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Hey all!

I decided to make a post to see if anyone is willing to do a trade of some sort. I desperately want the Beowulf and Saint George masks that the online Ur-Dragon drops when you get a finishing hit. Sadly, I haven't been lucky enough to get those hits.

If anyone is willing, here's some equipment I'm willing to trade (I have DA, btw):


  • Dragon's Wit
  • Carnation
  • Ascalon x2
  • Volant White
  • Angel's Fist
  • Orilux Shield


  • Lady's Corset (Dragonforged)
  • Matte Robe
  • Sultry Pareo (Dragonforged)


  • Gloves of Might
  • Ancient Bangles
  • Silver Bands (Dragonforged)
  • Alchemickal Bangles


  • Mahogany Cape
  • Nomad's Cloak
  • Divine Embrace
  • Feral Cape x2


  • Golden Ring
  • Virtuoso Ring (Boosts Magick Defenses by 20; Boosts skill stifling resistance by 22)
  • Silver Ring

Also, if you'd like to use my pawn anytime feel free to!

Main Pawn name: Corvo
Vocation: Ranger
Level: 97
Master's Gamertag: Fetterella