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I'd like to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas. May it be blessed with Joy and Happiness. Take some time to spend your Christmas with those you love. Being able to spend this time with others is greater than any gift you could ever recieve. As my priest said at church today make yourself "present" for other. Present meaning both with them and as a gift for others. May it be a great time of year for all of you and your friends and family.

Gadget Review - Motorola Triumph

So in inspiration of my recent acquisition of a new communications device I decided to movie out of only the occassional movie review and begin to review some of the fancy gadgets I come in contact with on a daily basis. So first up is the Motorola Triumphant.


The Motorola Triumph is an android 2.2 powered smart phone brought to you by Virgin Mobile. It is a solidly built smart phone and comes contract free. It may possibly be the only affordable contract free phone on the American market. Is it worth the investment?

Upon first opening my phone I recieved from Amazon (2 day shipping) I was greeted by a well packaged solid looking device. With a 4 in screen it was very visible and looked very professional. After Throwing around the packing products and obvious advertisments I finally removed the device from it's plastic containment unit. To my surprise it felt very solid. With a rubberized backing and a solidly built frame and glass screen the device feels very sturdy. At only .39 in thick and 3.4 onces it is very thin and light which makes the device easy to hold.

Upon first boot I underwent the normal vanilla Android (very short) set up process. I noticed almost immediately that the screen was very bright and responsive to touch. Once through the set up I was greeted by the android home screen (seen above) Set up through Virgin Mobile's website was carefree and simply. Within 10 min. I had selected a plan and activated my phone. I was off to the races. Several hours and dozens of apps later I can now say the phone works extremely well. With a 1ghz (albeit a single core) CPU and 512 mb a ram it was very quick. I could navigate throught he menus with relative ease and enter programs with very short loading times. With flash support and downloadable video and audio codexes via the android market place this device can do anything that I need it to.

This phone does work well but it does have it's flaws, considering it's only 269.99 without a contract. First off, the onboard memory. It only comes with 2gb of onboard memory. Thank goodness it has support for up to 32gb SD card expansion, after purchase of a $20 16gb SD card I had all the space I needed. The onboard speaker is also very low quality and difficult to hear especially when watching movies. However since I'm often using headphones I rarely experience this as a problem. Finally battery life, (like most smartphones) is low. Although this one is significantly lower. Using internet intense programs can drag my battery life down to only a couple of hours. It's talking time is also, only slatted for 4 hours. Since I almost also have the ability to charge it available it isn't at the moment a big deal but on the road or away from home this could definitely be a big draw back for the device.

The plan itself (Virgin Mobile's 300 min talk plan) is what I would call the best deal in the mobile buisness. At only $35 a month I am gifted with 300 anytime minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data all provided through the Sprint network. With no contract I am also able to cancel anytime. This is a plus for anyone on a budget.

Overall: The Motorola Triumph is an excellent smartphone device. It is a smooth interface running "almost" Vanilla Anroid, with a very responsive and large screen. The processor and ram makes the device very fast and simply to use. Plus the Sprint service and low price of the phone makes this an excellent choice for those that need a cheap alternative. The low internal HD space and small battery could be a problem for some but the pluses this contract-free smartphone provides I believe greatly outweighs the negatives. Overall I would rate this device an 7/10. If you need a solid android powered smartphone on your budget this is definitely the device for you.

Tech Specs:Height4.8"Width2.6"Depth0.39"Weight3.4 oz
Internal Memory: 2GB,Expandable Memory: 32GB,1GHz Processor,Android 2.2™ platform,RAM: 512MB

Motorola Triumph

Movie Review - The Kings Speech

Summer is here and after a long absence it's finally time for a new movie review don't you think..

The Kings speech is an award winning drama based on a true story, about King George VI's (Colin Firth) struggle with his lifelong speech impediment before and during the second World War. He eventually aquires a speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush) to assist him in the art of speech. Through the grueling struggle of coming to terms with his inability to speak correctly and the family scandal that thrusts him onto the throne, King George overcomes adversity and leads his people through the difficult times. All the while creating an unlike friendship between himself and his therapist. The movie is as inspiring as it is well made.

The acting is the first thing to look at in this film. All the primary actors were Oscar nominated and for good reason. Colin Firth gives one of the most compelling and inspirational performances in recent memory. He portays the stuggles and heart-brokeness of King George very realistically. The tension that takes places occurs without a doubt because of these phenominal actors. These performances literally lead you to feel for the characters. Some of the minor characters however were often uninspiring and seemed to slightly drag down the performances of Colin, Helena and Geoffrey, but not enough to overpower the absolute power these actors brought to their roles.

The character of King George is played incredibly well. You can literally see and feel the characters pain. As his story begins to unfold you literally feel sadness and sorry for this character. The speech impediment would be no easy acting task by Colin does it flawlessly, as if he himself was born with the same impediment. How often do characters not fit their roles, in this case Colin fits it realistically and surprisingly well.

Both Elizabeth (Georges' wife) andLionel (Speech therapist) interact with King George on a very personal level. Their performances add a certain drama and suspence as well as a feeling of hurt in the minds of the audience. There seems to be a real bond between the actors making their roles very believable and worthy of their oscar nominations.

The movie direction and pacing was well done. You can certainly feel the tension grow as various circumstances thrust the characters into various roles. The devlopment of the characters while not rushed also does not drag out needlessly long. Just enough information is given when needed to allow the audience to come to know and associate with the various characters. So often do movies sacrifice story for character devlopment to viceversa but this film seems to find that perfect balance. My only complaint however is that occassionally it does seem that the story gets bogged down and seems to drag, however needed it may be. This however is greatly overshadowed by the inspirational and terrifically interesting trials and struggles the audience seems to experience right along side the characters.

Finally the soundtrack associated with the movie never overshadows the performances. The music also seems to blend seemlessly with the era and helps to reinforce important events in the story. At the same time however, the soundtrack often seems to be drowned out and barely noticeable. This is obviously due to the fact that the movie is so focused on the actors that often times extra musical sounds are not needed. However it sure would be nice to hear a little more background abients.

Overall this movie is pure gold. The minor flaws in supporting characters, pacing and soundtrack is no where near terrible enough to overshadow the pure joy I had in watching this film. It's exhilarating and at the same time deep and thoughtful. This movie shows that fancy explosions and car chases aren't need to keep audience engrossed and entertained. This movie recieves a much deserved 9.5/10

Movie Review (CLASSIC): Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Time for some classic review, first one will be Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

The first of the Star Trek films, Star Trek: The Motion Picture becomes Star Trek's first big motion picture hit, which would later lead to not 2 or 3 but 10 more movies.

Star Trek the motion picture follow the story of the now admiral James T. Kirk, the captain of the enterprise from the television series. He is now working as an admiral and is not happy, he would much rather be in the captain chair. A mysterious huge object (space craft) begins to approach earth taking down all electronics as it goes, forcing Admiral Kirk once again in the command seat of the enterprise. His mission is to find and stop this new threat. At the heart of the craft is a Voyager probe from earth history, that has become embedded within the ship itself. It seeks to return to earth to complete it's mission, unbeknownst to it, that this could destroy the earth.

Acting: To be frank, the acting is not what you would expect after watching the televisions series, which is not known for it's acting. Because of the larger budget and scope, the actors fall back into their roles, the lines and emotions are increased and the acting improves. While it's know where near the skills of some big name actors of today, it is significantly better than what we are used to seeing in the series. The acting only continues to improve as more and more movies are made, and the characters return again and again.

Special Effects: This is Roddenberry's first heavily special effects star trek production. Critics at the time claimed that he leaned on the special effects to much. While they pale in comparison to todays computer generation SFX for the time, the effects were a sight to see, especially in a movie of this budget. Roddenberry seems to bring the ship alive with the new and improved large budget effects.

Plot: The movie has a great and interesting plot, known well to star trek fans. Unfortunately, it often at times really drags. There are many scenes in the movie that lack that sense of dread and action that star trek fans are all to familiar with. There are definitely serious pacing issues with this film. It just didn't seem to keep moving at a good pace. While the ideas within the movie are exciting and fun, the way in which the film progresses leave us feeling left in the dark.

Overall, the star trek fan in me can't help but love this film. It's always great to see the famous captain Kirk and his crew in action to save the earth. The fan in me also can't help but being a little disappointed and wanting more. Overall I give this movie a 6/10. Sure it wasn't the best star trek movie, but it did start a cycle of movies that would win the hearts of fans around the world.

Movie Review: The Last Airbender

Here goes what is to be one of my most negative reviews. As a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it was safe to say I was beyond excited when word came of a movie. The series is by far one of the best on television so how bad could the movie be. I started to regret those words.

M. Night's movie version encompasses the story of the entire 1st book (season) of the TV series. It begins with the finding of a young airbender named Aang. Believe to be the last of his kind and we find out he is also the Avatar. The link between the human world and the spirit world. Only he has power over all 4 elements, and can bring peace to a world in darkness. It turns out he is also being hunted by the firenation, a nation of "Fire Benders" who seek to enslave the world. He begins to fight back against them, growing in power and eventually learning how to bend not only air but water. It all leads up to the final act in which he save the northern water tribe from destruction by the Fire nation.

The acting in the movie is sadly to say, god awful. Not only do the characters not even come close to those in the television series. For example, Sakka as a meat-loving jokster, and Aang as a fun loving kid. The movie doesn't portray these traits at all. The characters also seem very bland and seem to have almost no emotional attachment at any kind. Thedialog was mediocre at best!

The story of the movie does have a few correlations between itself and the series but much was missing. The movie was simply to short. Why only make it 1hr and 20min when he could have opted for a 2 hour movie in which he could have built the characters and kept more of the story in tact. Because he decided to rush it he had to make up his own story at parts which in no way did justice to the series. Any watcher of the series would have known that firebenders can make their own fire, something they couldn't do in the movie.

The only good thing this movie had going for it were the effect. The bending effects were especially well done. But unfortunately you need just more than just good special effects to make a good movie.

Overall I give this movie 1/5. It is by far the worst movie I've have seen this year. I'll leave with some advice to M. Night, Please stop butchering movies. Especially one based off of a tremendous series. Next time you decide to make a Last Airbender movies, get some advice from the original creators.

Toy Story 3: Movie Review

I know it's a long delay but it deserves to be reviewed

Toy Story 3 another masterpiece created by pixar animation studies. Once again these animation geniuses have created another work of art. Toy story is a movie trilogy that spans 2 generations. It has sparked the imaginations of countless children and remains as one of the greatest animated movies of all time. Toy Story 3 continues this legend with a great mix of comedy, action, and drama.

Story: Toy Story 3 starts like all the movies do, with a wild adventure where woody comes to save the day. It turns out Andy is leaving for college, and most of his toys are gone, only a few are left. During a mix up while packing the toys are almost thrown away but manage to sneak into the car and are donated to a day care center. It's up to Woody to convince the rest of the gang that they were not abandoned and Andy still loves them. They must escape the Day Care center that is run by the ruthelss Lotso the Bear and get make to Andy's house before he leaves for college. This movie will take you through fun adventures, countless perils, and even bring you to tears before the movie ends.Pixar has once again created an original story that is top notch, and far exceeds our expectations.

Voice Actors: The movie maintains the same voice actors as the previous movies, once again Tom Hanks, and Tim Allen do an excellent job as Woody and Buzz. All of the actors come back in their rolls and really bring the toys to life.

Music: The music soundtrack by Randy Newman is once again a masterpiece in itself. It wouldn't be Toy Story without "You've Got a Friend in Me" which makes an appears in a fun and new way. The music enhances the drama and brings out the love that all of us have for the Toys.

Animation: Toy Story suceeds again in created realistic animations and sets using the latest computer technology. Toy Story 3 is also presented in 3d. The 3d was not that great in the movie however, most the movie not even being in 3d but it doesn't change the effects of the movie. You can enjoy it just the same whether in 2d or 3d.

Overall: Toy Story 3 continues to be a movie that children (and Adults) will enjoy for years to come. It is a movie sure to bring you to tears and have you ready to see the movie again. Toy Story 3 provides the perfect conclusion to one of the most memorable Animations of all time. It will go down in history as one of the greatest masterpieces ever to hit the big screen. That is why Toy Story deserves none other that a perfect 10/10.


So, I went ahead and subscribed to gamespot. It's only $20 so big deal.. Now I get all the members features, and all this other cools stuff, including HD videos, so this could be fun!

Graduation Today

Ok, well my graduation is today. 4 years of work is over. I'm finally Graduation. So a GPS and $200 in cash is not a bad way to end my high school carear if I don't say so myself.!

Warning, Just in Case

Just a warning, If I do not post on Gamespot for a few days, call 911 Please, that simply means I had a heart attack, after watching the season finale of BattleStar galactica I just finished. All I have to say is.. HOLYYYYYYYY FRAK!

Thank you that is all.

I'm back.. MARCH 4 LIFE edition

So I've just gotten back from the Annual March for Life in Washington D.C. it was 2 days after the Inaguration of President Barack Obama and a huge opponent of the Pro-life Cause and the progress that has been made over the past several years. With close to 300,000 present in todays lower economy it was a huge turnout.. It was a great experience and I'm hoping in the long run, at the very least, we've convinced enough people that FOCA will not be signed into law..

I will post many pics soon..

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