havent even started with the story mode ( which i been hearing is very easy to plat ) mainly because the online is addictive as hell. unlocking cla$$'s, unlocking abilities have never been tis fun, i play a lot on warzone if anyone wants to join online :). overall amazing game 9.5/10! get it!

2- Hyperdimention Neptunia: One aamzing game that takes hours and hours of fun gameplay, been playing it for over 10 hours so far and i think im a bit closing to beating it! :D heres hoping i can plat the game as well, i give the game a 6.5/10. its fun and enjoyable but nothing new other than the fact that im playing with actual consoles in the game.I realy recomend it to RPG fans.

3: Enslaved: Havent played the game yet but i had to get it since EBgames made a deal for me to get it with Killzone 3 all for $11 after trading in LBP1 ( LBP2 pretty much has everything from LBP so didnt need LBP1 )

4- Heavly Sword: Got it today since i found it for $10, played only 5 minutes and was seriously fun, reminded me of Devil May cry games

Lastly, Tomorrow is the release date for Ar Tonelico 3! its the end of a great series that started on the PS2 which focuses on amazing songs, Ar tonelico 2 also was the best RPG in 2009 at many different sites. the game shouldnt be missed by anyone! epci game that must be played by tons of gamers!


Facebook page

Enjoy everyone and i just want to say hoping for whats happeing in Japan to calm down soon and wishing for a quick recovery for them

Finally got Neptunia + pictures

Finally found Neptunia yesterday at EBgames ( a PS3 RPG that is all about system wars ), they had 2 copies left so i got both copies :P. the game is seriously fun ( it was released last week on the 15th ). the game basically is about system wars or console wars which means you will actually see the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii all as human form or girls :P. here are a few pcitures i took yesterday. the game retails for $59.99 and comes with a huge package that includes the game and a hardcover artbook.

also if you were wondering why i got 2 copies is mainly because my brother also was very interested in the game :P

anyone want to get the game you can check it out on NISA's official store by clicking on this link

This is it the first big game is coming! + happy new year

Hello everyone, first of all happy new year, boy i been too busy lately, this is it the best and biggest gaming year 2011!! im so excited and at the same time sad :(, i mean with so many games coming out for PS3 this year i wont be able to play that much because i'll need to focus on work and my studies at the University -_-.. still im buying all the games day 1! gonna keep em till im free to play :P.. ok this is it the first big game of this year is Little Big Planet 2! its been getting amazing scores all over the internet. im so looking forward to its collecters edition.. anyone also getting the game? :D also if anyone is intrested check out this hype thread= 8)

Little Big Planet 2


Also my very first game bought for this year was a psp game. the limited edition of YS the Oath of Fleghana for what is = $29 which includes:

  • The game
  • 2011 Calender
  • Sound Track

and looks like this:


I..i think im in love...

Oh god i havent blogged for so long :( .. gotta apologize about not reading any of your blogs guys real sorry, just been truly busy.. now to get why i posted this blog i guess because i just cant sleep :( .. almost 2AM here and my heart is bounding like crazy and once that hapens i start sweating like crazy lol..argh im always cool with the girls, go out on dates, go for diner etc. girls ask me out most of the time but with this one girl i lose my focus, the moment i see her eyes i fee like my heart breaks.. my mind never works well :( many questions starts jumbing to my mind... i dont know what to say.. i'v known her since i was a little kid.. ok i dont know what to write anymore... T_T

goodnight or good morning everyone T_T

also im not going to be gaming anymore. i dont care about games now like i used to..from now on i'll be gaming less and less :( and happy holidays to all

Finally picked up YS 7 LE + pictures

Woho just got my Limited Edition package of YS 7 a PSP game, on Friday lowered the price of this package from $49.99 to $25.99 for only 5 minutes! i cant believe i made it in time :P. at first i thought it probably was a mistake then i added it to my cart and bought it :P. this package is gorgeous! here is a look at the limited edition :). and yes i bought the game from PSN also when it released lol

Limited Edition includes:

  • Cloth Map of the YS game
  • Sound Track CD of the game
  • UMD version of the game
  • ArtBook
  • A shiny LE box

All for $25 8)