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Sarah Palin is a brilliant choice for Vice President.

Sarah Palin is more experienced than Barack Obama, but she's not old like McCain. And a Vice President doesn't require the same amount of experience that a president does in the first place. If she did have to assume the presidency, then she'd presumably already have Vice Presidential experience. She's served two years as the Governor of Alaska, and before that she was a City Council woman, a mayor, City Manager, and was the president of the Alaska council of mayors. She was also the Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Second, she's a governor. She brings executive experience; something that Biden, Obama, and McCain lack. They are all Senators, which are legislators. She's been an executive and a legislator. A Senator/Governor ticket balances a lot better than a Senator/Senator ticket. Third, she's conservative but not overbearing. This means that she's likely to attract some of the voters that McCain pushes away without scaring off McCain's strong Democratic, Independent, and moderate supporters. Finally, and above all else, she's a woman. The first and most obvious thing this does is distract from the whole "first black president" hype. But perhaps more importantly, she'll help McCain secure more women voters. That's an area where Obama takes about 70% from McCain. Palin should help even that number out and give McCain an advantage in the overall polls.