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WOW! The new Tomb Raider has Really Impressed me....

Tomb Raider: Legend is awesome! The puzzles are extremely challenging and sometimes frustrating, but boy are you pleased and/or satisfied once you solve them. The couple of missions where you jump on a motorbike and ride through desserts or snow-covered areas shooting enemies off their bikes and out of their cars are brilliant fun. I've almost beaten the game.

I'm Back!

Hey guys, haven't been able to log on lately, but finally I got through.

I'd just like to apologise to Duff_manX and NeoJedi. I'm an officer at both of their unions for those of you who don't know, and I haven't been able to post at the unions. I will be back and posting now though!

Anyway, anything new with you guys? I'm not quite up to date with the gaming-world at the moment, so please fill me in!

Sports, Video Games, TV...... Whats the best?

What do you people enjoy most? Lounging around, watching TV? PLaying hard, tough aggresive sports? Or just game-playing? Your answer can be anything, basically I'm asking what your favourite hobby is.

I'd say a draw between playing AFL, doing athletics and playing my beloved shooters and racers.

Oh Boy. How someone could be half way through so many games.....

Hehe Im half way through about 6 games at the moment. I got a bunch of new ones, and play all of them. They are all really good. Anyway, My aim is to finish them and review them. Haven't reviewed many lately, so here's your reason why.

Im playing:

  1. Rainbow Six Lockdown
  2. The Godfather
  3. Driver Parallel Lines
  4. Meteos (cant put it down)
  5. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
  6. Im still playing Black  and PGR 2, 3rd profile in PGR 2, up to doing Black in Black Ops mode. I'm pretty much always playing BF 2 as well.

Finally, I've got more members at my union than I have on my friends list. There is 78 members, I'm glad. We are now a company. Come to think of it, I THINK there is 78 members. Maybe more.

Lvl 15: Nobunaga's Ambition

Yay I grew another lvl. I'm so excited (not). Anyways at my union I just had about 20 more people join, and there has only been 5 more posts overnight. What the heck? People must just join unions for the hell of it.

Meanwhile, I and other users are waiting for their badges back. For 2 wks GS has been re-designing the top reviewers badges, and they must be doing the same with the popular badges now.

Ahhh people in this world just don't get it. At my local video ezy store, I've been waiting 8 days to get The Godfather. The game is 8 days overdue, which adds up to bigtime payments for the store for an overdue. The funny thing is, It was supposed to be an overnight. Lol it would even be overdue if it were a weekly. Im still waiting for it to be returned so I can borrow it.

New Driver is a big improvent on #3. Heaps of fun.

Anything new with you guys?

1000 Posts!

WhoOt I've posted 1000 times at this great, sometimes glitchy site. Gamespot must still be remaking their reviewing badges. You wouldnt think it would take so long.

Im happy Ive posted over 1000 times, and am almost lvl 15, but my union isnt going as well as I am. We are stuck on 41 members. We post lots, but not enough. We are lvl 2. If you have time, please come and join, especially if you are on my friends list. It's kinda hopeless that I have 41 members at my union, and 52 people on my friends list. It should really be the other way around.

Well, Im Popular. BUT....

Yeah Im popular now, but Ive lost my top 500 reviewers icon, and somehow I don't think it's another one of GlitchSpot's tricks. It's been gone for 4 days now. Anyone know why this has happened or why it would have happened?

Far Cry Instincts Funnies- V 1.1

These are some hilarious moments I've had in FCI.

There were 2 mercs, standing side by side. I fired with my bazooka, and the rocket hit one. The one who was still alive yelled, 'I think he's hurt!' While he was flying through the air! I peed myself laughing!

Another one was when I was hiding under a hut, and one merc saw me. He yelled, 'I need some help here!' All of a sudden, 3 more mercs appeared and yelled I need some help here!' This was one of those 'WHAT??' Moments. One guy calls for help, 3 more come along and yell for help. That's just weird!

One more, was when a merc was saying, 'watch out guys, this one's dangerous' While he was saying this, I was sneaking up behind him (cliffs level) and smacked him of the cliff! I'm thinking, 'Yeah that's damn right, I am dangerous!!

Anyway, all of a sudden my top 500 reviewers icon is gone. I sure do hope it's just another one of glitchspot's tricks. I'll be back soon with more funnies.