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Hi there. I'm having great difficulty getting a blown pico fuse out of a mega cd 2. The solder just won't melt. The soldering iron is 20w, i used it about 6 years ago to fix a controller and it was fine for that. The tip was pretty dull when I got it out this time, so I tinned the tip (without sandpapering) and this hasn't helped. The main issue seems to be there isn't a lot of solder to get at - no blobs - it's all pretty much inside the cavity where the fuse pins go. I'll try to attach photos of all the kit I'm using - I'm going for sandpaper now, but I wondered if its' the iron that's not powerful enough, and if I may be causing damage by having tried so long to melt the old solder. Advice welcome. The fuse is the green F301.