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More reasons not to vote Obama.

Please note that this isn't a topic telling you to vote for McCain or Barr. This is a topic telling you NOT to vote for Barack Obama. Here are my reasons:


People who think Obama will cut taxes for the middle cIass are naive. His economic policies call for trillions of dollars in new spending, and his tax plan currently only calls for a tax increase of a few hundreds of billions of dollars. The middle cIass will get the shaft too. Not to mention the fact that the upper cIass, who will still carry the majority of the tax burden, control most of the business and enterprise in the country. If we tax them more, they keep their profit margins the same by raising their prices. That ultimately hurts the middle and lower cIasses even more.


Barack Obama favors limits on free trade. He favors forcing other countries to meet our environmental and labor standards before agreeing to trade with them, regardless of the current supply and demand of the goods we're trying to obtain,

Health care

Barack Obama favors universal health care. This will not only increase the tax burden and government spending by a laughable amount, but it will harm hospitals and destroy jobs. America's health care is too expensive right now, but socializing it will only serve to decrease the quality, increase bureaucracy, and increase waiting times. The majority of our doctor population is made up of immigrants. They come here because our health care system is capitalistic. Changing that would reduce incentive to come here thereby creating a doctor shortage. Obama's health care plans would increase yearly taxes for most people by an amount greater than what the average person spends on medical bills in the first place.

Social security

Rather than privatizing the system, Obama favors reducing benefits and raising the retirement age. Basically, it only helps those that don't need it in the first place.


Obama is quick to point the finger at everyone else, but he takes just as much money from lobbyists. He just doesn't take them from federal or registered lobbyists. This means that unlike other candidates, we can't be completely sure who Obama is taking money from.


Obama himself admitted that he was wrong about the troop surge, and that it succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. He still favors withdrawing troops within 16 months of taking office regardless of the situation there. While I think that we need to gradually phase out, leaving before the Iraqi government can stand on its own will only serve to put the lives of millions of innocents in danger.


Obama has hinted at taking military action in Darfur. He labels it as genocide, yet he held personal stock in companies associated with the Sudanese government all the way up until he started running for president.


Obama has claimed to be in favor of closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, but has twice declined to vote on bills that would get the job done.

Government subsides

Obama favors the government propping up failing museums, farms, and other business ventures. This decreases personal responsibility and lets companies know that they don't necessarily have to be efficient to remain active. He also favors the government subsidizing of 5 million "green jobs", which essentially throws tax dollars at useless positions.

Oil drilling

Obama says that we shouldn't be drilling because we need to find alternative fuels. Well, that's nice. But what are we supposed to do until then? Does he expect 300 million people to just deal with gas prices until we actually find an alternative, then all spend the money required to get a vehicle capable of using this new fuel at once?


Bio-fuels have been proved to be bad for the environment, under-minding his "green" positions. Beyond that, they create food shortages. Would you rather pay more for gas or for food?

Obama opposes gay marriage.

I thought he was "progressive", but it turns out that he sees the issue the same way as certain fat old white candidates.


Obama supports abortion, which is murder. Obama supports partial birth abortion, which is even worse. It's exactly what it sounds like: killing a baby that has been partially born. Obama supports forcing hospitals to kill babies that survive abortion, and he wants them to do it by neglect. He wants newborns to starve to death.


Obama supports taking away our rights to all concealed weapons, semiautomatic weapons, and handguns. That's ridiculous. All you're doing is taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. Do drugs laws keep criminals from doing meth? So why does he think gun laws will keep criminals from getting guns? And the difference here is that guns have legitimate uses for the average person (target shooting, self defense, family defense, hunting).

Illegal immigration.

Obama supports driver's licenses and welfare for illegal immigrants. These people are criminals by definition. They're breaking United States law by entering this country without permission. They're stealing from taxpayers.


Obama himself failed to fix Chicago schools. His policy was more funding, less private schools, and lower standards. He wants to apply the same failed policies to a national level.