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New to Gamespot Forums and some general batner :-)

Good day all, Starting out with a simple introduction. I've been playing games since intellivision (SP?). Granted I can't remember the games we atually had being four at the time. Moving forward; however, I've owned at one point in my life all of the systems out save, (Gameboy Color, N64, and Dreamcast). I still look back on Dreamcast as a system that was ahead of the market idea for gaming. After the Xbox I took a break from gaming and foused on more scholastic needs, but towards the end I jumped back in trying all of the games that had come out, as well as acquiring the three newest consoles. The Big 3: Each system arguably has a very strong feature. The Wii it's innovative motion control interface. The Xbox 360 with it's high game volume. Lastly, the Playstation 3 with its patients in producing a strong system. If you look at everything out there, it is impossible to say one system is absolutely the best. With that I say it's important to understand the perspective of those who are supporting games, and what the systems have to offer. Everyone's a critic: I've been really impressed with the broad attraction of people that post about games. The things they have to write and take away from it a little bit of a better understanding of what is out, and what will be coming out. The thing that could be done without is the mindless bashing of others' opinions. It's not fact, truth, or law . . . it's an opinion and please don't take it personal. Top Games and opinions: PS3: Uncharted Demon Souls Wii: Wii Sports Resort (Swordplay alone :-)) Xbox360 Fallout 3 Tales of Vesperia Now remember these are my top games in each system. I'm not a big sports gamer for video games. I have more fun watching the real games versus playing them. I like FPS, but I haven't really seen anything speial yet that's out ther in the realm of FPS (any suggestions?). Dissapointments thus far with the big 3: Wii: It's hard to keep up with the system unless you have people over all the time. The biggest let down IMO was the Conduit. The single player was ok, and the Multiplayer community doesn't seem that big anymore (which IMO was the biggest attraction to it). Lastly there should be more games for it that are blockbuster caliber, it just doesn't seem like the system is taking itself serious in the gaming competition. Xbox360: overpriced everything feature. You have to pay to do everything with the system. I mean c'mon the games are already expensive on their own, but really trying to nickle and dime its customers seems pretty petty. Halo 3 ODST was a let down I was looking for something more and at least difficult. It really should have been a DLC. PS3: The games are coming, so that is a plus, but for the most part it was the price (which finally came down). I would like this system to have more single console multiplayer games. Most of the top games for it right now have you playing by yourself. That's it for now . . . stay tuned.