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I'm Going To Leave This Here... Also Hi

Well it can safely be assured I am not dead. I haven't posted in over a year because, well I couldn't get my head around the new direction Gamespot took, but now that I have a more positive outlook on life I'm back to give it a chance.

So what happened to me... well I got married, I kept my name much to the dismay of my in-laws and it caused my husband to question my commitment to him, (so silly) which was quickly sorted out because I don't believe in labeling and hell I love my name. He got over it quite quickly as it soon became very apparent that everything was not ok with me. Unfortunately I am sick, not dying sick... as long as I take medication for the rest of my life. Potentially I may end up being disabled. If anything though being sick puts life in perspective for you, it makes you realise the world is silly and everything you worried about before is completely and utterly stupid compared to living a normal life. I have a new perspective on life and it completely focuses on having a normal and happy life, like being able to work, being with my family and in general just being able to be normal. Unfortunately I can't do a lot of things I used to do and I can't eat a lot of the things I used to eat a lot of. Its quite literally forced me to take a new look at the world and learn to experience new things and old things in new ways. Because of it somedays I can't even play video games but the days I can... seriously my husband does not get control of the consoles those days. :P

So that's my year in a paragraph. I am also curious to see if anyone else from the old times is still using this site so drop me a line below to let me know you are also alive. Hopefully some of you oldie gamespotters still are around. :D

Well This Is New... Oh Look Its Broken

I'm trying to get used to the new site, everything is strange and wonderful and very confusing to me at the moment. Kind of reminds me when I first joined Gamespot, trying to get my bearings learning how things worked. How to make profile images and then not have them save, so out of frustration give up for about an hour.

So Pokemon X/Y broke in my country and I got it a day early. Apparently a certain supermarket got the date wrong and so once one breaks it it appears to be far gain for the rest. You know because of the whole competition thing capitalism seems to love so much. I got it along with a limited edition Pokemon X/Y 3DS. So far I've been enjoying the game a lot and a lot more than white and black. I was just about to have my first gym battle and...

...oh no my brand spanking new 3DS broke. It literally broke! Pixels started dying all over the screen and when its off it look like two glowing eyes staring at me. They are seriously large masses of dead pixels, like someone burnt the screen from the inside. I was worried it woulf get worse so I turned it off. Believe it or not it happened just after two hours. I'm going to return it tomorrow to the place I got it. I know the manager pretty well so I know he will swap it for me without any questions and it also helps I'm one of his best customers. At least I sure hope I am I spend there about €2000 a year in that shop. I just hope that they still have the other limited edition 3DS. Just thinking what are the chances the screen on the two of them are faulty.

Goodbye to the Unions

If like me you joined GS a good few years ago you'll remember what the unions used to be like. That is why I am sad to see them go I remember them fondly and I am very sad to know that my own union will be gone forever, especially since its seven years old. It was dedicated to all thing RPGs, it didn't matter where it came from as long as it was one and I honestly still visit it from time to time, but its always dead. As a last tribute to it I sent out one last PM from it, just to say thanks to everyone who joined up over the years. I can understand GS's reason for doing this, but it doesn't mean I like it. As for this overhaul, it could mean I may no longer return to GS if it doesn't work out. I hope I do, but I'll miss those of you who have already declared that you are leaving GS over this.

Complications and Other Head Wrecking Stuff

As you may (or may not) know, I cam getting married in 8 months... nail biting stuff... to my kind and funny boyfriend of almost 7 years. Fortunately he is the most resilient and patient person I know. I am very indecisive and somewhat of a pessimist - in my opinion if it can go wrong it will go wrong - a more optimistic view is to say I'm a perfectionist, while a psychologist would diagnose me with OCD. This does not do well with the fact that I have a very complicated life. So let me give you the short version...

My Dad cheated on my Mom (lots) and got another woman pregnant (probably) and I have a half sister (probably) between myself and my young sister. My younger sister believes without a doubt that she is our sister, while I have doubts and my older two sister don't believe she is at all. Regardless I am close to (possible) half sister and we are very good friends regardless of whether we are sisters or not. Most of my friends are guys, but there are 3 girls amongst my friends that I am so close to that I would consider them sisters; those being my potential half sister who is always there for me, the one who brought me out of my shell of solitude (aka shyness) and the one I can talk to about absolutely anything without fear of looking stupid. All of them great friends. If I could I would have chosen my bestfriend, but I don't think he would look good in a long black dress.

Anyway, I've always wanted to have 4 bridesmaids, 3 being the sisters I grew up with and a close friend. I have this thing for even numbers. So thanks to my younger sister most of my friends believe my possible half sister is without a doubt my sister, I've only ever talked about my doubts about her to one of the said 3 girls above, and obviously it wasn't the first one. So, if I didn't pick her as a bridesmaid all of my friends would be questioning it, some would even get angry on her behalf (we are that close of a group) and I would upset one of my closest friends, since not picking her is like saying she isn't family and would make my doubts obvious to her. It was kind of a no brainier in the end, but here is where is gets complicated. Her Mom has brought my Dad to court multiple times in just the past year alone to get money out of him despite the fact that he has given my potential half sister money for all of her life to the point he risked going bankrupt. I have a feeling she saw none of this money until she entered university when he started giving it to her directly. But wait it gets worse, her mother also has brainwashed her into thinking that my Dad is the most evil man on the earth that she won't talk to him or his current wife, while her own mother made her sleep on the couch... on the couch, I kid you not... and gave her room to students, also made her cook meals for them and come home from school early in order to look after them... but nope my Dad is evil. My Dad may have cheated on my Mom, but he has done everything he can to ensure that myself and my other 3 sisters grew up without any of this drama and had everything we needed and for that I love him. Despite all this drama my sister and myself have chosen to have her as part of our lives, DNA test or no DNA test to us she is like family, whether I have doubts or not.

There is another reason I asked her, I want to try sew some bonds between her and the rest of the family, even if they are not aware of who she is, I want her to talk to Dad and not ignore him, I want all this sourness gone and the feeling of walking on eggshells a thing of the past. I do not want to be stuck in the middle anymore. Yet I want her mother nowhere near my family, her mother is poison. She has manipulated her own daughter, she has tried to manipulate my baby sister and she even tried to manipulate me own mother. To me that woman is the one who ruined my family, though my Dad isn't innocent in this she is the one constantly dragging all this mess back up. If it weren't for her I believe there would be no problem with me having chosen her as a bridesmaid. My friends are aware of the situation with my family and know not to talk of this to them.

Recently I told my Dad my decision, he was understandable upset, but was no way angry at me, he hadn't realised how close I was to her and was more shocked that he never realised. I was frightened of telling him my decision as obviously the situation is very complicated, but he was understanding and I explained to him I asked her because she was not just a sister but a close friend. I apologised a lot, but he told me that it was his problem that he would have had to eventually had to deal with and he was sorry it had to be for my wedding. My one worry however was her mother, which he was quick to say he had a way of dealing with it and had already talked to our families solicitor about putting a restraining order in place against her so that she will not be able to step one foot near my wedding on the day. While this does take some of my worry away, I can only hope that I can persuade everyone to sit down and talk about this very awkward situation. At the end of the day it was not her fault she was born out of a situation like this, but its how we act now that matters.

Latest Edition To My Family

I would like to introduce you all to my latest family member. Her name is Nova, she is a tortoise shell long haired kitten and is only 9 weeks old. She may not be the cutest of her litter but she was the leader of the pack as well as the most independent and she has a lot of personality. We've had her just about a week now and she has settled in greatly. Currently she is only allowed in our front living room and kitchen as not to annoy our 8 year old cat, Mischief, who has the run of the place.


Unfortunately they don't really like each other, as expected, so they are being kept in separate parts of the house. However an incident occurred today where Mischief and Nova had a close encounter with each other. There was a bit of hissing from Mischief and some back arching from Nova but it appeared they are tolerating each other. Yet I suspect Mischief has ulterior motives. He's very on edge today and even I felt his wraith earlier as I forgot to remove his cat tree from the front room. Seriously cats are territorial over everything they own.

I', told these things take time, so at the moment I can only be patient and hope they become friend in the future.

I Can't Handle It Anymore

I'm Irish, I'm not made for this type of weather, where's the rain when you need it. Can't believe I just said I wanted it to rain, but I do, so badly. I can't go outside because I have allergies to direct sunlight. I know that sounds hilarious, but I am absolutely serious, my immune system goes haywire and starts attacking the top layer of my skin when sun gets directly on it. I have to wear 50+ anti-allergy sun block, which is costing me a small fortune. Damn my fair Irish skin. And this weather is to last for the foreseeable future.

On average its been about 23 degrees Celsius everyday. The worst day was Friday when I had to go get my wedding dress and I had to drive at least half the length of the country to get it; stuck in a car facing the direction of the sun for near two hours and when I got there the damn area was averaging temperatures of 27 degrees Trying on heavy satin wedding dresses was not doing anything and I was near to getting heat stroke. One particular dress I tried on had so much under skirting I could feel the heat from my legs bouncing off it and back onto my legs. It was an awful feeling. Apparently it was hitting 33 degrees in some parts of the country.

And now today its meant to be 26 degrees and I have to go out into it and do wedding stuff. Yay! (If you haven't realised the last part is sarcasm, but I'm sure you all picked up on that. Hope you are enjoying the weather where ever in the world you are. Damn I hope it rain soon.

My Childhood Summed Up In 3 Minutes

If you were ever interested in knowing please watch, if you aren't watch regardless as you will not regret it.

If the youtube video doesn't load on the blog please click here a>

I've been following SmoothMcGroove for near half a year since he first appeared on Youtube. Out of all my subscriptions he is the only one who makes me get all excited and fangirlish when I see a new video posted. While he has done other music, he is most well known for his variation of old video game classics. Though he throws a recentish one here and there.

This one however is by far my favourite. Mainly because nearly every video I keep asking for it, because this songs really does sum up my childhood. If it had a theme I'm sure it would be this one.

It Will Now Forever Be Known As The XBox180

It appears our prayers to the gods of video games have been answered. In a very recent turn of events Microsoft have decided that in order to actually compete in the video game market (or else have their *ahem* handed to them by Sony) that they are doing away with the DRM on their XBox One. That means no more 24 hour online check in, and the ability to share, rent, trade in, resell and throw across the room like a frisbee all the disc based video games you want. This is very good news not only for XBox fanboys who were about to defect to Sony, but for all gamers everywhere. It just goes to show you that if enough people complain they will actually get up off there... well you know... and do something about it.

Unfortunately as a 360 owner of 150+ games, I still will not be buying an XBone for a very long time. First off they tried to screw us over in the first place with that damn DRM stuff which doesn't actually stop pirating and only kicks those who actually buy the product in the... ahem... sorry about trailing off there, its just I hate DRM since it makes no logical sense.

Right back on topic, where was I... ah yes, why I still am not getting an XBone. It still requires that damn kinect thing to work, meaning it always has to be plugged in to the console to turn it on, even if you don't end up using it. Meaning that extra 100 of that 500 price mark is just going to sit in front of my TV and gather dust. They really have to stop trying to push this kinect stuff on us, its not going to happen. Secondly the price mark, it is 100 too much outside of my budget, and again its down to that damn spy camera.

Another reason why I don't want to get it is for a more personal reason and that would be XBoxLive. I pay for it every year and I very rarely use it. I've been thinking about doing away with it for a while now, as there is nothing else making me want to keep it. Even though they are now offering games, they all seem to be titles that I own or can easily buy used if I wanted to play them in the first place. The only reason I haven't done away with it is because of party chats. I like talking to my friends as I game, even if its not the same game. That will change when I get my PS4 this year, PlayStation plus is cheaper and is a lot more inviting with its selection of games, not to mention its huge backlog of PlayStation one games.

I've already pre-booked my PS4, but while I decided to go with Sony this time around, I haven't completely dismissed the idea of getting an XBone. Just as I bought a PS3 this generation for the exclusives, I'll probably do the same with the XBone. After this Microsoft have somewhat redeemed themselves, but I still feel annoyed that they even tried.

As a rule of thumb you should never mess with a gamers ability to play video games. Despite the majority of us being extrordinarily laid back, you do not want to see us mad, we tend to be a little extreme when it comes to our precious hobbie.

PS4 Won This Battle And The War Too

Goodbye Xbox, we had a good run with the 360, but then you got all possesive, I'm leaving you for my first love, Playstation.

And these are the reasons, which are many.

- iFamous: Second Son

- Final Fantasy XIV (rebuff) exclusive

- Awesome looking Indie titles

- Destiny demo looks amazing

- Watchdogs demo looks amazing

- Exclusive content for third party games not available on other consoles

- Less than $5 a month (hopefully translates to 5) for playstation plus

- Annouced Final Fantasy XV

- Annouced Kingdom Hearts III

and now for the deal breakers

- Used games supported; we own the game not the license and are free to do what we wish with it.

- 399 price

(The crowd literally were cheering with no end at these two announcments)

I'm going to book my PS4 once the shops open. Sony are looking out for the gamers and are happy to point out that the PS4 is for gamers andis not an "entertainment" box.

Thank God for Youtube

I've been having trouble streaming E3 on this site. Well since a long time ago I've been having problems playing videos on this site full stop. It doesn't seem to like the fact that I live in Ireland and I get terrible lag and buffering times.

So all my streaming has been very choppy, it stops and goes and eventually I lose the live feed and then I lose the video completely. It hasn't stoped me from trying to watch it. At first I put up with it, paused it for five minutes and let it playback, then I went on twitch but the quality wasn't great, but I enjoyed the commentary by Danny and the others. Eventually I found that a site closer to home well somewhere in Europe was streaming it and it was pretty good but it lost connection. Then I was though, wait Youtube streams stuff and there we have a lovely connection with barely any interuptions. Too bad the EA conference was terrible with the exception of the Dragon Age and Mirror's Edge trailer.

Totally looking forward to Sony's tonight. I'll be up until all hours of the morning today. In advance sorry to those I'm working with tomorrow I will be very very tired. :P