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Starcraft Ghost

I haven't been blogging in forever and I plan to keep this up because I refuse to be as self obssessed as multitudes of people my age are. I just want to say I think that Blizzard should give Starcraft Ghost property over to Platinum Games like Konami did with MGR:R which looks like the greatest game f**king ever made at E3. How does everyone else feel about this idea that I have taken upon myslf to float?

DMC Impressions

I like the new aesthetic and I like the new theme but needless to say being a fan since the very first game I have a few words. I think that the new Dante should have white hair and a red coat those are the two major issues I have as a long time fan. I enjoy the new visceral feel the action seems to have, I like the new dirty look the graphics have as well. I like how the new Ebony and Ivory look because from an angle they look like revolvers. Needless to say Revolvers are the most bada$$ of all handguns its just a fact. I like how the new Rebellion changes into all his various weapons instead of how Dante always pulled them out his a$$ at a moments notice. I like how they suggest environmental combat thats great but needless to say that can't be the star of the show it can only be done properly as a set piece moment. I like how they show him beaten up first because I always liked how in the first game all the new weapons tryed to kill him first only afterhaving failed at their attempt would they allowedhim to use them. Also he was always someone who could take a beaten and still be defiant which gave him a sense of strength. Overall I like thistrailer.I like how they are reaching out to Ninja Theory a very understated and under-rated game developer which hopefully Capcom will make apart of the Capcom family i.e. buy them out or get a publishing contract with them so they will make more games. In the end they just need to add more DMC trademarks like white hair, red coat, and returning fan favorite characters like Lady and Trish which are completely necessary to me. I wonder how they will bring in Sparta and Vergil. I also liked putting a cigarette out in a monsters eye though I hated the last part on top gargoyle I thought it looked really franch and Emo. One way to reach out to the westby not to model a character after the one group of people that hates everyone else in the west unconditionally. Here is a link to the gametrailer page where you can watch it in HD.

P.S. i.e. afterthought, I am a huge fan of the original Crow movie, the comic, and TV show I figure that is some need to know information based on some of the forums I've visited.

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Castlevania FEVER!

Ihave been playing a ton of Castlevania HD and I am feverishly looking forward to DLC. I also started replaying some of my other Castlevania games such as COTM which I must mention it is a crime that Nathan Graves wasn't in Castlevania HD hopefully they will amend that. COTM is the highest selling and most critically acclaimed game in the series but whatever it isn't like they have their fingers on the pulse of Castlevania fans when they made this game. Fans wanted a new 2D game just not a multiplayer one it just happened to be good. Also they far from picked the fan favorite characters. The only ones that would be there if they did are Alucard and possibly Shanoa. I like whats there I just want more of it hopefully they get their act together with the DLC pretty much no-one is looking forward to what they recently leaked all too much I'm sure it will be good but they aren't putting the right characters in the game. I am playing it contstantly I am having a lot offun with it I would easily suggest it to anyone with a 360. I have also noticed most sites now regret the score they gave it after it became mainstream and sales shot through the roof.

15 Ichigo! The Hollow King.

This is something I thought years ago when I was watching Bleach as it was airing before most people in the states knew about it. I got to watch up to 45 before situations prevented me from watching i.e. no internet. Well back to my point I thought Ichigo was secretly some kind of Hollow King since episode 8&9 so basically the entire series for 4-5 years. I just started to watch Bleach again and I have completely caught up with the canon episodes but not all of the filler which unlike Naruto is actually quite good. On yet another side note they only release filler upon Tite Kubo's request where in Naruto they have absulotely no reason to release filler in the Shippuden series but still do. I would like to state that Mizuiro Kojima islikely a Soul Society Royalty ora hollow which I personally like that Idea more but I can't see how he could hide it that well. The only part I can say for certain is that Mizuiro is gonna have a large part in the next Story arcwhether or not Aizen is still in the picture which he will likely be...tsktsk because what I know about the current manga chapters his character is just getting started because he just fused the Hōgyoku cube into his body. I hope they at least start to explain the Hollow thing soon-ish I also feel another filler coming on because the manga is not that much farther than the anime. As a final note I would like to say I have not picked Naruto up again until I play Ultimate Ninja Storm2 then I'll see how I feel about starting that up again. No it doesn't contradict because the Naruto games are typically good but the show for the most part made me fell dumb watching it because they keptgiving stick and not carrot maybe that will change but I doubt it.

YEAHHH!! Microsoft Feed meltdown/the need to kill rises inside me

THE MICROSOFT LIVE FEED IS NOT WORKING AND NOBODY CARES! WTF then they have a scrapbbook feed of all the thimgs I missed because the feed doesn't work which is bogus Now I'm watching it on Spike also I FREAKING missed One of the Two games I cared about this e3 which was MGSR how crappy is that! At least I got the achievement but seeing something like MGSR live makes all the difference how ridiculous is that freaking feed telling basically that it sucks and there is nothing I can do to fix it. Basically if it has to suck then don't show me shot by shot what I'm missing and don't boss me around by telling me not to refresh.


Pretty much blows because I have all of the Mass Effect 2 achievements along with 45 out of 50 of the Bayonetta but it has yet to update it after 3 weeks. I think it is complete ballocks because you have to be online for it to count it doesn't periodocally update it like it should I wish to whack them like a mole. I got my hopes up with Raptr but oh well...

Sad...So sad...A host of sorrows...

I just beat MGS3 and I am currently downloading the MGS portable bundle to my PSP. I have not played MGS4 yet though I have recently bought it which is pretty funny cause I have yet to purcahse a PS3 haha. I really like the ending and overall story arc of Snake Eater/subsistence. I have a great respect for the central theme of Patriotism. I feel like that was the message they garbled in MGS1 than still unable to properly communicate in MGS2 but were truly able to deliver in MGS3. I cried a little at the ending, I would like to state for the record that my father was KIA in the line of duty during Operation Desert Storm 20 years ago, so the speech they gave at the end really struck accord with me. Also my father has a tombstone in Arlinton which was where The Boss had an unknown soldier tombstone at. I thoroughly enjoyed the mixing of all the atiqueated themes such as Vietnam War, Space Race, supernatural, and old west though there are many I did not mention all of them blend into an extremely creamy blend of tea one could drink while watching the twilight. In more formal words a vey sobering chain of events though exciting in a toned down way, essientally not over the top like so many games that came out in the recent years. It was epic in a realistic scale which is something rare in video games. I like how I could see all the influences from the other MGS games that helped form the characters even though it all came of feeling alike a ninja scroll spin off how there are many different supernatural soldiers/ninjas under one leader who is legendary who is working for another guy but is secretly only after the money/gold. It went beyond the rip off formula though and made something very honest in its existence. What I mean by that is that it is about Big Boss the person Solid was cloned from also when he wears an eyepatch its because he lost an eye not because it was some new high tech gadget in shorter word SolidIS APHONY A BIG FAT PHONY. That family guy reference aside I was very pleased to learn more about Big Boss and the origins of everything the Metal Gear universe revolves around. I believe they intended to make that point when they code named him Naked Snake.

I never did WHAT?

I never posted a blog about how I felt about Natal though it should be obviousthat it isnot good. I just wanted to say this before the possibility of Microsoft pulling out any good news at GDC so people I guess would understand it more? I just want to make one very agreeable point which is you need buttons to do cool things in game that is something any hardcore game can hold as self evident; also for certain actions it is nice to haverumble feedback I don't know your personal stance on rumble you could not feel it 90% of the time like me but when I pull off a headshot in a game specifically Resident Evil games I like the feedback. Another issue about lack of feedback is I find when I'm on my Wii I need and focus on that feedback to perform specific action. My first impression of the Natal when they first showcased it at E3 was that in would undeservedly steal the show and be worthless to hardcore gamers for the next3-5 years (I hope they can somehow prove me wrong though not likely). The ony thing they suceeded at, again, was making Sony pull their hardware out early and (in this case undeservedly so) look stupid with thei pre-Alpha build games though their presentation was indeed lacking I could immediately see their superior motion control philosophy and strategy. The thought of a controllerless game stole the show as far as the press and industry was concerned but I felt that they should have saw the Playstation motion controls (which we now know as PlaystationMove just trying to in "time period" context) superior immediategameplay potential. After watching the completely pwning footage of Socom 4 I am lead to believe I was right about Natal but I am an analytical person so until I seeMicrosoft GDC Iwill remain open to the possibilty that it could be an immediately viable gameplay device.

It's been long road to follow

I've beaten Mass Effect 3 times and got all the achievements by my second time through I had them before writing my last post just didn't think it worth mentioning. I am now attempting to get all the acheivements for Mass Effect 1 at this time I have 250 more points to go to get the full 1200 which will require at least one more playthrough after I finish the one I'm on. After that I think I'll finish beating Lost Oddyssey which has been on hold for a while, I take that game slow because the story is burned into my mind I could never forget a single aspect of that game's storyline I'm on disc 3. My new years resolution is to beat both LO and Eternal Sonata which I've had since it came out and have never gone past the bridge part early in the game. I personally feel like a poser because since recieving it I've always used my Allegretto faceplate so its like I'm a big fan of the game but I'm not even half way through it at least I'm more than half way through LO. All this comes to mind because of the release of FFXIII, which to my knowledge had no special edition meaning I have yet to purchase cause I only buy special editions or pre-order bonuses at release date. That aside I'm sure its a great game which I will purchase soon enough thoug I am on a game buying freeze right now until I have what I feel is enough fun with the games I currently have. Also if anyone is actually paying attention like I am I suspect FFXIII to be soon overshadowed by Resonance of Fate though I'm sure someone could get offended by that statement, I heard it was at least met with a better critical reception in Japan along with comparable sales to FFXIII. I personally plan on getting both this year but neither anytime soon unless ROF comes with a bonus then it is in play. If anyone can guess where the blog topic is from write it in the comments though I suspect not many would guess it meaning I just pulled of a rare hidden reference dun dun dunh.

Mass Effective

I would just like to say first off I really like both Mass Effect games and would love to put the screws to anyone who talks bad about them. I'm hoping I can express how I feel about these games in words which will probably be impossible to do. Another thing I would like to just get off my chest is I never liked the score that Gamespot gave both games I think both times they underscored them and the averages show that I have a point. Its a shame they underscored the first time when I actually thought well of them but now the second time through it was just a light crappy topping on top of a crap pizza, I don't respect any review site/magazine anymore I take the pros and cons and make my own decision personally I hate it when people take a review from site and try to convince me its good cause its way too childish for me to take seriously. I like these games because of the depth they put into theuniverse explaining as much as they can, if you look for it, making the world more convincing as well as more vibrant and alive with each stroke of the creative paintbrush. Though there is a few things politcally incorrect cause the writers are Canadian I won't go into details. I like the creative path you can take while your created character has a past that you personalized. I liked how the choices carried over to the next game which makes me want to go back through the first one and do every side mission to see if any more choices carry over even if its just a news cast. The art design is phenominal in both games, I really like how they made everything unique but functional as well as pleasant to look at. The story was unique in the first one but taking a page from Star Wars for ME2they took many different elements from niche sci-fi properties. Jack fromRiddick, Thane was based offthe Professional,Cryo prisons from Riddick, and some others I can't remember at the moment. I like the guns versus lightsaber mechanic of the universe where the guns fold up so your character can take them everywhere as well as the guns operating on miniturized mass relaytechnology which is the center of Mass Effect universe. I also like how the "force" of this story is split into two seperate but equal entities, Tech powers and Biotic powers with the new addtion of ammo types which are more like tech powers to me. I also like how biotics and engineers aren't invincible just well prepared unlike Jedi who are supposed to be unstoppable forces of nature that no one can defend against. Ultimately I like the grit that this story presents, I like how the aliens look concievable to the average person as well of all this hidden technology is right outside our scientific boundaries. I think that the fact that they use the Milky Way as their compass for all these adventures make it more accessable, how the danger seems epic on a scale unequaled by any other ficticious property while still seeming. The Reapers want everything and will take it by force and have done it over and over again for millions of years in fifty thousand year cycles. Thats something other games and stories can't match the same scope and feel of the Mass Effect story, and they definitely can't match the interaction and customization of the trilogy. Yes there is a third one on the way, I really want a good movie adaptation so that the masses may know of its greatness but if you ask me that is statistically impossible and outside any movie trilogy I've seen.

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