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250+ MW2 nukes and counting XD

For this blog i thought i would talk about my most favorite First Person Shooter and the legend that is Call of Duty series 8). Let me tell you all how much i used to hate FPS games before the PS3 comes out, i used to only play RPGs during the PS1 and PS2 days and only RPGs plus adventure games, when PS3 first came out they also released Call of Duty 4, still wasnt even planning to pick the game up seeing how i did not like FPS games, waited almost 2 years after CoD4's release till i finally bought it ( my friends kept telling me to get it every single day since it released ), i got to say i was blown away! Call of Duty 4 was so good i ended up playing nothing but CoD4 for months till i became a huge fan of series, the games in my opinion destory every other FPS out there, heck if it wasnt for CoD i wouldnt even think about buying games like resistance, killzone or battlefield and so on :P. still i have yet to see any other game that is as addictive as coD sadly.

Anyways lets talk about MW2, Mw2 is bascially my favorite Call of Duty title ever! that game is so good i honestly still till this day play it :P, what makes it so addictive are the big killstreaks it got, for those not sure about the game when you play online for each kill you get without dieing the game earns you rewards called killstreaks, they range from 3 kills to 25 kills ( nuke ), i have officially called over 250 nukes online to date! :P.. yes i kind of counted :lol:.. if anyone still playing Mw2 here on gamespot and for the PS3 add me and lets play together :D. i have recently checked how many time i spent on Mw2 and i actually spent over 35days playing online :P thats not counting the months i spent on spec ops with my friend and playing story mode twice :lol:.. yes im so addicted :lol:

and you guessed it im very much looking forward for the king of FPS and its return with MW3 :D

Despite me loving CoD i still play other games too and many know me here as the JRPG lover, i love JRPGs and play them all the time but to be honest its quite less than how i used to play them before, i now see myself playing more Western games than japanese :P. the recent japanese game i just beaten is Catherine, so good of a game.

till next time everyone. what do you all think of Call of Duty?